Pamela Gaston Rest in Peace

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 Greetings Folks: Thanks folks for spreading the word.  I am sadden by these reports.  Pamela Gaston, age 50, of Mulino, Oregon died Monday.  Pamela was a Great Patriot and Hero.  She is the second Hero to die this month, the other has yet been unannounced.  I will have to gather the deals, for another Great Patriot has died unnoticed.  Who will pick up the flags and march on?  Who will volunteer? 
Sir David-Andrew.
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 listening to Jack McLamb on the radio, and a caller says Pamela Gaston ("A Voice For Children") just died - only 50 and apparently due in part to a lack of available medical care.
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 December 20, 2004 Pamela Gaston Passes on ....   See Newswire for the latest news 
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Subject: Pam Gaston Died

 It is with great sadness that I pass on this news. L8r,
Marcel Roy Bendshadler
Constitutional Counsellor,
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 Pam Gaston, a loved fighter against government slavery of the free people died between 4 & 8 AM Dec. 20th 2004. Pam was a long time leader in the fight for childrens rights against abuse by the corporate state and maintained the web site, A Voice For Children. As many people know, a few years ago the state came in and took the Gaston's home and threw them on the street to try and shut her up.  They have been living in a small trailor in Mulino, Oregon since then. A couple of weeks ago Pam got sick but had no money to go to the doctor.  Pam was only 50 as of May of 2004. 

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Subject: [CCCC-USA] Pamela Gaston Rest in Peace. Justice, equality and activism have lost a strong supporter.  
Dear Annie Armen Live Friends, Advocates, and Supporters:

I just received this most unfortunate news from fellow advocate and friend Leonard Henderson of AFRA News
concerning a family advocate warrior and grandparent among us, Pamela Gaston who passed on this morning.  Although I, myself, am ashamed that I did not know of this incredible lady, 
I wish for all Annie Armen Live friends, advocates, and supporters to forward this email FAR AND WIDE to show our humble support to the Gaston Family of their most heartwrenching loss.

If all of you recall, it was just a month ago, when my friend, grandparent, child advocate warrior Dora Meccia passed away on 11/21/04.  A Child Advocate's Death Must NEVER go in vain. and please visit

For those of you who have websites, PLEASE.. I urge you to establish reciprocal weblinks with Pamela's website at
You can find out everything about Pamela Gaston and about her family advocacy by visiting her web page referenced above, and by clicking on the links provided below. 

This is the least we can do in helping the Gaston Family keep their Pamela's Spirit alive, and spreading their mission FAR AND WIDE!

Thank you Leonard for informing me about Pamela Gaston, and extend my deepest sympathy and respect to the Gaston Family!

God Bless,
Annie Armen

Family Rights News across the Nation
December 20, 2004 3:07PM PST
Pamela Gaston Passes on
[See the attached file]
Pamela and Will Gaston

Please forward widely

Annie Armen, J.D.
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Glendale, CA 91222-0399
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My Best to You and Yours,

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