The Kerry Walker Story

(Nightmare in Georgia)

email to: Steve Cloer, Jeff Rusbridge, Rep. Charlice Byrd, Jimmy Berry, Ashley Fuller (Cherokee Tribune) email to: Rep. Byrd (with copy of email from Lt. T.J. Baggett and Captain Edward Lacey (Office of Internal Affairs)

This is an update on my case and on the CORRUPTION IN CHEROKEE COUNTY. Luann Evans (an attorney) fought for the truth about a Magistrate Judge and she got blasted by the corruption and the good 'ol boy tactics in this town. I talked to her a few minutes ago and this is how it went.

I had a difficult time finding Luann Evans, because she is no longer practicing law and there was no listing on her phone number. I finally got her home phone number and I called and talked to her this morning. She was very surprised that I had gotten her home phone number, and I explained that it was very important that I talk to her because of the corruption that I was dealing with here in Cherokee County. I told her about how incident reports were done differently than what I had reported. I explained to her how they had arrested me without talking to the only witness at the scene and how they had doctored a transcript from and tape and then will not give me a copy of the tape. I told her how they have ignored critical evidence and then altered this evidence that would have proved this woman's story untrue. She simply told me that she did not doubt it. She said they were very corrupt here. She told me that she was the one that got Judge Roberson removed. She told me that she had spent over 200 hours fighting the corruption in this town, and she got nothing for it and that they ruined her life and her career. She asked me what I was doing and I told her, and she asked me if I had gotten anywhere. I told her, not yet. She told me that I won't get anywhere and she told me that I cannot win, and told me I should move out of Cherokee County. I explained to her that we need to join together in order to fight this and that this was the only hope to bring about a change. She said that she had already fought the corruption here and that she has done all she can do, and it did no good and nobody cared. She said she does not live in Cherokee County any more and that she moved out of this County because of this. She again suggested to me to move out, and that I could not win against the corruption here, and that no one will stand up for what I'm doing. Then she said, I'm hanging up now, so please do not call me back. She sounded very sad and upset. She said, "I
wish you luck, I really do, but I can't help you-- I just can't fight this anymore." She hung up.


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I remember about two years ago there was a judge that got removed for some type of corruption in Cherokee county. This lawyer, Luann Evans, filed a complaint against the judge at one time. There also was a man in Cherokee that was part of this and he was the driving force that helped get the judge removed.

The attached case was part of this situation.

I don't remember the man's name. He might be someone who can give you some tips. You could find him on the AJC site by looking in the archives as there was a newspaper article on


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Dear Representative Byrd,

I have not heard anything from you about this corruption in my case as of yet. I know I have to be patient. I just wanted to let you see these emails. It is odd that I am constantly led to believe one thing and then I find out something different.

I got this email on 3/25/05

As far as impropriety by an officer, I must refer you to Lt. Tim Baggett our Internal Affairs officer. I know that Deputy Anderson has forwarded your complaint to him already.

Captain Edward Lacey

I did not get this email until 4/11/05

Mr. Walker,

Please pardon the delay in my response to your e mail. Before responding I wanted to confer with Capt. Lacey, commander of our Criminal Investigation Division, to ascertain what action he had already taken regarding your complaint. Normal procedure at Cherokee County Sheriffs Office when a complaint is received by a division commander is that the complaint is reviewed and a decision is made as to whether the division commander will handle the matter at division level or refer the matter to Internal Affairs for further investigation. Because you first wrote to Capt. Lacey and made him aware of your allegation against Det. Peavy it was the captain's call whether or not to refer the matter to Internal Affairs. I have heard from Capt. Lacey regarding my question to him as to whether this matter was handled at division level and he informs me that it has been. Therefore, my office has not been tasked with, and will not be, conducting an inquiry into this matter. I apologize on behalf of whoever gave you the incorrect information that this matter was being investigated by Internal


Lt. T.J. Baggett

Mrs. Byrd, I was sent an email by someone that has been dealing with this kind of judicial corruption for a long time. He states, “Why is it so difficult to understand that the People cannot expect elected and appointed officials of a corrupt system, to clean itself up? i.e., to demand that something be done to investigate the corruption and why this corruption has taken place, and to attempt to bring about a lawful system of government. If there are any such officials in existence, they are swallowed up by the corrupt system itself. The system will not allow itself to be cleaned up. It is thriving on its corruption and wants it to stay that way.”

I think the problem of corrupt government is systemic and the People have to recognize it as such, and deal with it accordingly. It seems that it is a sad fact that I can “demand” all I want of government officials and still just run into a brick wall. The system’s response seems to be that I have the right to petition for these violations of my rights, but that right does not include the right to a legitimate response by those working for the State. It seems that any response is still within the same framework of the very corruption that has ruined my life in the first place. What I am asking you, Representative Byrd, is if there is any hope of this being dealt with on any level of honesty and forthrightness? I have been beat down to where there is no light in sight. Now my sweet mother went to the hospital today and she has lived the last years of her life knowing what I am going through. I have tried to keep it from her, but she is too caring for me to pull that off. My common sense is telling me that my demanding due process and to be treated fairly is futile, as it has been denied all along. Does this mean that my ability to hold those accountable for their wrongs is futile, and the restoration of a lawful system to this corrupt system is futile by its very nature?

I have never gotten any kind of response from you by email. Is there a reason for that? I just hope that you are of the type that will somehow help me in this fight and for some reason I believe you are.


Dodson v. Dean, No. A02A0417 - Recuse Sue Judge.doc

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