Mississippi News Articles
PRISON TO RELEASE TERMINAL INMATE UNDER NEW LAW - July 31, 2004 Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps said he will approve the release of a female prisoner as soon as her sister calls to verify she is ready to take on care responsibilities. He would not release the woman's name.

HOW GOOD A DEFENSE SHOULD A SUSPECT GET? - April 29, 2003 - Those are the days when a battered bus arrives to pick up recently convicted felons and haul them to Mississippi state prisons. Killebrew, president of Quitman's Board of Supervisors, says he's too ashamed to watch. He worries that some of the inmates might have been wrongly convicted because the local government didn't make sure they had adequate lawyers.

Mississippi Prisons End Segregation Based on HIV; ACLU Hails 'Breakthrough,' Vows to Continue Fighting - January 8, 2003 -  At least some of the other southern states are not in this group of irrational practices.