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10TV Exclusive: Second inmate hit by staph infection dies 
Eve Mueller  
News Reporter

     10TV Eyewitness News has learned that a second man who had recently been in the Ohio prison system has died, after contracting the same staph infection that has sickened dozens of inmates. 

     We don't know Clarence Melvin Grubb's exact cause of death yet, but we do know he did have a staph infection he'd contracted at Pickaway Correctional Institution. That's the same state prison in Orient where more than 80 inmates became ill, and one other died. 
     Grubb was a father of three, and Alice's husband of 18 years. 
     "I think it was because of this infection on his back," Alice Grubb said. "He was fine; there was nothing wrong with him." 
     Alice says her husband threw up overnight and by morning was struggling to breath. A few hours later, he was dead. 
     "I hold the prison, I hold the jail both accountable," Grubb said. "They should have given him proper medical help." 
     On May Second, Clarence Melvin Grubb talked to 10TV from the Franklin County Jail about the staph infection that had eaten four holes in his back. 
     "Next thing I know, blood was coming through my shirt," Grubb said back then. 
     He also criticized his care while at Pickaway Correctional Institution, where he contracted the bacterial infection. 
     "Medical attention is a joke, man," Grubb complained. 
     The Ohio Prison Department says Grubb received proper medical care. On April 11th, Grubb saw a nurse, got an antibiotic and received wound treatment. On April 18th, they say, Grubb returned for more treatment. And on April 23rd, Grubb didn't follow medical advice to see a nurse for a follow-up. 
     The next day, he was released from the prison and driven straight to the Franklin County Jail to face breaking and entering charges. 10TV is told he continued to get medical treatment until he was out on bond Monday. 
     "He got to spend three days with us before he passed," cried Brenda Smith, Grubb's sister. "He's going to be sadly missed, he really is." 
     Grubb's family says he had no known medical condition, except the staph infection. The Franklin County Coroner says an autopsy will be done Friday, and that's when we should know more about what killed him.