By Patrick Swiney
154406 G79
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023

22 January 2005

Dear Friends & Family Around The World,

On behalf of humanity, I come to you with a plea for help.  You are all aware of the prisoner abuse in Iraq by the U.S. Military.  The entire world was outraged. Most all of you are also aware of the massive prisoner abuses in U.S. prisons.  The major difference: the abuses here in the U.S. are far, far greater (even murder) as compared to what the world witnessed in Iraq.  I ask all the world, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

Yesterday (21 January 2005) at this U.S./Alabama prison, a prisoner (Charles Agee, 47) was brutally murdered - beaten to death by prison guards.  This prisoner was a mental patient, handcuffed, hands behind his back, plus tied with bed sheets then continually beaten until he fell to the floor - all life completely gone.

A completely helpless man: beaten to Death.  I welcome you to: America the Beautiful.  We simply export our Terrorism!

According to a witness, the deputy warden here (Nunley) immediately tried to cover this up: Murder!  But according to the same witness, when the warden himself arrived: Mr. Stephen Bullard, he demanded absolute Truth.  This is most rare for an Alabama State Official.

My concern is that a cover up shall indeed take place, maybe from the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. I ask that you not allow this to happen.  Your efforts could actually be the beginning of the end for these thugs they call officers.

I have "personally" witnessed several beatings here myself.  Every single one: Unprovoked!  One guard even bragged to me after breaking his unbreakable stick on a guy who was lying on the floor, submissive and harmless.  He stated to me: "I'm not bragging.  Yeah - he broke my stick, but I broke his leg."  THAT is the mentality in Alabama Prisons - so sad, but so, so True! 

But where the hell is the Worldwide Outrage?  Does anyone out there care?  Murders are not all that unusual in Alabama Prisons.  Of course they cover up their evil deeds calling it over-dose, suicide, and a few other things like: Falling.  But should Truth be exposed it would be simple and clear Murder!  "Business as usual"

It is my opinion that the time has come for all these atrocities to stop.  That shall be impossible without the help and support of the World Community.  The Attorney General of this state is a major part of the Problem!  Not a solution.  He supports crime committed by state agents.  The Governor of Alabama is either a party to these crimes, or just ignores them when we complain to Federal Officials, FBI, U.S. Attorney or any part of the U.S. Department of Justice.  It's as if your pleas for help enters a black hole and goes into another universe, never to be seen or heard of again.  Our "only" hope is for the rest of the World to cry out in: Rage!!!

A few months ago, I was called to the shift commander's office of this prison.  Upon arrival, Lt. Bartley started waving two envelopes in my face stating: "The deputy warden (Nunley) told me to tell you that he had better not find these (waving the envelopes) in the possession of any other Inmate, or you had better not - ever attempt to get anything like this in here again!"  It turns out that the envelopes contained copies of my article: Too Late To Debate??? After reading my article you can clearly see that my life could be in great peril just for speaking out, exposing: Truth!

The way things are done in Alabama Prisons, they make bogus charges, then lock you up in an isolation cell, that's where they do their "real dirty" work - away from all witnesses - so should I get locked up, you all shall know!  And in the event that I'm found dead in one of their isolation cells, in no way could it be called suicide.  It will be: Murder!  Assassination!  Make no mistake about that - secret chambers of torture and death.

One of the guards that took part in the murder of this helpless mental patient yesterday is notorious for his violence and beating prisoners.  He even brags about it telling us all, "You had better check my record" meaning: record of beating prisoners.  I was a witness to that, plus to his fits of violent rage.  One inmate wrote a letter of complaint on this violent guard recently.  Neither he nor anyone else ever heard a word from his letter.  It should have been a wake up call for anyone who actually cared.  A digitized copy of his letter shall follow via email.

We are most blessed to have one of the leading pathologists this nation has to offer as a member of the Patrick Crusade.org, Dr. Glenn Larkin,  I feel certain that Dr. Larkin will secure a copy of the autopsy report of this murder victim and examine the report carefully.  Hopefully, Dr. Larkin will post his findings and evaluation to our website.  If so - if what I hear is correct - this finding shall be heart-breaking: an awful-painful death.  Some of you may not wish to know the torture involved - shocking!

I would like to ask all of you to spread this Truth far and wide, especially to all the International Broadcasters, including Al-Jazeera T.V.; also to French T.V. and the most prestigious BBC. 

The telephones have been turned off in here - which confirms guilt!  Plus, I suppose they think they can suppress the truth that way.  I never said they were bright - just down bright Evil!

Many thousands of souls would greatly appreciate any and all kinds of help you could give in spreading the Truth.  You shall also be receiving even more information from people who have actually been here.  I look to my friends and family all across the world for help.  Without help, we are doomed in this Alabama Pit of Hell.

Most respectfully, I am
Patrick Swiney

"And like the seeds dreaming beneath the snow - my heart dreams of Spring"

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