Roberta Franklin's first impression of the Convention this year

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Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 7:50 PM
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I heard the convention went very well.  Patrick saw you, Roberta, on the TV news and we are both of proud of everyone who participated.  I look forward to seeing the printed articles in the newspapers and of course the photos of the convention and the march.
Wish I could have been there this year, but you all know that I am covered up with Patrick's case since the judge has decided to give us fits over this case of innocence. I have been working on some leads to get our story on Court TV's program "The Wrong Man" and maybe Nightline --- but nothing is confirmed yet.
Congratulations everyone!!!!
Love and Blessings,
Sherry Swiney
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Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 3:31 PM
Subject: convention 2004  

Words cannot express how much each of you mean to me. This has been a hard fight this past two years. Inmates are not a popular cause. I love you for understanding and respecting the rights of family members. We are in this together. 

We appreciate the officials and parole board members who now, take the time to come and answer questions for the relatives. That's all they want. Someone to validate their feelings. I love Ms. Dillard from the parole board. She is always so helpful and patient. 

I love Carla Crowder who seems to have a passion for the inmates and their families. I love Vicki and Pam and Tonya and Anita and Sherry who have been friends among friends. I could not have gone on many days without your love and prayers. 

As I stated at the convention, there would not have been a first one had it not been for Sherry Swiney. She did not know me from Adams housecat but she sent a check in the mail never knowing who she sent it to. When we met it was amazing. I have been through some things this year so I got a little frustrated and wanted to quit, but I don't know now what I am going to do. I do know this, whatever I do, you all will be the ones that I will always remember and love. You have been my strength when I could not go on and a few of you had your own battles. 

Vicki kept me in the news, Pam kept me in tears every time I thought of her baby being held at Holman for the rest of his life. I can't leave until I see him out here. 

I can't leave until Patrick is home with Sherry, I can't until Tadarius is back with Tonya and John is home with Anita, I can't leave until Vicki is allowed to see Mike and vindicated for the wrong they have done to her this 7 years. 

You see guys I may not call you every day or say much about your individual situations, but you are my friends and friends hurt when the other hurts. I am hurting and I will hurt until each of those things come to be. I will cry until Alabama stops the abuse and misuse of all the inmates in Alabama. 

Carla Crowder is a gem and I love her. You will notice that Alvin Been does not even mention FMI or any of us in his article. It is as if Alvin Holmes and senator roses sponsored the convention. That's okay, I bring it up to make a point that we need to support the Bham news. He looked me right in the eyes and walked by because I called him a racist son of a bitch on my show. He is and I will say it again this week. He only mentions me when I get arrested, falsely I might add. 

When you have an honest reporter like Carla we need to show that we appreciate her. We know that she cannot just focus on what we are doing all the time but we love her for helping get our message out. She is fair and that is what I love about her. Thank you Carla. She came and stayed all day at the convention, now when has the advertiser done that.  Well, that is enough mushy stuff for one day, I do have an image to keep. (smile) I love you all and I always will.