(good and bad)

The following section consists of lawyers who are recommended by others from their own experiences. Patrick Crusade takes no responsibility for the opinions of others but simply passes these opinions on to you as a courtesy in the hope that you may benefit from the experience of others. Likewise, if a recommendation is in the reverse, Patrick Crusade will list these as well as a precautionary measure and takes no responsibility for any liability based upon the personal experience of others but simply passes this on to you as a courtesy. The ultimate decision in selecting a lawyer is your responsibility. We always caution people to do their homework before selecting a lawyer.
You cannot sue us for liable or slander because:
  1. we have no money, and
  2. truth is the best defense against liable or slander
For consumer protection: If a lawyer does a good job, we want to hear about it. If a lawyer does a lousy job, we want to hear about that too.

John Edmond Mays - (recommended) - July 13, 2004 - Excellent article about an Alabama Attorney

Kent RusselL - (recommended) - San Francisco - Post Conviction lawyer who is recommended by Paul Wright, Editor Prison Legal News.