I have attached a picture of a young man who received a three year and a day sentence for gun trafficking. He was 26 years of age at the time of the crime and has already served two years at the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office in Bourne, Massachusetts. Raynel's case came about as a result of three guns which he had purchased for someone who committed a felony. The young man had never had a prior criminal record. I am assistinghis mother, Kathy Francis, in putting out a petition. I would appreciate your passing the word on to others to sign. I will let you know once it is completed. I have also enclosed a picture of Raynel and would like to have the story and picture put up on all sites possible. Mother has given permission.
Raynel's address are as follows:

Raynel James Francis 
Barnstable County Sheriff's Office
6000 Sheriff's Place
Bourne,MA 02532
H-POD # 2 ID # msaooo1347

Sincerely in the struggle

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Petition for Commutation of time served for Raynel James Francis Petition

My son Raynel James Francis left to go back to Georgia after visiting me for the Thanksgiving Holiday in November 2002. His sister, Tanya and two other individuals rode down with him. 

Once they arrived, Tanya remained at the house while Raynel, Talia and Kevin, the other two individuals went shopping. Kevin, while shopping, apparently gave Raynel some money and asked him if he could buy him three weapons. 

Raynel agreed to do so, thinking that he would probably not get approved, although they did approve it. Subsequently, Raynel bought the guns, which one, later turned out to be the weapon used to murder a an individual over a drug deal.

Raynel was charged with gun trafficking , after he, himself, voluntarily admitted to buying the weapons. He was sentenced, as a result to three years and a day. Although, the weapon was never found, this young man implicated himself in addition to telling the police who the perpetrator was. Kevin Holiday, cousin to the victim he murdered, Danny Mendez, was later charged for the murder and sentenced to twenty six years to life.

Raynel, had put himself in great danger, which has resulted in his being physically and sexually abused, by testifying against a well known drug lord. This young man, furthermore, has had to be treated for seizures since he was approximately twelve years old, and he has never before, been involved with the law. Now he has had spend most of his time in solitary confinement due to protective custody issues. 

I am asking the Governor to please commute my son, Raynel James Francis to time served in order that he may be released from Confinement and returned home for his own safety. Judge Harry Nickerson of Barnstable Superior Court had stated that he expects this case before his court in May of 2005. 

My son should not have had to endure this kind of treatment because of his honesty and his lack of involvement in the murder that took place. Therefore, I plead with the Governor to commute his sentence to time served.

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