MPLU Missouri Prison Labor Union By Sidney Williams 
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MPLU Missouri Prison Labor Union By Sidney Williams 

The Missouri Prison Labor Union was organized by prisoners and supporters in the hope of bettering the living and working conditions in the state of Missouri prison system. One of our goals is to establish minimum wages for all prisoners in Missouri and to stop all prison abuse. We were lawfully given recognition by the Secretary of state in Missouri on August 3rd of 1998 and since our arrival on the scene, members have been subjected to all forms of abuse and harassment by the Missouri Department of Corrections and the prison officials of Potosi Correctional Center, Jefferson City Correctional Center and Crossroads correctional Center.

The MPLU is an organization that fights against oppression, repression, torture, brutality, rape, corruption and exploitation of prisoners both male and female. In this struggle we seek to regain our human dignity. We will seek to remove legislation which acts as a barrier to a prisoner's right to vote. We'll work to procure the minimum wage pay scale for all prisoners - to abolish all abuses of prisoners throughout the US and around the world. 

The MPLU is an anarchist driven prison initiative that strikes at the lore of slave labor capitalism. Prisoners are openly considered slaves by the very constitutional amendment 13 that supposedly abolished slavery. Prisoners can be forced to labor, without pay, healthcare or safety protections. 

Jerome White-Bey, Bruce Cummings, Sheik M. Moore, and others are horrifically oppressed, locked down in the hole, assaulted and otherwise abused for their uncommonly courageous work in an unabashed effort to break them. This is why I have chosen to not only support them but to establish the MPLU-Texas local chapters so that Texas prisoners may strive and accomplish those same goals. 

When modern man looks at the problem of slavery with his 20th century background and in the light of the hideous crimes perpetrated during the slave trade and the abominable barbarous treatment that was meted out to slaves he discovers it as a most shocking and horrid crime. He is at loss and finds it extremely difficult to understand as to how such a thing can be approved of by a nation that considers its self to be based on equality and justice. 

Slavery has been and still is a melee of treachery, surmise and violence of one nation or group of people to another due to its expansionist designs and the lust for exploitation in order to advance its own selfish ends. Such practices are and have been the outcome of personal ambition, pride, vanity or a wish for vengeance. It was because of these inclinations that their consciences never twinged them when murdering, punishing, raping, or making their slaves perform loathsome and burdening jobs. 

The Hindus believed that the slaves (Sudras) had sprung from the feet of the creator and hence they assumed that they were innately mean and low, a fate they could never contend or change. Therefore, the only way open before them was to suffer humiliation and chastisement patiently in the hope that their souls may alter their death, transmigrate into a better creation. They proceeded further to deprive them of even the will to rise in revolt against the unjust social order that subjected them to humiliation and misery. This is identical to what has taken place and continues to take place here in Amerikkka, but what is more shocking is that they use their perverted interpretations of biblical scriptures to justify their inhumane acts. We need not discuss Roman civilization which is being re-inked in modern day Amerikkka and Europe. 

Although slavery was verbally outlawed, it is still a physical act being carried out on the nation's people. It has been hidden in their constitution under the cloak of the 13th amendment. "Chattel-slavery" was outlawed only to be further carried out through "prison-slavery" by that amendment. A fact which cannot be denied by those who profit from this slavery. 

Our captivity within itself should have been enough for their exploitation in this "prison-slave-system," but it wasn't so they proceeded on to "prison-slave-labor" monopolized by the corporate elite. To name a few of these slave-holders: CMT Blues, Mecca (T-shirts), Seattle Cotton Works, Lee Jeans, Revlon, Nordstrom's, Starbucks, Motorola, IBM and MCI. Some corporations that underwrite prison construction bonds are Dole, Colgate, Suave, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Insurance, Goldman Saths and Smith Barney Shearson. 

These are only a few reasons I have decided to help further the goals of the MPLU. We will do what we can to help inmates stop further exploitation of our labor and stop all inhumane atrocities that we are subject to by the "prison-slave-system" from their prison slave jobs. We seek to be adequately paid for our labor and not some 25 cents per hour while these corporations are making $15+ for our labor. By being paid duly for our labor while in prison, we can help support our families and better their conditions by removing the burden of having to support us while in prison which plunges them deeper into poverty. We are sent to prison for a crime we committed and to serve time, not to be exploited by some corporate elite. 

The Texas local chapter will diligently strive with Texas prisoners to legally achieve our goals. If you have any input, ideas, offer of assistance, donations or would like to know more about MPLU and/or Texas local chapter MPLU please contact: 

Sydney Williams 
899 FM 632 
Kenedy, Texas