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From: Taoss - Sherry Swiney 
To: PATRICK Crusade 
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 7:42 PM
Subject: Mind Control 21st Century

I just finished watching a VHS Video documentary on the topic of mind control - when it started, how experiments progressed, end results, and projections on how this has developed into psychological warfare in today's world - the newest weapon.  For the awakened, you already know.  For the waking up, I think this film will give you a boost.  For the sleepers, well - you can expect shock or denial, depending on "where you're at" - at this moment in time.

To quote the cover of the film, it says: 

"A provocative look into the world of espionage and the controversial techniques employed by the government agencies to gain access and control of peoples' minds.  We'll examine recently declassified CIA files which expose a shocking secret program which for years practiced brainwashing to program assassins and obtain information.  Hear from doctors and participants and see never-before-seen film footage of these secret mind control sessions."

Turner Original Productions - "Mind Control" video is available at if anyone is interested in watching this film.  In the end, it tells you how they do it, how it has developed into a fine art, rather than the torturous way the experiments began, how they manipulate how people think through masterful, yet subtle, propaganda - the sort that never looks like propaganda so that the people never know they are being controlled in one fashion or another.  Be a free thinker though, and see what happens :-).  If there are enough free thinkers, the mind control game doesn't work: the world begins to notice that the "king has no clothes". Having that happen would be the miracle of all times :-).

Our problems on earth are manmade, so in theory, they can be changed.  I believe that only by knowing that the People are actually supposed to be in control of its government, rather than the other way around, will there ever be the revelation that manmade mistakes that go against Man's inherent nature to love, that rip apart the lives of others, just so they can see how the mind works, so that they can control their subjects, is not what the People want.  The sleepers don't even know they are sleeping.

However, it is the People who let things get this way and it has to be the People who put it right.  So the People need to wake up.  Let us help them do this by showing them that the way to change these manmade mistakes is to begin shining in our own individual lives, as examples of People who are free-thinking enough to know what compassion is, who care about one another enough to pick up a pen to write a letter, or march at a rally, or study a case, or spend countless hours in prayer. 

These are the thoughts came to mind as I watched the documentary on mind control.  I think it was well done.  Are these techniques applied to a certain class of society, like prisoners and their families? Maybe.  Is there another set of subtle techniques applied to the rest of society?  What else would explain the sleeper who actually believes the best way to get rid of the prison overcrowding situation is to just kill them all?  Sound brutal???  The Public needs to be informed of the brutality inside the prisons, and more important - the Need for Prison and Judicial Reform - the Public needs to begin caring.

We have a lot of work to do...

Sherry Swiney
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking 
we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein