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Speaking For All Victims
of Judicial Corruption
Cindy Jampel, synjam@mac.com

Cindy's letter below could speak for all of us who have been victimized by the corruption of our judicial system. The important question to ask is "What are we going TO DO about it?"  There IS an answer-- it's called J.A.I.L. -  Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (or in the non-initiative states like New Jersey, Judicial Accountability & Integrity Legislation.)

Cindy Jampel
PO Box 153
Berkeley Heights
New Jersey 07922

U.S. Department Of Justice
U.S. Attorney's Office 970
Suite 700
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Dear Honorable Christopher Christie,

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of individuals who have been involved and victimized by the New Jersey Court System. 

For the past few years, I as well as others, have been filing complaints to your office, basically being either ignored or placated, to find that nothing is being done by The U.S. Attorney's Office to address the allegations of gross misconduct and criminal activities, otherwise known as RICO. I was truly amazed to see the number of people attending the meeting last night. In addition to the attendees, several people could not  make the meeting, which indicates to me, that the number of effected people and their relatives is far greater than even you, or I, know about.

As a group of harmed litigants, we have now figured out the complicity and the program through which state offices have been conducting business. We have experienced the format of a "Wink and a Nod," organized crime's "greeting." We also know the agenda, the individuals that your office has targeted. It is a very clear process of weeding out the competition. When one has aspirations, the focus of the goal will create an unbounded direction.

What has become interesting about this ideology is that now the general  public sees through this transparent facade. It took us years, because  we wanted to believe in our government. We also know, that as much as we do still read newspapers, we have become educated in knowing and exchanging the TRUE facts, through chat rooms, forums, telephones, the Internet; but most importantly, any media but the one designed to force feed us the information that "New Jersey State Government" wants us to know.

It is time that the Government Offices wake up and smells the corruption, but more importantly, it's time to put and end to it, instead of just talking about it.

Cindy Jampel  synjam@mac.com

(We need a JAILer-In-Chief for New Jersey J.A.I.L.)

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