Rolando Blanco Update June 23, 2002

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From: Honorio Montanez
Sent: Monday, June 17, 2002 12:46 PM


The following is the information concerning Rolando, my co-defendant and is in need of  the assistance of Patrick Crusade to see if we can get the INS to take him in front of the immigration judge ASAP. Rolando arrived in this country at the age of seven (7) with his parents. Even though a resident he never became a citizen. He attended all his schooling in Miami, Florida and married and has a son. He has his mother, brother, son, friends and family that are awaiting for him.

Rolando Blanco and I ( Montanez ) with a gist of a trial were convicted in 1986 in the Circuit Court of Talladega County and we were sentenced to 40 years in the Alabama Prison System.  The sentences imposed required a 5-year mandatory term of imprisonment, however, we were held over 15 years. Montanez was released on August 27, 2001 after Patrick Crusade filed a
petition with over 200 signatures - sucessful_cases.htm

On February 5, 2002, Blanco was granted parole to the immigration, however, it was not until June 6, 2002 that Alabama released to INS. Now Rolando finds himself at the Clay County Jail in Green Cove Springs, Florida without any idea of what is going to happen or when, and he wrote to me to see if I can get some assistance to either speed-up the process to appear in front of the immigration judge so he could be released either on bond pending the hearing or that he'll be transfer to the INS Center in Miami where his
family and especially his mother could visit him. PLEASE HELP!

At the outset, this writer stated that with a gist of a trial we were convicted. Well, what can you say when three years after our conviction the judge testified during a hearing that, during our trial in june 1986, he became aware that the police had lied, but that he choose not to disclose this to the defense. To make matters worse, the district attorney became aware that a tape recorded conversation existed that would have forced the state to dismiss the charges, but he concealed(hid) from the defense. The only reason for the illegal detention is that Alabama claimed that the usurpation to the Constitution was not discovered within two (2) years!!

Thank You in advance for your assistance to this matter!!  For Justice I Fight, H. Montanez <>

If you would, please write a letter/note to Rolando to let him know that WE are him:

Rolando Blanco, 189847  G-2-29; P.O. Box 958, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043