Understanding the Dimensions
First Dimension - the realm of pure minerals as containers for consciousness, but devoid of their own consciousness and self-awareness

Second Dimension - lower astral planes on which the consciousnesses perceive themselves as all that exists, are oblivious to spirit, devoid of souls, and totally self-absorbed; also the realm of certain types of elementals that have no consciousness of their own other than is directed by some controlling force; also contains underworld aspect of what is call the bardos in Buddhism, also known as the Hell realms; realms of all plant species

Third Dimension - physical world and corresponding astral planes; anchored in a linear time - and space-based reality. Anything in this 
realm exists at a maximum of 9000 vibrations per second. This is the realm in which human consciousness lives

Fourth Dimension - beings retain consciousness as feelings and thoughts based on feelings. This dimension contains both dark and light polarities. The light realms are made up of "Cities of Light" and those who have reached a vibrational frequency of between 9000 and 
12,000 vibrations per second. The consciousness here is the first stage of Christ consciousness following ascension. Many guides, angels and Ascended Masters impulse the third-dimensional humans who are receptive and available for spiritual growth and evolution. Humans are also impulsed by the dark astral counterpart that exists in this dimension. The dark ones are able to match the lower-vibrational frequency of negative thoughts, vices, repressed emotions, and unhealed or denied shadow sides of humans - and are able to pull them into the dark side and then control them and feed off their pain, fear, and other dense energies. As humans develop higher-vibrational qualities of being, thinking, feeling and doing, as well as transcend the karmic tendencies of their own shadow sides, they are magnetized into the fourth-dimensional light impulses and pull free from the dark control and parasitic beings. The dark polarity of this realm is also one of the places where nightmares and astral abuse take place

Fifth Dimension - this dimension also has dark and light polarities. Beings retain their etheric forms from the third and fourth dimensions combined, but the refinements and freedom to alter these forms at will. The light aspect of this realm contains most of the personal guides to humans, serving angels, many of the Ascended Masters and members of the Great White Brotherhood, initiates schools of the intermediate level, the karmic board, Overlighting Devas, and guardian angels. From this dimension and up it is impossible to talk in terms of vibrations per second because it is beyond time and space limitations through interfacing with time and space reality at will. This is also the dimension of actualized Christ and Buddha consciousness immediately after the completion of incarnation, ascension and transition through the Cities of Light in the fourth dimension. Flying dreams, as well as dreams of healing, higher experiences, and teachings occur in this dimension. This is the dimensional, causal plane relative to humans manifesting and creating in the lower-dimensional worlds during dreamtime. In other words, it is where humans dream their lives into time and space reality, and then wake up and live out their dreams. Higher consciousness, lucid dreaming and white magic happen here. The dark polarity consists of the powerful dark lords of black magic and control. There are dark angels, masters, sorcerers, and rulers of the lower astral planes and underworlds in this realm. If a person develops great psychic powers, and mind control without developing the heart and spiritual integrity, this is where they are ruled by and go during sleep and after leaving their human lives.

Sixth Dimension - this is the realm of the Higher Council, the archangels who interface with Earth, the Council of the Elders, and the beginning of collective consciousness. From this level on up, the dimensions are exclusively of the Light. The collective consciousness 
in this realm is that of souls split apart. In other words, if your soul, after being on Earth in one body, decided to split into two or more parts, whether the decision was based on pain or desire for diversity of experience, at the sixth-dimensional level all parts would share the same Higher Self until rejoined in one body again. This is the realm from which the Higher Self communicates with us and connects with us on a soul and spirit level. Beings on this level can choose to project human-like forms if it serves a purpose, but they actually exist in pure geometric forms which are characteristic of this dimension. This is the realm of Sacred Geometry. In Creation, this is the stage at which thought, color and sound take on geometric form and numerological significance. When beings on this level wish to communicate with one another, they simply blend their energy fields and consciousnesses. There is a unique grid that is formed by this blending and both beings experience the essential nature of the other mainly by virtue of comparison and what the other has to offer. There is a sense of knowing the other without actually feeling as though you have become the other. Melchizedek consciousness exists on this dimension

Seventh Dimension - the realm of divine sound and harmonics. All beings of this level exist as expressions of essence through the harmonics of sound, individually and collectively. Form can no longer be projected directly without down stepping dimensionally. Patterns are formed by the sound but are nebulous flows of color and movement. Varying spiral patterns are the only describable forms to be found. When beings on this level wish to communicate with one another they simply combine their sounds, blend colors and create new patterns. From this experience, both consciousnesses are energized and fully comprehend one another. There is also a greater understanding, which comes from the principle of, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." It is the next level of collective consciousness, but this time with other souls as well as different parts of your own. Beings on this level literally hold the key to translating all experience and consciousness into pure sound, carrying frequency and creating flow patterns. These sound frequencies make up the only common language from the seventh dimension down. This is the realm of pure Melchizedek consciousness, as the fifth is of Christ consciousness. Members of the same soul family origins have the ability to experience themselves as the same being on this dimension while maintaining the capacity for individuation

Eighth Dimension - pure color and flow patterns are trademarks of this realm. Beings on this dimension exist as self-aware consciousnesses emanating color, light and movement. When communicating with one another, it is more of a synergistic experience during which neither being can tell the difference in itself and the other. Great love of union and communion takes place here. Because of the absence of sounds as an individual _expression on this realm, it is also the realm of the VOID, which in its true purpose is a place to experience one's wholeness and uniqueness as pure essence and consciousness. When fear is absent, this will be the place of solace and deep rest.

Ninth Dimension - Source point of the Laooesh Shekinah, the Sacred Pillar of Fire, or Pillar of Light. It is the last dimension on which 
a Light Being has the capacity to experience consciousness separate from the entire over-soul collective consciousness at will. The only 
form here is that of the pillar, or parallel strands of very refined light. Everything looks like pure crystalline white light and yet is prismatic, emanating colors to the eighth dimension. This is the dimension of Metatron consciousness. When I was given an experience of this realm once, the only things I could still differentiate from myself was etheric crystals. I had a collection of quartz crystals on the table in the room where my body was when the experience took place. I was suddenly aware that I could still perceive the crystals as separate from me, although the furniture and people in the room had blended into my consciousness completely. I was told that this is as far as a human consciousness can go dimensionally without the body being vaporized.

Tenth Dimension - All I have been told of this dimension is that members of the original over-soul families experience themselves as merged completely into one consciousness and are no longer aware of their individuation at all. Beyond this point I have been shown and told nothing except that the thirteenth dimension is the place of completion and Oneness in which the self is absorbed into All That Is and knows nothing of separation. Channeled material received through Amorah Quan Yin visit her site at www.amorahquanyin.com Blessing and Love I am mshekinah

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