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From: Brenda Pitts Bennett in TEXAS
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Subject: CCLNews> Media... why are you fearful of telling about corrupt officials?

July 20, 04

Dear Journalist,

Hello and hope you are good? I am sending you this news below regarding the corrupt officials that kill and get by with this! Why does the media ignore telling stories about the corruptness in our government employees as if they are mice? This is so very hard for us citizens to understand as thousands of thousands of us e mail one another daily regarding this bizarre behavior of you alls freight of these people. Please tell us "why"? I have been in this battle to stop the " people in uniforms corruption" ( so to speak) about 10 years and we need you all. What if these things happen to your families next?

I and my family have been tortured and abused more than any enemies I have ever heard of in our History of wars. More of our abuse can be read at our web site listed below.

I know you are very busy but I am in a desperate situation because my daughter had a heart attack while in jail and the Rockwall County Texas refuses to do what the Emergency Room Doctors said must be done for my daughter to live. Please also keep in mind that this same District Attorney contributed to my 21 year old baby sons death last year through his bizarre illegal corruption, etc.

Also I grew up with this DA in what was probably the smallest school in Texas named Bland which is in Floyd and Merit Texas. We had six people in our entire graduating class. The very first boy I went for a ride with was this DA and I was 14 years old and he was 18 years old.

He now sends boys to prison everyday for this same crime he did!

I do have witnesses from that time that are still around also. My daughter is Chanda Leigh Bennett D.O.B. 11-16-76 and she is and has been in Rockwall County Texas Jail near 6 months for what Health and Safety sec. 433.045 says is a misdemeanor. The Rockwall County District Attorney somehow made this into a felony  and then he also added a few more felonies for " failure to appear". My daughters court appointed attorney Celia Sams from Rowlett Texas told my daughter and I that she could not and would not win against this DA and that Chanda would have to take the 10 years in prison offered to her by the DA! Chanda immediately told Ms. Sams that she was fired. Chanda repeatedly told Ms. Sams that she was not pleading guilty to a felony because it is not a felony but Ms. Sams told Chanda it is a felony and she could not beat this DA.

Chanda then asked the Judge for a different court appointed attorney but the Judge said that only one attorney would be appointed to her. Therefore Chanda was too afraid to go to court without an attorney and she was very sick at that time also from her heart and she did not go with the guards to the court room. The DA gave her more felonies for failure to appear.

President Bush's daughters did similar crimes as Chanda did yet theirs was more of a crime because they wrote their own script. Chanda had been given the script from the doctor but added a 1 in front of the quantity of 30. President Bush's daughter is no better than my daughter and all her punishment was, was about 5 hours community service work! My daughter has already suffered 6 months in jail and had to have a heart attack because Rockwall County Jail Nurse Linda Bell told me, Chanda, and others that Rockwall could not afford Chanda's medical care therefore causing Chanda to have a heart attack because the nurse was not giving Chanda her normal prescriptions of her heart, blood pressure scripts, etc.

This is what they did to my baby son also! This DA court ordered Chip not to ever take his high blood pressure scripts again and Chip's autopsy says his heart was enlarged and he had heart failure. This is exactly what Childrens Medical Center told us would happen if Chip ever did not take his scripts in his lifetime. Therefore this DA contributed to my sons death and is trying to do the same to my daughter and oldest 30 year old son. My oldest son, Chad Ray Bennett D.O.B. 4-6-74, has a rare arachnoid brain growth which is probably caused by Lyme Disease. My entire family has Lyme Disease from tick bites and I have run Texas Lyme Disease Network over 13 years and we went misdiagnosed for about 20 years and in Texas there is only a few doctors who are Lyme literate and if Lyme is not diagnosed properly in the first weeks of getting bitten, people become disabled and it can cause the death of one and it most definitely causes the indigence of all who have it. This DA has done unbelievable things to my oldest son and us all! More of all this can be read at my web site at: 
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Thank you very much for a possible story as this is all that will stop this county from killing us all!

Brenda Pits Bennett
701 Meadowdale
Royse City, Texas 75189

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