Raymond m. Richards
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I am writing to gain assistance and support for my husbands wrongful conviction and the injustice in our legal and judicial systems. We must stand together to make difference, there are power in numbers. The injustice must stop!. We must not allow our officials to continue to dismiss their oaths and ethics at the expense of innocent peoples lives and their families to further their own careers. There are millions facing and enduring the injustice daily. Together as one we may prevail if we make this a team effort and band together to stop the legal corruption. I pray you see it in your hearts to help right the wrongs. God Bless Us All.  Thank you for support and concern, Lady Lisa Richards

please use the links below to review /and/or sign the petitions.

wrongfully convicted/ innocent in prison Petition

wrongfully convicted/innocent in prison/injustice in texas Petition


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