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Recent TCJC Survey Generates Surprising Results - June 20, 2006 - The response rate to TCJC's sunset review survey was incredible. Thank you! At 4000 plus respondents, we reached 300% above our target response goal. You sent a clear message about your views of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's (TDCJ) performance. The report was due June 19, 2006 and because of your timely participation we were among a handful of resource groups who were able to submit analysis and direct input from the public.

LPNET: A PHONE CALL FROM LEONARD PELTIER - August 26, 2005 - He's back in general population at his new prison in Lewisburg, PA.  He sounded really great and says he's 
much happier at Lewisburg than he was at Terre Haute.  People have been sending letters of concern for Leonard to the Lewisburg Prison and he says there's NO LONGER any need for such letters to the Prison, where they're treating him well, though he still loves receiving personal letters from each of us.  He says instead of  writing letters to the prison, we should all turn our attention to the Courts, and write (always FRIENDLY) letters on Leonard's behalf to the addresses lawyer Barry  Bachrach & LPDC head Russell Redner supply in their messages and on the LPDC website:

RECORDS SHOW SURGE IN SEXUAL ATTACKS IN PRISONS - January 24, 2005 - Sexual assaults in state prisons are up sharply, with hundreds of inmates reporting that they were attacked by cellmates or corrections officers.  The number of reported sexual assaults in Texas prisons has increased 160 percent, to 609 in 2004 from 234 in 2000, according to state records.  At least 129 Texas prisoners have alleged that they were raped or had sexual contact with corrections officers since 2000, the records show. Claims of inmate-on-inmate rape was even more frequent.

TEXAS PRISON RAPES INCREASE - January 24, 2005 - The number of reported sexual assaults in Texas prisons increased 160 percent since 2000, but officials disagree on why, The Dallas Morning News reports.  State prison officials say they are more vigilant today and inmates feel more comfortable reporting the crime, but an attorney for two inmates suing the system said Texas has the worst problem in the nation.

PRISON LIFE GOES ON DISPLAY - September 18, 2004 - The photographs were a shock.  Not in their composition -- they showed a stark and tedious
daily prison life -- but in the fact that they existed at all. No prisoner would ever be allowed to keep a camera, prison officials say.

New testimony in (another) sleeping-lawyer case [George McFarland] - August 16, 2003 - Sentenced to death following a trial where his lawyer slept and prosecutors presented not a piece of physical evidence, George McFarland returned to a Harris County courtroom Friday seeking a new trial

JUSTICE IN A SMALL TOWN - April 7, 2003 - After three years, lawyers' tenacity may pay off for Tulia defendants.  It took a dozen lawyers, hundreds of hours of legal research and more than $1 million in donated legal fees. But last week a cadre of Texas, New York and Washington, D.C., criminal defense lawyers -- all working pro bono -- walked away from the Swisher County Courthouse confident that they had extracted a bit of justice for a group of 38 defendants from the small Texas panhandle town of Tulia.

HPD appetite for evidence assailed - Overconsumption often left little or nothing for DNA retesting - April 7, 2003

DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP - Ohio's Operation Mad Pad - Operation Wipeout Texas Style - Florida's Operation Wipeout (concluded) -  March 29, 2003 - U.S. has 5 percent of the world's population - but 25 percent of the world's prison population.  We must think ahead to see where this is all leading and the tremendous burden that three million or so dirty, diseased, and neglected prisoners will be on us later...

URGENT TOILET PAPER SITUATION - March 21, 2003 - With the state of Texas facing a $9.9 billion budget shortfall, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has been forced to undertake a number of cuts in many areas.  The 1st of those cuts have hit home for the inmate population, as inmates now are being supplied with a roll of toilet paper once every 2 weeks as opposed to 1 roll per week.

Pepper Spray Kills - Thursday, March 07, 2002 - The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office has classified the death of a man who died shortly after being arrested by Baytown police as a homicide.

DALLAS CASE RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT PLEAS - February 20, 2003 - Justice system broken - "Out of prison at last, but not quite free - DA wants man's rape conviction reinstated; accuser has recanted," Saturday front page.  Ronnie Tuley is innocent. He was jerked around from day one. He took the advice of his attorney (who he paid good money to, by the way) to plead guilty and take probation. "This is your best deal," he was told. What else is a normal, working-class person supposed to do? He took the advice of his lawyer. He had no more money for another attorney or another jury trial. The system has let this guy down. The normal person doesn't have a chance anymore.  Give it up, DA! If this changes the system, good! The system could use a few reviews.  Jeani Cero, Dallas

American Correctional Association in Texas: Abuse and Profiteering Put Accreditation Under Scrutiny - February 19, 2003 -  With the American Correctional Association's conference in Texas fast approaching, a common question comes up among people concerned about the rapid rates of incarceration, criminalization and the growing body of evidence suggesting disparities in the justice system: "what is the ACA, and why should it matter to Texas, or me?"

LOOKING BEHIND THE BUSHES - October 16, 2002 - Little noted or little remembered moments in the life of George Bush Sr., his family, and his pals

Death row inmates not given mental rehab - 01/13/02 - The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers help to mentally retarded prisoners - but not the ones who live on death row.

Texas prison report sent to judge - 12/04/2001 - Inmates in solitary not yet mentally evaluated, but changes are under way.

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Concern grows over use of flawed evidence  - May 13, 2001 Chemist's case raises fears of problem's scope.  In reality, the science is only as good as the scientist or the analyst. And there's growing concern that criminal defendants have been convicted because of flawed evidence or testimony.