Kitchen Conditions at St. Clair

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Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 8:01 PM
Subject: Kitchen Conditions at St. Clair

Kitchen Conditions at St. Clair According to a report filed by Moore and Associates, here's the kitchen conditions at St. Clair:

The food service area was found to be clean and orderly. A first aid kit was present but poorly stocked. There were signs in the inmate bathrooms to remind inmates of hand washing. All external thermometer for the cooler and freezers were not operational but internal thermometers appeared to be accurate. 

On the first day of the audit, a hole above the freezer door was noted. The hole had been occluded with plastic and paper to prevent cold air escape and condensation from forming. The deputy warden attempted repair of this area with soap on the second day of the audit. The hole will prevent temperatures from being maintained and may cause bacterial comtamination of the food. It is recommended that a work order be completed for this repair.

An ice machine, a dishwasher and a steamer were reported to be  on-functional. Work orders should be submitted by the DOC for these repairs. 

An inspection of the kitchen indicated that there were no soap or towels at the inmate bathroom.

Roaches were found in the dietary classroom. 

One inmate was observed placing a food product into a container that was on the floor. This container was then picked up and placed on the serving line and inmates were served from this container. Jell-O in one of the coolers was found uncovered and undated.