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Hello, my name is linda dewey and im the wife of a wrongfully convicted man. dna proved his innocence. please post this. I am typing and cring at the same time.

It is very hard. In 1994 Jacie Taylor was found murdered and raped and in the bathtub of her apartment in palasides colorado. In 1996 after police did not persue the evidence found that would have convicted the killer, they picked up robert dewey from prison and took him to mesa county colorado, he was then charged with the murder of Jacie Taylor. Dna under the victims fingernails and semen found on the couch, was not his. there was prosecutional misconduct, kangeroo court and much much more. The people responsible for the murder was the prosecutions witnesses!  My husband has spent 9 years of his life being taunted by this. he sits in prison while my health fails and he worrys. not about himself but me. we cry together and we pray together, you see we are both native americans. but the prosecutions reason for convicting him and i have a copy of this, is that they thought he was there. My husband is a biker, and he has spent time in prison. he is not a rapist nor a murderer of young girls. I havent much money as i work in the laundry and make barely enough to pay rent. my teeth are bad. so it is hard to maintain. when i get the funds i will send you the proff we have of his innocence. youd be appauled by the jury misconduct and this whole case. the judge refuses, no matter what we do to run that dna. it would prove who the killer was of such a young girl.

Sincerly Linda Dewey.

Note from Sherry Swiney - you can see more about Robert's case and how to contact Robert at

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