A Travel advisory is in effect until further notice:

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Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 7:49 AM
Subject: Re: Patrick's case dismissed & travel advisory

My gratitude to Candy for her unrelenting dedication to helping Patrick see his freedom (see below). 
My gratitude to everyone else who wishes him well and who wishes his freedom to come soon.  My gratitude to Cindi for her continued dedication in working to bring attention to Patrick's case to the White House and the Alabama Governor for compassionate release based on his health condition. 
My gratitude to Karen for building a special website explaining Patrick's case and the setup from a human interest point of view http://torley.org/Patrick-Swiney/Patrick-Swiney/.
My gratitude to anyone who decides to jump in to work toward bringing about his freedom in whatever way comes to you.
If anyone wants to read the court's order that dismisses this case, please visit http://www.patrickswiney.com/HCDismissed07-31-06.pdf
There, if you are up to date on this case, you will see abuse of authority, extreme bias, and judicial reasoning that is unreasonable at best and criminal at worst.  Hello Alabama the Beautiful!
None of the evidence of innocence in this case received judicial consideration.  If you want to see the evidence of innocence please visit http://www.patrickswiney.com/2254.html and click on the Exhibits attached to the 2254.
Indeed, Patrick will see his freedom because he IS innocent.  If we cannot rely upon the courts to be honest and forthright, then his freedom shall come from another source - but it will come to him (to us).
Meanwhile, A Travel advisory is in effect until further notice:  Alabama is a dangerous place to visit. Your life and freedom are at stake if you enter the boundaries of the State of Alabama.  You will be arrested and imprisoned for nothing at all.  Once in prison you will not be able to get out no matter how innocent you are.  You are advised to stay away from the State of Alabama if you value your freedom.  Please feel free to pass this message to all of your groups and friends in the USA and overseas.  The public needs to know.
Sherry Swiney
Wed Aug 2, 2006 1:48 am
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Re: Patrick's case dismissed


You already know how I feel about this case and the USDC's dismissal
of Patrick's petition but I want to say publicly that this case is
not over. Though our hearts go out to Patrick, they also go out to
you and our prayers are with BOTH of you.

We WILL win Patrick's freedom because he is innocent. If we have to
rattle every courtroom and every legislative office door in this
country then that's what we'll do.


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Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 8:50 PM
Subject:  Patrick's case dismissed

The court dismissed Patrick's case yesterday.
I gave Patrick the news tonight and he took it hard saying, "Looks like that's the end of it."  Then he sighed and said, "Oh well."  Poor dear.  I did my best to assure him we would do everything possible and not to give up hope and that when it's a case of actual innocence it's never over until he is free. 
Your prayers for his freedom are requested.
Sherry Swiney
P.S. Our 10th anniversary is coming up August 19th.  If you would like to send Patrick a card or note of encouragement, here is his address.
Patrick Swiney
154406 G-79
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023