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Last Monday I went to Galveston for a check up with the surgeons and we talked about the pain I am having in my arm.  I told them the morphine I was on for this pain was not doing any good at all.  I also told them about the work I do for 8 hours a day.  I was told that I would have problems with this arm for the rest of my life because of the lymph nodes being removed and the radiation to this side.  So he ordered for me to be a 4 hour worker.  I could have gotten medically unassigned which means I wouldn't have to work at all but I told them I was at the end of getting my OJT and didn't want to quit.  It was also ordered that I be taken off the morphine and put  on Tylenol 3.  And ordered for me to go to brace and limb to have my upper arm fitted for some type of sleeve which is supposed
to reduce any swelling.  I guess...decompression.  well, I get back from the hospital and no one reviewed my chart until Friday.  
I had to drop a sick call request.  I get my pass to go and I get Mr. Mayer PA who is only a physician assistent.  I believe he is holding  a grudge with me because of the glasses ordeal.  I heard he got in trouble because he gave the ok for glasses to be sent in and he was not authorized to do so.  Anyway, he told me I was scheduled for brace and limb for this sleeve and that the 4 hours and the tylenal 3 wasn't happening because 'a lot of people have had their lymph nodes removed'. So I told him I would have my people on the phone.  He said he didn't care.  I told him 'obviously so'.  But what I don't understand is how he feels he can override a doctor, a specialist when he's not even a doctor, but a physician assistant!  And I went to my cancer support group yesterday and I shared with them what I told you and Ms. Campbell who is a volunteer and member of the American Cancer Society (a councilor rather) said that Mr. Mayer doesn't know what he is talking about because if I continue to work this arm, I'm at risk of getting lymphedema which is a grotesque swelling of the arm  and the discomfort and pain I'm having now is how it starts.  That it takes several years for the radiation to get completely out of your body.  She gave us these booklets on it and she told me to bring it to Mr. Mayer to read.  The ACS wrote it.  So, I did not get the order that the doctor at Galveston prescribed and I can't go on like this.  I'm putting myself at risk.  I got a good chewing out from my peers.  They all do not work and wanted to know why I was even working such jobs as the kitchen.  
I am also being worked outside of my other restriction.  No repetitive use of the hand which I have because Galveston removed a cyst from my hand.  The right hand.  But  I don't complain because I'm doing it to better myself.  I'm picking up a trade.  But they are going to have to meet me half way and take this into consideration.  I don't have to work but I choose to and they need workers because  the majority of the people here can't work.  So they need me in a small way.  I work and it helps us both.  But I need the restriction the doctor gave me to be a 4 hour worker because 8 is too strenuous for my arm and I need something for the pain or honor my no repetitve use of the hand restriction the way it's supposed to be.  
Tiffany Brown 620484
Carol Young Medical
Rt 4 Box 1174
Dickinson Tx 77539
Ms. Brown's posting has been sent to the Jeff Dicks Medical Coalition.  We are also calling Warden DeLeon and reporting Mr. Mayer.  Anyone wishing to send a letter on Tiffanys behalf my send it to Warden DeLeon at the address above.  Thank you.

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