Comments by Sherry Swiney - 
In the article below, there is a statement that says, "Victim's advocate Miriam Shehane, who founded
Victims of Crime and Leniency after her daughter was murdered, said she didn't oppose the concept of restorative justice as long as it stayed focused on helping victims." long as it stayed focused on helping victims...  That is right.  Remember, there is usually a reason (excluding people who have organic brain damage) for committing a crime.  That reason can be Fear, Hatred, Revenge, Jealousy, Insecurity, or Greed.  People are not born with these things in their hearts; they are taught by life-circumstances to have these things in them.  I consider them victims as well.
On a construction project we have Direct Labor (the guys with the tools building the thing) and INdirect Labor (the guys behind the scenes doing all the administrative stuff that no one ever sees) - both essential to making a project successful.  
In crime, we have a Direct Victim (the person upon whom the crime is committed) and an INdirect Victim (the person committing the crime) - both essential to making crime possible.
Please keep these ideas in mind while reading the article linked below.  Prison Reform using Restorative Justice methods works.  When prisons are rehabilitating (correcting/healing the INdirect Victims so that they never return to prison again after their sentence is finished), there are less Direct Victims in a society.  
This is not coddling criminals as the occasional victim's rights groups may fear.  See for yourself.