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Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 3:42 PM
Subject: My Never Again Series


I thought you would be interested in my latest attempt to communicate as broadly as possible that promoting democratic freedom is our best solution to eliminating war, democide, and famine. I have written an alternative history series that will ultimately involve six novels and a non-fiction supplement. All but the sixth is written, and the first two in the series have just been published. A third also will be out in a few weeks.

The overall plots revolve around these questions: What if there were a solution to war and genocide? What if a secret society sent back to 1906 two lovers, one a gorgeous but headstrong warrior, the other a pacifistic professor of history, and gave them the incredible wealth and weapons necessary to create a peaceful alternate universe--one that never experienced the horrors of World War, the Holocaust, and the other atrocities of the twentieth century? Would these mismatched lovers succeed, or would they be destroyed by their conflicts, the vast armies and secret police opposing them, and the assassins also sent back in time to kill them?

If you are interested in further information about Book 1 (War & Democide Never Again), Book 2, (Nuclear Holocaust Never Again), Book 3 (Reset Never Again), and Book 4 (Red Terror Never Again) you will find a synopsis of the series and the first three chapters of Books 1-3, and the first chapter of Book 4 at:
The cover to Book 1 is shown below.

Best Wishes.

Rudy Rummel
Professor Emeritus