by Bill Moyers
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Please pass this around.
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From: Candyce J. Hawk 
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Subject: [patrickcrusade] Fwd: USA "PATRIOT" II being developed in DOJ for introduction during War with Iraq
When I got this message I thought it was a hoax, but it's on the PBS website!

Tonight's NOW with Bill Moyer program highlighted the secret development of a new "improved" Patriot Act, which fills in all the gaps that kAshcroft and Co. have found in the Patriot I act.  The new act allows SECRET ARRESTS, stripping citizenship from Americans, deporting even long-term Green Card and other legitimate foreigners resident in the USA; arrest ans seizure of assets (and persons) of those who donated to NGO's, foundations or other organizations that are LATER declared by the DOJ to be involved in terrorism - and much more.

This bill is being developed in the Justice Department and kept secret, so far, even from the House and Senate Justice Committees.  It is feared that the bill is being kept secret until Bush and Co. get the Iraq invasion under
way, and/or there is another terrorist attack, and then try to rush the bill through Congress without debate, as was done with USA PATRIOT I.

Go to and go to Breaking News under NOW with Bill Moyer.  You can get commentary on the proposed act (someone sneaked a copy of the proposed bill out to The Center for Public Integrity) or read the whole accursed thing.

PLEASE - NOW! - start writing your Congress persons - House and Senate and demand:

     1.  When and if this bill is presented to Congressional Committees, they should throw it in their trash baskets and refuse to recommend the bill to their full houses;

     2.  Introduce legislation to repeal USA PATRIOT, root and branch.

     3.  Initiate the impeachment of John Ashcroft for his outrageous attacks on American democracy from the position of Attorney General.

     Do it NOW, so these fascists cannot sneak this awful bill through Congress during a moment of crisis.  Hitler should have been so lucky as to have an act like this in his third year!

         Charles Swan, Executive Director, THE JUSTICE LOBBY