The Redeclaration of Independence
       by John J. Kettler


       When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary
       for Us the People to reassert control over our so-called
       government, and to resume among the Powers of the Earth,
       the Separate and Equal Station to which the Laws of Nature
       and of Nature's God entitle Us, a decent respect to the
       opinions of all Peoples requires that We should declare the
       Causes which impel Us to this Action. We hold these Truths to
       be Self-Evident, that all People are created Equal, that they
       are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights,
       that among these are Life, Liberty, and Property -- that to
       secure these Rights, governments are instituted among
       Humankind, deriving their just powers from the consent of the
       governed, that whenever any form of government becomes
       destructive to these Rights, it is the Duty and the Right of the
       People to correct, alter, or abolish it, and to institute new
       government, laying its foundation on such principles, and
       organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
       most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence,
       indeed, will dictate that governments long established should
       not be changed for light or transient causes. Those detailed
       below are neither light nor transient, constituting an Ongoing
       Pattern of Abuses and Usurpations, spanning decades,
       whose clearcut Purpose is Clear to all but the willfully blind
       and the most outrageous of liars -- the Utter Reduction and
       Subjugation of Us and all that We have to Slaves and Chattel
       of the New World Order. We the People have suffered every
       Outrage imaginable, and have borne much of it in silence,
       partially because of human nature, partially because We the
       People have been almost totally muzzled. Consent obtained
       through lies, coercion, and outright violence against the
       People is the same as no consent; it has no validity
       whatsoever. We therefore serve formal notice on our
       self-styled masters that We the People withdraw our Consent
       for you to govern Us this way; We have borne all We intend to
       bear, and any further Impositions upon Us will carry the
       Gravest Consequences. Let the Peoples of the World see and
       learn the Tyranny We labor under and the even greater
       Horrors planned for Us, once what is left of this Republic has
       been destroyed. The Facts speak for themselves. The
       government has given control of the currency to the
       international bankers, who run their private bank, the
       so-called Federal Reserve System, by loaning the government
       "money" at interest, which is then collected from the People
       through illegal direct taxes by foreign agents (the I.R.S.),
       acting under the color of law as agents of this government,
       and paid to the international bankers for the supposed
       retirement of a nonexistent national debt, since this "money"
       the international bankers provide is backed by Nothing. The
       Nation's economy is run for the exclusive benefit of these
       people, and through their control of the money supply they
       are able to manipulate the creation of cycle after cycle of
       boom and bust, not to mention dragging Us into one war or
       conflict after another, to their vast enrichment. The
       government has systematically and in every way sought
       to destroy the Nation's Sovereignty. We the People have
       been sold out to the U.N. We have watched our magnificent
       parks given away as International Habitats and U.N.
       Biospheres, seen priceless resources given away, sold for a
       pittance, or shut down, creating dependency on foreign
       sources; We have watched in horror as GATT, WTO, and
       NAFTA have devastated our already reeling economies. We
       have seen our president bought and sold like a common
       whore. We have observed the terrible consequences of
       immigration deliberately left unchecked. We have seen the
       "former" head of the the Soviet Union set up shop here, and
       while lobbying through a tax deductible foundation for a
       global tax and the creation of a U.N. army, Gorbachev sits on
       a U.S. military base closure commission deciding which of our
       bases should be closed next and lives in a house We
       provided, guarded by Russian Spetsnaz commandos. Of
       course, no one asked Us. The government operates the
       Nation under largely unacknowledged, but nonetheless
       present, martial law, and has since the Emergency Powers
       Act was first enacted in 1933. In lieu of justice courts bound
       by the Constitution we have military tribunals operated under
       Admiralty law in which We the People have only privileges
       and immunities, not our God-given inalienable Rights. The
       government has quietly written and set into place a
       procedure for utterly destroying representative
       government here. As this is being written, the Nation is
       literally a presidential declaration of national emergency
       away from outright dictatorship. Those who doubt this
       would be well advised to consult Executive Order 11051 and
       Senate Report 93-549 to see for themselves the panoply of
       repressive measures which will befall them if FEMA takes over
       the country. The detention camps are already built and
       waiting for those who oppose the New World Order, which is
       why We must act now, while We still can. Anyone worried
       about being on a list for speaking out or, God forbid, actually
       doing something would do well to remember the words of
       longtime patriot Frank Ozak of Perceptions magazine:
       "There's only one list, and we're all on it." The government
       tells Us what it wants Us to hear and tells Us what to think
       about that issue, while at the same time going to great
       lengths to keep the truth from Us, lest We take note and
       respond effectively; it counts heavily on the venality and
       laziness of media mainly controlled by the money interests;
       control is also exercised through the granting and withholding
       of access and interviews, not to mention threats to and
       sometimes removal of lucrative broadcast licenses, in the
       event that somebody actually manages to get past the
       smokescreens and expose something damaging to one or
       more branches of the government, or often, someone's
       reputation. This is the real reason the government, under the
       pretense of protecting children, is moving to take over the
       Internet. It is also why the government and its allies conduct
       massive, keyword-controlled automated global surveillance of
       faxes, email, long distance phones, and the Internet. Control
       is the name of the game. The government has inverted the
       Grand Jury, which the Founders intended as a check
       against unwarranted government prosecution, turning it
       into the government's rubber stamp (over 90% indictment
       rate), while the jurors, who under common law were
       empowered to rule not only on guilt and innocence, but also
       the morality and justice of the laws themselves, have been
       gagged, blindfolded, and bound hand and foot, engineered
       time and again into accepting yet another prepackaged
       government "explanation" of a purported crime, crime whose
       consequences always involve more and restrictive laws,
       inevitably to the further reduction of Liberty and creating
       further oppression of the People. The government has used
       and does use any and all of the following tactics for
       "handling" situations, including out-of-the-blue I.R.S.
       problems, threats to kith and kin, instant loss of job and
       subsequent massive problems with getting new work, being
       turned into a nonperson through the disappearance of one's
       educational and employment records, deliberate creation of
       situations designed to drive a person mad, involuntary
       incarceration in a mental institute or prison, being framed for
       crimes one never committed (usually heinous), assaults on
       one's person and property, and sadly, if one will not back
       down or be bought off, murder, normally billed by cooperative
       medical examiners as "suicide," no matter what the evidence
       shows. Procedures these days are so good that by the time
       the next of kin have been notified, the body has already been
       cremated, effectively blocking an independent check on the
       autopsy -- if one was even done. The government uses and
       has used the People as unwitting guinea pigs for all
       manner of horrific experimentation and medical
       procedures, much of it going way beyond what Nazis
       were hanged for at Nuremberg. Soldiers, civilian adults,
       even children. All variously have been subjects of
       chemical, biological, and nuclear testing, ranging from
       deliberately injecting healthy children with radioactive
       material, to dosing entire major cities with pathogens, which
       caused multiple deaths. Use of human subjects for chemical
       and biological testing is enshrined in law at 50 USCS 1520
       (limited repeal via H.R. 1119, November 18, 1997--individual
       informed consent now required); under a new blanket FDA
       waiver the government can now conduct unlimited tests of
       experimental drugs on the military. Of the 28 nations in the
       Coalition forces, only France's do not have Gulf War
       Syndrome. France did not dose her troops with experimental
       drugs and did provide them with Doxycycline, a potent
       antibiotic. We the People have some 100,000 cases of Gulf
       War Syndrome among ourselves; so far we have lost 15,000
       killed from a war we won. Meanwhile, more lies from our
       callous government. A virulent contagion is spreading across
       the land; the government will not even attempt to protect the
       blood supplies. The government claims to care about
       public health, yet has systematically blocked good health
       while promoting ill health, to the profound benefit of
       those who control the health care business and to the
       total Detriment of the People. And what about the classified
       Biological Control Basis, the list of additives which make Us
       susceptible to electronic mind control? Mind control which
       operates at cellular phone frequencies. Read up on HAARP
       and its effects on your mind, your health, and the weather.
       Yes, the weather. The government, having imported bodily
       the same educational approach that led to Hitler's rise in
       Germany, is now busy programming our children to be
       good little unquestioning statist robots who do what they
       are told, when they are told, and who, because of a gutted
       curriculum ordered taught by the money interests, quite
       simply lack the critical reasoning skills to ever assert control
       over the government or challenge it in any way. Make no
       mistake, the government wants to seize control of your kids. It
       is deliberately seeing to it that Johnny can't read and that
       Suzy, a sixth grader, is subjected to the humiliation and
       trauma of an unauthorized gynecological exam, along with all
       her female classmates. The government views your kids as its
       property. Having seen God driven bodily from the classroom,
       and Deity replaced with "nonjudgmental value neutralism,"
       having watched the government bend every effort to
       undermine our social fabric, including actively encouraging
       the children to report their parents for a wide range of
       noncriminal behavior, which some in the government find
       threatening, We the People are now being lectured on the
       need to teach our children right from wrong--by that paragon
       of all virtue public and private, our miserable excuse for a
       president. He wishes to institute nationwide socialist programs
       which do not work and can never work. Goals 2000 and
       Outcome Based Education. That sucking sound you hear is
       from the vacuuming out of your children's brains and the
       leeching out of their souls. The government practices
       genocide, both internally and abroad. Hitler was so
       impressed with the American government's "handling" of the
       Native Americans that he modeled his "Final Solution" after it.
       Their situation to this day is a national shame and disgrace.
       Their crime is to be atop mineral and water resources worth
       billions, a crime they share with their counterparts all over the
       world, and for which they are kept destitute, are starved as
       part of official U.N. and IMF policy, shot, shelled, and bombed
       in one engineered war after another, and killed in the millions
       by AIDS, which looks just like what the Pentagon asked for
       development money for in 1969 (House Bill 15090). In Africa, it
       was in the smallpox vaccine; here, in the CDC's experimental
       hepatitis B vaccine, where it quickly wiped out the test groups
       of promiscuous gay men and spread into the body politic. The
       devastation of blacks, gays, and Hispanics, particularly in
       conjunction with created poverty, blighted educations, mass
       availability of drugs via the government, i.e., the CIA, the
       implosion of the public health system, and the rise of terrifying
       new diseases, as well as resistant strains of old ones has
       engendered huge social, political, and legal upheaval, created
       a pervasive climate of fear and helplessness, gained billions
       for illicit programs, created "justification" for appalling
       repressive measures of every sort, and helped fulfill the stated
       U.N. global population reduction goal of 90%. The
       government, under guise of its nonexistent War on Drugs,
       has institutionalized one affront against our Liberty after
       another: "no knock" warrants; warrantless searches of trains
       and buses; the conversion of lawful police forces into
       federalized, black-clad, hooded and helmeted stormtroopers;
       the creation of gigantic, interlocking data bases in which our
       innermost secrets lie bare to the government's baleful eye;
       these are but a small sample of the depredations being
       carried out against us. The Nation which once minded its own
       business and looked out for its neighbors has become a
       busybody on the one hand and apathetic on the other. This is
       by design. The goal is to divide Us at every opportunity and pit
       Us against each other. We must unite and be as One, for in
       that Unity We All derive Strength. Where once an accused
       was considered innocent until proven guilty, now We have a
       cultivated climate of paranoia, fueled by hordes of informers,
       in which the government essentially considers All of Us to be
       criminal, until proven otherwise. And one of the most fiendish
       schemes the government has come up with is the notion of
       taking Property, the very Substance of the People, without
       real due process, under the legal fiction that Property can
       commit a crime. So much has the government taken so far,
       and such is the rate of conversion, that in fifteen years the
       People will have no Property whatsoever! The government will
       have stolen it all and used the proceeds to enslave Us. The
       government is using the military for domestic law
       enforcement, in direct violation of the Posse Comitatus
       Act. Of course, lies and legal fictions have been invoked to
       provide the appearance of legality, but the truth is that what
       We have been seeing happen is precisely what the Founders
       feared most: the use of a standing army against the People.
       Those tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel
       carriers and helicopters which show up at one "situation" after
       another (e.g., Waco) are clear proof of a government run
       amok. The government is only too glad to send our troops
       to foreign shores to fight for the moneyed interests, but
       woe betide those who become MIAs or POWs, for that
       same government will then happily declare them dead, no
       matter what evidence exists to prove their existence, all
       for the sake of political expediency, reputations, and
       Mammon. This government recently admitted that that is
       precisely what happened after World War II and the Korean
       Conflict to tens of thousands of our soldiers, who labored as
       slaves and died of starvation and overwork, betrayed by their
       own so-called government. The government has sent U.S.
       troops to Australia and New Zealand, and even now they
       are training to enslave our allies, just as we are to be
       enslaved by ours and others. Such is the way of the New
       World Order. Our apologies to our kindred in oppression. The
       government presently hosts, according to Congressional
       sources, somewhere between 400,000 and 1,200,000
       foreign troops on our soil and in large measure, at our
       expense. But the fundamental problem is what they are
       doing here: training in domestic (that is Us) search and
       seizure and house-to-house combat. That is why there is a
       nightly assault in the media against guns. They wish to disarm
       us. These foreign pests are specifically designed to provide
       most of the actual forces which will ram the New World Order
       down our throats at gunpoint. They will be supplemented by
       our own new batch of Benedict Arnolds, those whose true
       oath is to the U.N., not Us. The real Americans are being
       ousted from our own military, leaving those for whom a
       paycheck is more important than their sacred Duty and to
       whom God has no value. The Green Berets are particular
       targets, troops specifically trained to teach and lead guerilla
       units. That should be a real warning bell to all of Us. Concern
       for the environment also hides a deadly secret in areas
       supposedly designated for the protection of endangered
       species -- off-limits to our own military, Us, and aerial
       overflight -- large Slavic troop formations, complete with tanks,
       armored infantry combat vehicles and personnel carriers, air
       defense equipment, communication vehicles, artillery, and
       even SCUD missile batteries, which are perfect for area strikes
       on population centers where We refuse to yield. They would
       be happy to try their new generations of chemical and
       biological poisons on Us. Many softskin vehicles, including a
       truly alarming range of NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical)
       equipment, sit in their hundreds in supposedly private storage
       lots which have warning signs saying that they are bonded
       U.S. Customs storage. We, of course, are branded
       "conspiracy nuts" for even mentioning this travesty, as if We
       somehow willed 45-ton main battle tanks into being through
       sheer power of paranoia. Sure we did. The government has
       either covered up for decades the confirmed existence of
       one or more species of extraterrestrial life and a
       staggeringly advanced associated technology base, or
       has brilliantly engineered, through an array of covertly
       developed and heavily protected scientific breakthroughs,
       the appearance of same. To keep this secret and to
       finance the related technology developments there is no
       crime, no outrage, no horror to which it has not resorted,
       often repeatedly, including murder as policy. Trafficking in
       narcotics and any number of other high leverage commodities,
       plus such lootings of the public as the Savings & Loan Crisis
       have provided the lion's share of the black project budgets
       under which this deepest and blackest of projects has gone
       forward. Either way, it is abundantly clear that the same
       technologies that give UFOs their incredible capabilities are
       also intimately related to those which would free Us from the
       dependence on fossil fuels, nuclear power, and the utilities. It
       is also known that the ruling elites have long recognized the
       tremendous possibilities inherent in an extraterrestrial threat
       for bringing about their long sought global dictatorship, their
       New World Order. Speeches by both Reagan and Gorbachev
       have addressed exactly this issue. In this connection it is
       fascinating to note that all American astronauts who have
       been to the Moon were high-ranking Freemasons, who are
       part of the Order. The government is rife at all levels with
       people to whom their oaths of office and simple human
       decency mean less than nothing, for they are the initiates,
       handpicked members of the Order under many names,
       secret orders in unholy oneness whose ultimate masters
       bear the names of Lucifer and Satan. They practice, and
       have practiced, pedophilia, ritual sexual abuse of children,
       mind control, ritual murder, including political assassinations
       and serial killings, cannibalism, large scale child kidnapping
       for prostitution and sacrifice, not to mention transplant organs,
       and, naturally, child pornography. Their every act has but one
       purpose: to hasten the day when their master rules the entire
       world. In pursuit of that abominable goal everything is
       permitted, nothing forbidden. So great is their power, so
       incredible their arrogance, that they carry out the most awful
       designs right in front of Us and brag about it -- if We know
       how to read the signs they so delight in posting. Our silence,
       our nonresponse to yet another act of surpassing evil is in
       their eyes both consent and further proof of our readiness for
       the slaughter. Under guise of a legitimate separation of
       Church and State, these people have also systematically
       destroyed this Nation's covenant with God, and have even
       gone so far as to formally commit this Nation, through
       Clinton's recent outrageous executive order, to "nature
       worship" as the official religion of the United States.
       Government officials have sex slaves, sometimes bought
       from their sexually abusive parents; these sex slaves, because
       of various traumas inflicted on their minds, are also perfect,
       secure couriers for the most sensitive information. The
       intelligence and law enforcement agencies, themselves
       hotbeds of black, forbidden practices, throw a protective
       shroud over all the unspeakable activities detailed above,
       which nonetheless are finally starting to be exposed to the
       righteous light of public fury. The government lies
       constantly, day in and day out. It directly employs tens of
       thousands of professional liars, liars billed under a variety of
       titles. The apparatus it uses to deceive and manipulate Us far
       eclipses anything conceived of by Hitler, Stalin, and Orwell
       combined. The Big Lie is reinforced through wholesale
       noninvestigation of major crimes and the deliberate
       suppression of evidence of those crimes, aided by witness
       intimidation and termination. In place of the real crooks, We
       are given patsies, often mind-controlled. Viewed from the
       perspective of The Preamble to the Constitution, the
       government has been, and remains, an utter and complete
       failure at its sworn Duties. Justice has been replaced with
       blatant injustice. Domestic tranquility has been systematically
       undermined and overthrown at every turn, resulting in what
       the government really wants -- chaos -- the excuse to act. The
       Common Defense has given way to succoring our enemies
       while they disarm Us and involving our troops in one foreign
       adventure after another, plus spending billions on high-tech
       weapons while neither properly training nor equipping the
       common soldier. Not much money in that. The General
       Welfare is consistently ignored in favor of the particular
       welfare of the privileged few. Finally, rather than Secure the
       Blessings of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity, the
       government has neglected no avenue whatsoever in an all-out
       effort to deprive the People of all their Liberties. The
       encroachment has been gradual, incremental; the trend is
       clear to All: Slavery! There is a war being waged against Us,
       and against Humankind; at stake is nothing less than the
       survival of the Nation, the survival of Earth, and the fate of our
       souls. We have slept too long, neglected our Responsibilities
       at all levels, and betrayed the Creator's Trust in Us and our
       once-proud Land, for which We are now reaping the
       whirlwind. Is it any wonder that our Nation lies in ruins, our
       enemies exult over us, the People starve, and We are bound
       in chains We helped forge? Let the cry therefore go forth; let it
       be heard across this Nation, and in all the Nations; let it ring
       through the ages with a power and purity undiminished by
       Time or Space; let it be heard, and justly feared, by those evil
       ones whose ceaseless machinations have practically
       destroyed this planet, those who would destroy Earth and Her
       Children could they but turn a profit in the doing. This Nation,
       and Earth Herself, will and shall be Free! Your day is done,
       your course is run. It is over, finished, never to be repeated.
       The bitter cup you have so freely given Us and for so long
       shall be yours to drink, and it shall be full and bitter indeed.
       May God forgive you. Let it be known to All that We the
       People hereby formally rescind, and declare null and void,
       any and all prior legal, diplomatic, or contractual agreements
       whatsoever regarding Us which were executed without our
       fully informed, explicit consent. We the People now formally
       reassert our Sovereignty and our God-given inalienable
       Rights. And We invite All who believe as We do to join Us in
       our Sacred Task. We do, therefore, most humbly beseech the
       Creator to bless Us, protect Us, and prosper Us in our
       long-postponed True Task. May We the People, chastened by
       our having missed the mark before, this time hit it, and in
       doing so, fulfill the Divine Plan. Amen.

                                        Author's Note

          Victor Hugo, the great French author said, "There is nothing
          more powerful than an idea whose time has come." To this I
             respond, "That idea is Freedom! The time is now!" That is
                           why I was inspired to write the Redeclaration of
             Independence, a document which obviously draws on the
          original Declaration of Independence, yet while also drawing
            on other great works of Liberty, explicitly details where We
                    the People ran aground, what We must do to fix this
                 debacle, and remorselessly catalogues what has been
               done, and is being done, to Us, thus making concrete in
             this document the Charges and Specifications against our
                oppressors, as opposed to those rostered in the original
            Declaration, these days matters of minor academic interest
           to most, save students, their teachers, and diligent patriots.
                     We tend to forget that the Bill of Particulars was not
             abstract to our Forebears, but was as real and onerous as
              the Redcoat quartered in your house, the stamp you paid
          through the nose for on every document, the crushing taxes
                 you paid for European wars, plus the fact that you and
              yours were going hungry, because the British had closed
           Boston Harbor. I sought to make our current plight every bit
                as real and concrete, to write it in such a way that every
          American could easily find something familiar and repellent,
           as well as encountering an array of new information, new at
          least to most, together with enough incorporated references
          to provide a substantial launch point for individual research.
                              There will eventually be some sort of detailed
               documentation file to accompany the main piece, but for
               now my objective is to get the principal concepts into the
                  mass consciousness as quickly as possible. Given the
           choice I would rather set off bombs in the consciousness of
           Americans, shatter their complacency, and wreck their idols
             than to let things so deteriorate that it becomes necessary
             to resort to warfare in the streets and buildings of our own
           neighborhoods. I therefore most earnestly solicit your aid in
           getting this vital information into as many hands as you can
             as fast as you can, for time is emphatically of the essence
             here. You are explicitly authorized to download, copy,
                        reproduce, fax, email, post or in any other way
           distribute or disseminate this file, with two provisos: 1)
            the entire file must be included, and 2) this work, in its
               entirety, is Copyright 1997 by me, John J. Kettler. As
           such, I explicitly reserve to myself or those whom I may
                  formally designate, any and all rights pertaining to
           commercial use. On behalf of All Who Love Liberty, my
          profound gratitude and thanks. Let Freedom Ring! John
                                                                             J. Kettler