August 12, 2003 - by Joanne Mariner

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Subject: [patrickcrusade] Stopping Prison Rape By JOANNE MARINER

Until all methods of prison abuse end, the streets of society shall not be safer but indeed more dangerous.  Please see the linked article on one form of prison abuse that - through the diligence of activists across the country and around the world - is finally being noticed.  In Alabama, the DOC says that prison rape doesn't exist because they have only had 2-3 cases in the past few years...who are they kidding?
The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 - In theory, this sad state of affairs should not exist. The Supreme Court, in a landmark 1994 decision, stated unequivocally that allowing
rape to occur in prison violates the Constitution.

And then take a look at this:
Prison Bitch - prisoners in Alabama and probably most other prisons in this country, may not be able to receive wholesome catalogs on topics such as gardening and building fish ponds, but they can easily receive porno magazines by the ton.  The article above explains much to the uninitiated. 

Sherry Swiney
It is the inability to experience the suffering of another human being as one's own, that allows gross suffering to continue on planet earth