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Subject: [drinlove] Unfair punishment for Death Row

 This is something that we should all be concerned about.  These men's  rights are being violated.  Attorney visit's is one thing that none  of these men can afford to be denied. Please let's consider a phone  Marathon at the Indiana State Prison. The prison is simply trying to  buy time at the expense of these men to cover up their neglect.  We  cannot allow them this mistake.
Lisa C.

 Indianapolis star news

 Unfair punishment for Death Row inmates

 November 16, 2002

 On Oct. 27, Death Row inmate Jerry Thompson was fatally stabbed by  fellow prisoners. Since then, the prison has implemented punishment  measures. These have been imposed on the entire Death Row population, even those who clearly had nothing to do with the stabbing.

 They include lowering food rations as a form of punishment, denying religious counsel, disallowing contact with lawyers, suspending all family visitation and confinement to cells 24 hours a day.

 On Nov. 7, some Death Row prisoners started a hunger strike to protest these measures. The strike will continue until punishment is lifted from innocent people.

 Christopher M. Stevens

 Indiana State Prison

 Michigan City