October 28, 2002

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Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 8:18 AM
Subject: [patrickcrusade] Madison Ohio Demonstration

  Today, October 28, 2002, 6 individuals from different organizations participated in a demonstration outside of the Madison Correctional Institution, in London, Ohio.

  It was cold and windy and lasted two hours instead of three hours.  As soon as we arrived a special duty captain and Sgt came out to the front road and told us where we could set up, and informed us that the warden (Alan Lazaroff) would be coming out to see us.

  In less than ten minutes the Deputy of Administrations, Joette Derrick, and the Administrative Assistant came out and talked to us, and explained about using the access road we were standing on, and not speaking to any prisoners who might come by from an outside work crew. 

  There's two prisons located there across the road from each other and the vast majority of the traffic passing by on the road was prison staff from either of the two prisons.  As you can imagine in a small town like London almost everyone in the town has one or more family members working at these prisons, or knows someone who does.  So most of the traffic was shocked to see us out there protesting, and didn't seem too pleased.  However there were several cars that honked there horns to encourage us, and when a small bus and later a van of prisoners went into the prison we could hear them cheering us.

  What really gave us the determination to stay out there in the windy cold for two hours was knowing that within a few hours word of our little demonstration would spread through the entire prison grapevine like wildfire.  That was our main purpose out there was to let prisoners know that we are out here supporting them.

  The Captain and Sgt. sat in a car behind us about a hundred yards away and watched us the entire time we were there.

  Eventually the warden came out and spoke to us briefly.  I knew him from when I was imprisoned at the Orient prison years ago.  This is the same warden who allowed his staff at Orient to lock up an elderly blind prisoner in a strip cell for about 3 months during the dead of winter without clothing or blankets while his window was broken out in his cell.  This same warden was reprimanded and several of his supervisors were demoted for this action.

  Those individuals who participated were representatives from: Managing Director for Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errents (CURE-Ohio), Ohio Coordinator for Prison Reform Unity Project (PRUP), Two members of the Books 4 Prisoners Crew, a member of the Anti-Racist Action, and the Director of the Prisoners Advocacy Network - Ohio (PAN-Ohio).

  After the demonstration we were all treated to lunch by one of our supporters, and decided over lunch that prison officials treated us so nice...we're going back!!!

  For anyone who's interested in attending the next demonstration at the Madison prison...which will be on a weekend...please contact me at:

  Dan Cahill
  PO Box 14162
  Columbus, Ohio

  Or call Ida Strong, Managing Director, CURE-Ohio at (614)224-3466.

  We're hoping to organize a much bigger demonstration at this same location in about a month.  Please contact me and let me know the best date for your organization, and we'll start trying to get this demonstration organized.

  For those of you who participated in this demonstration, thank you very much.  For those of you who want to attend the next demonstration (It will be on a Sunday after noon) get in touch with us now and lets start organizing this next demonstration!

  In the struggle,

  Dan Cahill

Christy        "If you judge people, you have no time to love them"

Ohio PRUP  Coordinator

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