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To: Access-prisoners-rights@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [Access-prisoners-rights] Outside Connection phone service
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 00:44:59 -0000

I would like to inform everyone that you finally have a choice to get LOWER priced collect calls. If you take a lot of them every month or you live out of state to where your loved one is located, then we can help you. We are in this to HELP families that are getting ripped off monthly. We are not the DOCS or MCI or other rip off carrier. We are the best because, we care! If you go to our web site and read about us, call us directly, listen to what others on the web are saying about us, you will find how well we treat people!!! We give you complete information on each state for the rates you will pay monthly and per call.

PLEASE call us and give us a try. 1800-270-8810   You can visit us on the web at: www.outsideconnectioninc.net   or email us at:
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Thanks for reading my post and I am SURE you will save with us!!!