Please see below and react.....  It's a double-edged sword.  Take your pick:

1.  Leave Pryor in Alabama and see no justice at all in Alabama.
2.  See Pryor go to the 11th circuit and see no justice in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.
3.  Allow the governor to appoint D.A. Boyd Whigham (known crook) to take Pryor's place.
4.  Insist that the governor appoint Wilson Myers to take Pryor's place.


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(here's my answer to the Montgomery Advertiser, but they've been instructed not to air any dirt out of Union springs, Bullock County, Alabama)

The news released on April 10, 2003  that Bill Pryor is the chosen appointee for the U. S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit is a major disappointment!!

Corruption is just following me everywhere I try to go for justice.  The 11th Circuit Federal Court is located in Atlanta, Georgia and handles cases from Alabama and Georgia.  That is where I have appealed the following Constitutional Right Violations by the State of Alabama, those that BILL PRYOR ENDORSED HIS DEPUTY'S SO-CALLED FINDINGS THAT THERE WAS NO WRONG DOING IN THESE MAJOR VIOLATIONS!!
He is now being appointed as one of the Judges where my Appeal is being reviewed. 
All I can pray and hope for is that it will not fall into the incompetent hands of this appointee. However I pity those after me, who will be at the mercy of one who apparently is not the least bit knowledgeable of just what our guaranteed Constitutional Rights are!

If anybody has the contact information for anyone that I could air this to, please let me know.  I realize that I am low on the totem pole, but at least it will be in the thoughts of those who put him there when they start to see his corruption surface.
Thank you,
Beverly Brabham

BILL PRYOR: possible appointee to U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit?????????????? 

I am very thankful that Bill Pryor has not been sent to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals 11th Circuit! Imagine him, at the state level, seeing no major Constitutional wrongs in the list below. This was through Richard Allen, Deputy Attorney General. I called back in an attempt to hear that Bill Pryor himself felt this was, but I was unable to get through to him, of course.
However I WAS told by the lady who answered the phone that whatever Richard Allen comes up with in looking into complaints, that Bill Pryor stands behind. So I am justified then in printing the following cold hard FACTS: Here is what
ALABAMA'S ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL PRYOR STANDS BEHIND AS SAYING THAT NO WRONG WAS DONE IN THIS COURT OF LAW: (These major Constitutional Right Violations are before the United States 11th Circuit Court of Appeals where President Bush is considering appointing Bill Pryor. Bill Pryor endorses his office's findings that there were no wrongs committed by the court's actions stated below:) 

1. I was never allowed to face my accuser. Was even told by their appointed attorney that "this was not one of those case where he needed to be there". 

2. Ineffective assistance of counsel: guilty plea urged by this crony, never said a word on my behalf, refused to file an appeal, participated in attempting to frame me for "drugs in my system" (I don't use drugs). I demanded a blood test, then the tester said she must have 'used an outdated kit'. She re-tested the same urine, so she allowed that one to be negative. The judge was furious at their appointed crony when he told him it was negative. The crony whispered to the judge and shrugged his shoulders. 

3. Severe coercion of a guilty plea, using the threat of the death penalty. (It is unconstitutional to threaten to murder someone to obtain a guilty plea.) 

4. Judge Bill Robertson sat in on the heinous coercion in the back room. Bizarre! Judges are supposed to be unbiased and certainly not involved in a coercion. 

5. Due process rights violated, both procedural and substantive. June 1996, I was charged, coerced by threat of the death penalty, convicted, sentenced, jailed, and denied an appeal. ALL IN ONE DAY! 

6. Prosecutorial misconduct. D.A. Boyd Whigham personally lied about and degraded me because he had absolutely no evidence to back the bogus charge. 

7. Conspiracy to use position in authority to bring irreversible harm due to personal dislikes. Conspiracy to maliciously prosecute because I was willing to expose those politicians' illegal drug business. 

8. May 1997 - the nightmare of the bogus conspired lie ended, expired, over, terminated. 

9. March 1999 Jeopardy attached. 

10. DOUBLE JEOPARDY - April 1999 Re sentenced on the old case, two years after it had expired. 

11. Attacked by x-husband the night before this illegal sentencing. Broken leg, head gash with stitches, multiple injuries - rendered bedridden. The Judge and DA were aware of this, as x-husband was in jail. He threatened to "kill me" in front of 2 witnesses. 

12. April 1, 1999 - Sentenced without being present or represented by counsel. (this second sentence for the bogus lie is pending a motion for re-hearing in Federal U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia) 

13. April 28, 1999 p Three policemen busted in house, kicked open bedroom door, all three pointing rifles at me, a rifle was placed on my arm (which I made sure NOT to touch it), and I was taken to jail. I was not allowed my crutches and forced to walk on my broken leg with a full-leg cast on. Cruel and unusual punishment. 

14. I was in the same one-room cell with a male for several days before being whisked away to the joint. One can only imagine those horrible conditions, the commode, shower, and beds right in the same one-room cell. Horrifying to say the least. I refused to eat their food because others who had recently crossed their paths, had been found dead mysteriously, ruled suicide of course, did not live to tell of their terrorism from that crowd. I continously told my family that I am not suicidal, that if anything happened to me, try to have it investigated. I screamed that through the walls, the double glass, just to let it be known that I knew of their tactics. 

15. Aug. 1999 - Judge Gaither who ended the bogus lie, testified under oath before Judge Smithart that the sentence had a\expired and that he had revoked a non-existent probation. (One can get more solid documentation than that.) Smithart refused to correct his harmful blatant error. That's just it, there was no error, just plain vindictiveness, ill will, and malice. 

16. January 24, 2001 - called back to court (2 months before the illegal incarceration ended) to be offered a sentence to 3 years probation. D.A. Boyd Whigham requested 5 years. I had the Constitutional Right to refuse the probation, to end the illegal incarceration for the lie, and be through with that criminal crowd for good. I returned to the joint to do just that.
16. April 10, 2001 - released from the joint, having had two years of my life robbed and stripped from me. 

17.DOUBLE JEOPARDY AGAIN - April 18, 2001 - sentented again for the third time on the same bogus case to a sentence of one year probation. (this third sentence is pending an evidentiary hearing in Federal U.S. District Court.) 

18. I was not present nor was I represented at this third sentencing for the same case either. 

19. Between June 1996 and May 1997, I paid the approximate $800 fine imposed on me. My brother was with me and a friend war nearby (who had loaned me the rest of the amount owed to be through with that.) 

20. I received a letter from D.A. Whigham WHILE AT THE JOINT, that if I didn't get the $800 paid with in 10 days that I would be arrested and put in jail. Now that's probably a first! It at least puts a new meaning to the word, JOKE. 

21. I have written the Judge and D.A. concerning this matter. They refuse to resolve it, but have told my mother that they have issued a warrant for my arrest for it. 

22. I received an indirect threat from my accusers sister who called my mother, trying to locate me. She gave her no information. The sister said, "they will find her, and they will put her back in prison". It is a real threat because they have proven well to me just what they are capable of doing. 

23. A human being in these United States of America should not have to live in fear of their very life. How ironic, I am in hiding, fearing for my life, from those who are elected to protect us. 

24. D.A.Boyd Whigham dismissed my x-husbands attempted murder. This was done in front of Attorney Paul Brunson of Eufaula, Alabama. Mr. Brunson was appalled that he took this upon himself to dismiss a bloody massacre, and then create a bogus case action summary stating that it was dismissed by the Grand Jury. I was not given equal protection of the law. Discrimination due to personal dislikes. 

25. Judge Smithart alter the transcript of the January 24, 2001 hearing, omitting those part in my favor. The court report told me this on the telephone that the judge had told her what to omit. However at the end of the transcript, she signed where it was a complete and accurate account of the hearing in its entirety. 

So people, somebody, anybody, this Alabama State Court has failed me miserably, trampled just about every constitutional right of mine that were guaranteed to us all by the 14th Amendment, and I am in my 4th year of begging and pleading Federal Court to hear me. Maybe, just maybe I will be granted a re-hearing. Either way, I will pursue this to the very end to meet the ends of justice. 

If more people would stand up against corruption with us, things might eventually CHANGE!

Beverly Brabham

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       Please get busy writing letters on this pronto.  May the good Lord work this one for us.


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