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Ex-Cop gets put in lockup for exposing corruption.still trying to help the
public and look at the price he is paying! Political Prisoners in the USA? - yes!

.and in the beginning, there was



Article by Patrick Swiney

June 11, 1998

Copyright June 1998

A widely published article at


Chief Federal District Judge Charles R. Butler in Mobile, Alabama didn't like it - called it a "threatening letter to a judge" - he then called the US Marshal's office, abused his authority and ordered them call the state prison to order them to put Patrick Swiney in lockup with a gag-order, pending a federal investigation.

Deputy Warden Jerry Farrell gladly obeyed the order from the US Marshal's office and threw Patrick Swiney, knowing that he is a heart patient, in the hot box during Alabama's hottest and most deadly summer in 75 years.

The Governor's office referred to Patrick as a threat to the entire US Judicial System and National Security, and they were willing to let him die for this.


What follows are the actions and reactions to Patrick's expression of his First Amendment rights, as concerned citizens tried to piece the facts together.

The story is not yet over. If you can help, or have any ideas of how Patrick can be helped, please notify his wife, Taoss.



Farrell's only comment to everyone in population was something like, "It's federal." That bull! It's the article Patrick wrote about conditions at Holman that got Jerry Farrell angry. Warden Charlie Jones is not at the prison today. Deputy Warden Jerry Farrell is taking advantage of this because Farrell's corruption is mentioned in Patrick's article .ACT NOW PLEASE!!!

Patrick will die in lockup. We need to get him out right NOW NOW NOW!!!!

Please help me save my husband's life!!!!

Call and fax (send me your phone bill but call now and keep calling until Patrick is released from lockup).

Holman Prison 334/368-8172

Department of Corrections 334/353-3870

Taoss (Sherry Swiney)


I found out it is the Federal Marshal who is responsible for Patrick's lockup.

Call Southern Marshal Division 334/690-2841 talk to Bill Waggoner.

Tell him this is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Patrick will die in lockup, no matter their reason for thinking an investigation is necessary. Call now.

I'll pay for all the calls but please call!



Will do, let's get him out of lockup and at the least get him transferred away from these abusers, Jerry Farrell and marshals will only continue to cause you husband more harm as your husband and you continue to fight their various abuses.

I'll use my own letterhead and address it to the US Attorney General, asking for an investigation of the case and of Farrell and Southern US Marshals and cc: Farrell & marshals. In my years of experience in dealing with these nazis, investigations from even bigger nazis is about all they fear. At the least, they'll worry someone with prosecutorial authority is looking over their shoulders and will hopefully restrain their abusiveness.

Patrick Crusaders:

My name is Jane Doe and I just subscribed to this list earlier in the week.

This technique described above is similar to how I got my own common law husband out of prison (he had committed no crime, but was fighting the illegal legal system). Unfortunately, it was too late for him because they gave him a lobotomy while he was incarcerated.

Although I never saw him again after they put him in prison, they said in court papers that he had a brain tumor and that they could do whatever was necessary. Later, court papers after secret hearings were held said he was incompetent. I can only suspect they put him in some state mental facility.

This story's in my book "Abolishing Lawyer Tyranny" available at www.amazon.com Also, I have a video available "Beasts & Freexs, Part 1" Battle Lines which is about the prison/industrial complex and US political prisoners (I'm sending Taoss a copy). This video is not copyrighted, and though my publishers copyrighted my book, we give permission to quote from it.

I have a few more copies of my video that I can give away. They cost me about $10 a piece to make, so if you want a copy and can afford it, that even better. Just send me your details.

Attached is a petition with a letter and a citizen's report that I urge any of you to use in an action. The letter asks the International Court to declare that the United States of America's (USA) entire judicial system is a systemic violation of basic human rights standards for the judiciary. When I ask people to sign the petition, I tell them they are more than welcome to use an alias.

I think too much we fight in a defensive mode in our battles for fairness and justice. We're also constantly attacking the tail of this illegal legal prison/industrial system which are the police, the jail and prison wardens, etc. We need to go on the offensive and we need to attack the head just as strongly. Both must be fought, both must be conquered. The head is the lawyers and judges who are making policy and carrying it out. Together, the head & tail of our judicial system criminalizes whole communities while many of them, the lawyers, judges, policemen, guards, warden etc., commit crimes daily, with absolute impunity. Meanwhile, they have their lives while their livelihoods are the blood of other people.

The snoozing, hypnotized average American tries to tell me that our case is an exception, that our judicial system works. They are wrong. Our case is not anecdotal nor an exception to the rule, it is archetypal.

The US justice system does not now, nor has it ever, worked. I know from my experience that the righteous are punished, sometimes through prison sentences, while the real criminals not only go free, but stay in power.

We are the frontline Warriors for Justice, and we must have no fear of this beast. We cannot make too loud a noise, ever. We can only not make enough of a noise.

Yours in the Battle,

Jane Doe

Author, Abolishing Lawyer Tyranny

Founder, Just Cause for Legal Revolution

Dear Sherry ~ I called Waggoner, spoke to an assistant, and also left a vice mail message for Waggoner.imploring him to investigate immediately - that this is a medical emergency, a matter of life and death. I will continue to all. And I will stay in prayer!

May God have mercy on Patrick and you!!


Kay Johnson

I also called Waggoner. The person who put me on Waggoner's message line said, "He's not in his office." I left a message.

Wonder if he's avoiding calls like they all do when it gets sticky.


Dear Taoss:

I called the number below earlier this afternoon, but was told by some "assistant" that Bill Waggoner wasn't in, but that I could leave a message on his voice mail. I did leave a message on his voice mal and will try to call again tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Patrick during this crisis.


I called just now, spoke to Lt. Hall. Didn't exactly know what to say, but I told him I was a friend of his wife, and also very concerned for his very life, considering the heat, his age and his heart. I expressed my worry for him surviving the weekend. Lt. Hall said Warden was gone until Monday morning (like that absolves anything). I said I was not the only one who was watching and concerned. I told him people all over the country were worried about this right now, and that many many people would know if anything happened to Mr. Swiney between now and Monday. I told him I was in Texas, so I knew just how hot it was in Alabama. He said they were keeping a close eye on Mr. Swiney's condition "back der".

dey Better!


Hi Sherry,

I just got home a bit ago and found your messages. When I called, first I got a busy signal an then no answer and no switchover to a voice mail. Do you know the hours there? Will someone be there tomorrow?

Holding Patrick and you in the light,

Jackie F.


This is a good idea that KayLee has. Ron Paul is a man of action. I'm going to fax him (in case his e-mail is on auto-response).

Ron Paul fax: 202-226-4871

Also, I just received the fax for the US Marshal's office:

Fax 334-694-4285

If any of these faxes stop working it's because they ran out of paper.give it a bit, or call asking them to replenish the paper in their fax machine.

I love you all for the way you are helping. You are right, Kay Lee, this could turn into a huge media event. I've just been informed by the night Duty Officer at the US Marshal's office that his supervisor warned him that he might receive a few calls tonight about Patrick.

The man's name is Deputy Vernon Johnson and sounds like he honestly doesn't know anything about anything. I asked him to tell me what federal judge issued an order to put Patrick into lockup. He doesn't know. I asked him if the US Marshal ever works independently. He confirmed that they never do. They must have an order from the court whether federal or state.

I asked him if the US Marshal then works on both state and federal. He said that depends on the circumstance, so he didn't know about Patrick. I told him Patrick is in a state prison. He was baffled. I asked him if Patrick is being charged with a federal crime. He didn't know. I told him this was a medical emergency, explaining Patrick's health condition. He sad I couldn't find out anything until Monday.

I said, "Then what will you do if he's dead because no one kept him safe in the heat of the day, after I've told you he is a heart patient?" He referred me to his supervisor who will be in Monday. I strongly requested that he call his supervisor (a woman) and tell her about Patrick's health condition so that she can order the Warden Jones to put him in a safe place during the hat of the day.

He said he would tell her everything I said to him. I told him that the US Marshal's office and the Governor's office have been notified that this is a medical emergency and that if they allow Patrick to die, I will see them in court on a wrongful death charge.

Deputy Vernon Johnson may be reached by his beeper at 334-441-3567. He will call you back.

Tomorrow I will start calling everywhere again. I hope you do too. Rick, I appreciate what you are saying about telephone bills, and thank you very much for this. I am asking people to continue to make these calls, and I know most of them are long distance. If it gets to be too much on anyone's pocketbook, PLEASE I BEG YOU, let me know.just don't stop calling.



The US Marshal's office says he will stay in lockup until the investigation is complete. We need to get him out of lockup. If the feds wish to investigate, that can be done without him being in lockup and in danger of being killed.

The federal judge ordered him locked up when he is already in prison! Warden Jones took this as an opportunity to hurt Patrick.he's been itching for an excuse, and the Judge just gave him one.

From: Charlotte DeMoss liberty@gorge.net

To: taoss taoss@worldnet.att.net; PATRICK Mailing List patrickcrusade@yahoogroups.com


Dear Taoss and all:

I am of the opinion that maybe you should contact a civil rights attorney? It appears, that he is going to stay in lockup until the Federal Investigation is over with?

As Ever, Lady Liberty Charlotte

-------sorry for your sadness---------


I've had requests to put all the phone numbers and faxes that will do the most good into one place, so here is the list. Thank you so much for your undying support. We just might be able to save Patrick's life this way - by persistence. Rick, I like your letter to the warden.powerful.we need more to all these people below - fax because there's no time to write snail mail.call too.even if they hang up on you, call.report what they say and how you are treated. I'm documenting all of it.

  1. Southern Division US Marshal's office:

  2. Bill Waggoner, Deputy Marshal
    Robert Moore, US Marshall
    Tel: 334-690-2841
    Fax: 334-694-4285
    Beeper: 334-441-3567
  3. Governor's office:

  4. Ms. Kay Woods, handles prison issues for the governor
    Tel: 334-353-3870
    Fax: 334-353-3891
  5. Holman prison office:

  6. Charlie Jones, Warden
    Jerry Farrell, Deputy Warden
    Tel: 334-368-8173
    Fax: 334-368-1095
  7. Ron Paul, Representative

  8. Tel: 202-225-2831
    Fax: 202-226-4871
    Email: rep.paul@mail.house.gov

Dear Taoss:

Just an idea I have the name of Gerry Spence one of the finest attorneys in the country. You probably heard of him, he has taken many cases that were serious. He was one of the attorneys on the Waco case.

His number is 307-733-7290

His Address is:

Gerry Spence

14 South Jackson Street

P.O. Box 548

Jackson, Wyoming 83001

He may know someone who can help?

As Ever, Lady Liberty Charlotte DeMoss

This is a copy of the faxes I sent tonight to the following list of people concerning the situation of Patrick Swiney )see previous post).

Please follow my lead and send faxes to these people as well. The fax numbers are:

Warden Jones at Holman Prison 334-368-1095

Governor's office, Ms. Kay Woods 334-353-3891

US Marshal's office, US Marshal Robert Moore and Deputy US Marshal Bill Waggoner 334-694-4285

Ron Paul, Representative 202-226-4871

This is an urgent request from a group of citizens concerned with not only the safety of Patrick Swiney at Holman prison but with the apparent desire of Holman officials and the US Marshal's office to make sure that the public doesn't know what's happening inside those walls.

The public has a right to have our questions answered and our concerns addressed. The recent news regarding treatment of prisoners at Cocoran in California should make it blatantly obvious to the warden and other officials at Holman prison in Atmore, Alabama that the public is not going to stand by silently and let people be injured and killed! We certainly will not be appeased with answers like, "I can't give out that information".

We have been brushed aside long enough by people who are paid by our tax money to do the job we expect them to do. For a state or federal government employee to say that they cannot give out information to the public is in direct violation of the Freedom of the Press.

Patrick Swiney is ill and his condition cannot tolerate being placed in a segregation cell! He must be removed immediately to a safe place, a place where his medical and nutritional needs will be met. We believe that Patrick Swiney is being targeted for exercising his First Amendment rights. Mr. Swiney is not a threat to anyone.

We ask for immediate action by each and every recipient of this notice to insure the safety and health of Patrick Swiney. We will be watching this case and will assist Mrs. Swiney in implementing a wrongful death or willful endangerment suit if the need arises.

Writing for the November Coalition

Candyce J. Hawk

Regional Leader

Dear Taoss:

It's my opinion that you need to contact a lawyer and have a Writ of Mandamus filed so he can e released immediately due to his heart condition.

I feel that asking the Governor to release him to go home due to his health. The Governor could grant clemency.

In my heart something good will come from this, for sure. Patrick for sometime has said he is innocent and these people should give him that opportunity.

As Ever, Lady Liberty Charlotte


TO: Warden Charlie Jones

Fax: 334-368-1095 Tel: 334-369-8173

Number of pages including this page: 2

FROM: Sherry L. Swiney

DATE: TIME: 6/27/98 4:24 AM


Dear Warden Jones:

I spoke to you yesterday (6/26/98) about Patrick Swiney's health condition, after you promised Ms. Woods at the Governor's office that you would ensure that he is well taken care of. I want you to know that your words to me were right the opposite of the words you spoke to Ms. Woods.

So, I informed Ms. Woods that you told me you will treat Patrick like you treat any other prisoner, that you didn't care about the alleged threatening letter to the judge, which is the stated reason for putting Patrick into lockup, and that you felt Patrick was getting what he deserved. Does he deserve to die for writing the truth that you and others in high places in Alabama don't like?

I also told everyone that you chastised me, saying, "Patrick is always writing letters and I'm always putting letters on the Internet, and they are all lies." Is this sufficient reason to kill my husband?

Ms. Woods told me you acknowledged full awareness of Patrick's extremely poor health condition, and you also acknowledged this to me. Now the whole world knows that you are fully aware that Patrick is a heart patient. Is this why you continue to have him run out into the hot Alabama sun against written doctor's orders?

Is this why you continue to refuse him the written doctor's for proper diet conducive to helping a heart patient survive?

Is this why you removed me from my husband's telephone list 10 months ago and refuse to put me back on his list?

And is this why you removed Patrick's legal consultant and chief investigator for his criminal case from his telephone list?

What are you afraid of? Why is it so important to you to continually harass my husband and I? Is it because you know Patrick is a heart patient and how dangerous stress is to a heart patient? Are you trying to kill him so's no one would notice? That's what your actions say loud and clear.

And that's what they've been saying for the years I've been working on this case WITH my husband!

The Governor's office and Governor Fob James know Patrick's case and his health condition very well. They too do as you do which is preventing justice to come to us. They do it by ignoring us as though we are not human beings and do not exist. You do it by working hard to stress Patrick. That's the way in "Alabama the Beautiful". But that is NOT the "American" way.

You, Warden Jones, have violated Patrick's US Constitutional rights one too many times. You have also violated my rights one too many times, and I am not in your care.

When I call you, there is no response. When I call your underlings, they tell me they must follow their boss's orders so they cannot talk to me and give me information that - as a wife - I have a right to have. When we call them into court, your underlings must tell the truth and that is what they will have to say: that they were only following your orders to keep me from knowing what is happening with my husband's life.

The Department of Corrections personnel go so far as to hang up on Patrick's mother when she calls to find out why Patrick is being persecuted and punished. It is a network of violations by all of you and this must stop.

Do you wish to consider that this communications to you is a so-called "threat: to the Warden? I dare say it is not a threat of any kind, just the truth, revealing your previous actions toward Patrick Swiney and toward me. Will you retaliate against Patrick because of this communication as you've done with my previous communications? Not without being charged with intent to harm and/or murder because this time, thousands of people across the country and internationally know what you have done in the past and they are watching to see what you do now.

You are fully aware that Patrick cannot survive in lockup because of his heart condition. If you have orders from the US Marshal to separate him, then do that but keep him out of seg where you know he will die. It is your job and your "duty" to protect Patrick Swiney.

That's what we are paying you to do.

Our team of human rights organizations and private citizens who love God and this country know about "Warden Jones and Jerry Farrell" - you've now become famous!

Do you think I'm out of line for speaking to you this way? I think you are out of line for speaking to me the way you have from day one! I think you are way out of line for harassing my husband when you and everyone in there knows that he is not a troublemaker. You harass him for telling the truth. Don't you know how wrong that is?

Remove Patrick Swiney from Seg now. Respond to the citizens when they ask you questions. Stop the retaliation now!


Sherry Swiney

Loving Wife of Patrick Swiney

cc: US Marshal Robert Moore/Deputy Marshal Bill Waggoner 334-694-4285

Representative Ron Paul 202-226-4871

Governor's Office, Ms. Kay Woods 334-353-3891

Good Morning Everyone,

Sleep did not come easy last night, so I stayed awake thinking about Patrick, the direction of our country, the battles before us and all those kinds of things. I'd been amiss in reading other posts to PATRICK CRUSADE, saving most of them that I want to get to at a later date when this crisis has passed. Kay Lee's post (I feel) needs to be reviewed once again for it is so pertinent to all that we are doing to help Patrick, ourselves and others who are caught in the web of injustice. Today I'll be working with Roger Woods to prepare a Habeas Corpus to get Patrick out of lockup. It's already 80 degrees at 9 o'clock in the morning here in North Carolina.

It's going to be a humid scorcher today here which tells me it will be the same in Alabama where Patrick is in lockup awaiting his fate. I am without words to express how much I care about this wonderful man. He always puts others before himself.

He would say that if his being locked up caused others to wake up to the fact that our freedom I evaporating, so that more citizens will stand up for their rights, then this is a good thing. I agree with him on that wholeheartedly, and want you all to know this.

I am angry, worried, hurt but fiercely ready to fight for Patrick's freedom and the freedom of others who are wrongly imprisoned. Like Roger Woods said to me last night on the telephone, it's time to play hardball with Alabama, asking if I am ready. Yes, indeed. Ready, willing and able.

We still have no word as to how Patrick faired the night but I sensed that he did okay. I'm greatly worried about how he will do today in this heat, and pray your faxes to the prison, the governor's office and the US Marshal's office will have an effect. We need to keep at it until word arrives that Patrick has been placed into a safe environment.

When I think about how we used to have freedom of speech in this country, and no longer do, it saddens me greatly - not only for the loss of such a freedom, but for the apathy of our own citizens who apparently don't think freedom of speech and the US Constitutional protections are important.

I'll be on and off line today for faxing purposes but will continue to keep you updated as more information comes in. If any of you wish to telephone me, please send me a private email to that effect. Please re-read Kay Lee's post.

God Bless Us All,


Dear Taoss:

Last night I faxed my letter to everyone that you mentioned. It was 3:15 when I went to bed a.m., so today I am tired but that is alright, if God willing, it does some good for you and Patrick, its worth it.

If for some reason my letter didn't come through to you, I will mail the letter. Keep smiling if you can ad don't forget things always work out for good that love the Lord.

Hoping that the Governor Fob will pardon Patrick.

As Ever, Lady Liberty Charlotte

Following is a copy of my fax, just transmitted, to Warden Jones.

Our prayers are with Patrick, but also with Warden Jones; that his hardened heart be softened, and that his closed mind be opened to reason and the necessity for human rights for ALL people.

In His Service,


FreedomLink, Inc.

Chaplain Linda Mann

P.O. Bx 755, Manville, NJ 08835

Phone 908-722-2354 Fax 908-722-2105

Email advocate@freedomlink.org

June 27, 1998

Attn: Warden Charles Jones

I am writing this letter regarding Patrick Swiney, who is under lockdown status at your facility. I write out of concern for Patrick's health and out of concern for the welfare of any inmate who, like Patrick, is in poor health, yet is forced to endure unbearable conditions in lockdown that WILL cause certain death.

Regardless of why our Administration deems Patrick a security risk, it does not justify housing a very ill inmate in the Hole; which is subject to intense heat, and lack of ventilation. Patrick is in need of medical treatment and without it under these deplorable, Papillonesque conditions, he will surely die. If he does, not only will the state of Alabama be aware of the fact that his death could have been prevented, but this country will as well. Yes, your name will be on the lips of the most superior of officers under the government of the United States, but you will not be commended for your work.

Please, Warden Jones, imagine Patrick's suffering if it were inflicted on someone you loved dearly. How would it feel it if were a family member, and how would it eel if you knew the only reason they were being tortured was because they exercised their First Amendment right? Whatever were our Forefathers thinking when they saw the need for a Constitution?

I do not know if you are a God-fearing man, Warden Jones, but I pray you are. I leave you with this selection from the Word of God.may it guide you to make the only proper and humane decision regarding Patrick Swiney: release him from the hot-box and place him under medical supervision immediately!

Then shall the King say unto them in His right hand, Com, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink: I was a stranger and you took me in;

Naked, and you clothed me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came unto Me.

Then shall the righteous answer Him, Lord when saw we you hungry, and fed you, or thirsty, and gave you drink? 

When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the King shall answer and say unto them,

Verily I say unto to you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.

And then He shall say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

For I was hungry, and you gave me no food:

I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink:

I was a stranger, and you took me not in:

Naked, and you clothed me not:

Sick and in prison, and you visited me not.

Then shall they also answer Him, saying, Lord, when saw we you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

Then shall he answer them, saying,

Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.

And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Matthew, 25:34-46


Chaplain Linda Mann

FreedomLink, Inc., Hebrews 13:3


Dear Governor James,

This is an urgent request from a group of citizens concerned with not only the safety of Patrick Swiney at Holman prison but with the apparent desire of Holman officials and the US Marshal's office to make sure that the public doesn't know what's happening inside those walls.

The public has a right to have our questions answered and our concerns addressed. The recent news regarding treatment of prisoners at Cocoran in California should make it blatantly obvious to the warden and other officials at Holman prison in Atmore, Alabama that the public is not going to stand by silently and let people be injured and killed! We certainly will not be appeased with answers like, "I can't give out that information".

We have been brushed aside long enough by people who are paid by our tax money to do the job we expect them to do. For a state or federal government employee to say that they cannot give out information to the public is in direct violation of the Freedom of the Press.

Patrick Swiney is ill and his condition cannot tolerate being placed in a segregation cell! He must be removed immediately to a safe place, a place where his medical and nutritional needs will be met. We believe that Patrick Swiney is being targeted for exercising his First Amendment rights. Mr. Swiney is not a threat to anyone.

We ask for immediate action by each and every recipient of this notice to insure the safety and health of Patrick Swiney. We will be watching this case and will assist Mrs. Swiney in implementing a wrongful death or willful endangerment suit if the need arises.

Writing for the November Coalition

Candyce J. Hawk

Regional Leader

I sent the following fax to all the listed people from last night. The fax wouldn't go through to Warden Jones. Maybe his fax machine is out of paper.more likely turned off in avoidance!

Patrick Swiney wrote the truth about the conditions at Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama. These truths are posted all over the Internet.

Hundreds of thousands of people have access to his writings and the writings of others revealing the truth of Holman. This obvious retaliation against Mr. Swiney by government-paid officials will not be tolerated by the American public.

Mr. Swiney, due to his medical condition, cannot tolerate the heat and lack of ventilation in Holman's 'hole'. The weather in Atmore is predicated by the National Weather Service to be in the mid-90s in a couple of days with the humidity at over 70%. You must act immediately to insure that Patrick is moved out of that cell.

We are well aware of the 'good old boy' network in Alabama and the mentality that sets Alabama apart from the rest of this nation!

Cover-ups, harassment, retaliation, lack of accountability, ad nauseum! 

Holman prison is the sewer of sewers even for Alabama! If Mr. Swiney is under federal investigation then the US Marshals should move him to a federal facility and out of Holman where he will certainly die due to the retaliation of Warden Jones!

We ask for immediate action by you to insure the safety and health of Patrick Swiney. We will be watching this case and will assist Mrs. Swiney in implementing a wrongful death or willful endangerment suit if the need arises, naming all people who are behaving in a criminally negligent manner.

Writing for the November Coalition

Candyce J. Hawk

Regional Leader

Taoss and all,

I called and didn't speak with Waggoner. I left a message ad put him, the prison staff, and the state officials on notice of a pending investigation from many United State Human Rights Organizations. I informed them this mistreatment of Patrick was not only a violation of his rights but also a violation of law. I was told Waggoner would return my call on Monday. We'll see.

If not, I plan to call Tuesday AM. Let me know as soon as anyone hears more news. God, I hate the criminal injustice system.

Patrick's candle is staying lit until this stops!!!!!!!!!!!



This message from Margaret makes a lot of sense.the brainstorming efforts at PATRICK give us the tools with which to solve problems, figure out mysteries ad come to informed conclusions. Margaret is not the first to wonder about the incongruities.something isn't setting right with what they are doing to Patrick. We must make sure he is placed in a safe environment where he can receive proper medical attention. After putting him through this ordeal, his body will have been weakened. His mind and emotions are strong and so is his spirit. No one could ever break Patrick, except physically.

The Warden Jones and his "crew" has no idea what that means.

BTW, it was hot today, but a few clouds came over Mobile, Alabama (50 miles from Atmore). We handle the letters, faxes, calls, and God handles the stuff we cannot do ourselves. Good teamwork. Thank you everyone and keep at it until we bring this crisis to an end.

God Bless Us All,


From: Margaret Sessions m.sessions@worldnet.att.net

To: Taoss taoss@worldnet.att.net


Date: Saturday, June 27, 1998 8:44 AM

Taoss, it seems that if there were a Federal Order put out that they would have taken Patrick to a Federal Prison immediately and not put him in lockdown at the state prison. I mean, this is what the proper way is to do things I would think, not take the man and put him in the hole just cause a federal marshal apparently said for them to take him into protective custody.

Is there a way you can get a copy of that order? Since the prisons are run by taxpayer dollars they are governed by tax payers. I know, not in Alabama, but that is the 3rd world country in itself and should get a lot of federal attention.

We go to Panama and fight to get the gorillas out of the inhumane conditions, so why not get the gov't involved in helping those in the inhumane prison systems around the country?

I know, it doesn't make any sense, but prayers are with you, and for Patrick. I pray that there will be a rain storm there if they will not take him out of lockup so that it won't be so hot, but the humidity is worse than the heat when you have arthritis.

Just remember, God knows about it, He is hearing about it and hopefully all the Patrick people are talking to God to get some help on this, along with the help we all can do.

Love you


Good morning everyone,

It's 11:37 a.m. here in North Carolina. I just got off the telephone with Holman Prison shift commander, Sgt. Gray. It took two calls to get to him. On the first call, the woman who answered the phone [she wouldn't give me her name] asked, "Who's calling?" I sad, "Sherry Swiney." She sad, "I've been informed to tell you to call between 8-5 Monday and talk to the warden."

I called back and said to this woman, "This is Sherry Swiney. I am calling to get confirmation that Patrick Swiney is still alive." She put the phone down and hollered for Sgt. Gray. When I asked for confirmation that Patrick Swiney is still alive, Sgt. Gray said, "As far as I know he's still alive. We hadn't took anyone out who isn't alive. Don't know where he is in Seg. You can't get any information 'til Monday. That's the law in the whole state. We got medical staff 24 hours a day. He [Patrick] can get medical help ay time he wants, as long as he signs a piece of paper saying he'll pay $3 for medical care." 

I wasn't going to get anywhere with this guy, so I terminated the call.will follow up with another fax to the list below.

Patrick is in lockup at Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama for writing an article that tells about the conditions at Holman. We must all continue to let these people know we will not go away.they put us off and most people do go away after that.but we are not "most" people. The article he wrote may be found at 


Sherry Swiney


Here is a copy of "My letter for Patrick" that I am faxing to the following people: Bill Waggoner (US Marshal's office), Ms. Kay Woods (Governor James' office), Charlie Jones (Warden - Holman Prison)

I've kept it "short & sweet" so that maybe they will ACTUALLY READ IT.


(I did sign it with my complete name and address)

Dear Sir:

This letter is being sent to you in regards to Patrick Swiney, an extremely ill inmate who is currently in lockdown at Holman State Prison. I am a concerned citizen who has been following Mr. Swiney's case through various print media and the internet for many months now. I am writing this letter because I am concerned with Patrick surviving the weekend if he is to remain in a hot segregation cell without proper ventilation or treatment for his medical conditions.

It has come to my attention that Patrick is in lockdown because of an article he wrote a while back that was widely circulated in various newspapers and on many different sites on the internet. I have copied and read this article several times and I do not understand how this 53 year old man could be deemed a "security risk" just by describing the deplorable conditions in the Alabama Prison System. He was merely exercising his First Amendment rights by writing (and publishing) this article.

I am in California, but I am writing this to confirm that Mr. Swiney's case (and medical condition) has reached all corners of this country. There are many people who are aware of the horrible conditions he is being subjected to at this very moment. These are people who will not go quietly into the night if this man dies while in "the Hole" at Holman Prison. Please hear our pleas - remove this man from lockdown ad see to it that he gets the medical attention that he needs - before it's too late.

Sincerely, Patti K.

My letter to Warden Jones

I hope it's okay. I wrote it in the wee hours! Someone update me. Still waiting on who is the best newspaper in Alabama to contact!


June 27, 1998

Dear Warden Jones,

I a contacting you regarding the abusive and negligent treatment of Patrick Swiney. I am a Texas Human Rights Activist and because of that I am often working on issues regarding the mistreatment of prisoners. As you know, Texas currently has federal investigations ongoing because of these issues.

My purpose of this letter is to remind you of the laws that govern the value of human beings and your neglect of them. Mr. Swiney has medical conditions that may not only be aggravated regarding his current status but could actually cause his death. The laws also state plainly your responsibility regarding the life and care of Patrick Swiney.

I urge you, not only for the sake of the law but for the health and very life of Patrick Swiney, to take your responsibility seriously and remove him from the current dangerous situation you have placed him.

I will continue to watch this case regarding Mr. Swiney as will many Texas Human Rights Organizations. We have seen far too many situations like this. We are also aware that many "pass the buck" in responsibility. When all is said and done sir, it is you who are responsible for the health and safety of prisoners in your prison.

With Great Concern,


Executive Director Texas P.L.A.N.

(Positive Living Advocacy Network)

P.O. Box 1684

Crosby, Texas 77353-1684








My letter to the Governor.


June 27, 1998

Dear Governor James,

I am writing from Texas regarding an abusive situation in one of your prisons. I'm sure you want to be informed for the purpose of intervention.

Patrick Swiney is currently in the Holman Prison in Atmore. He has a serious heart condition. Recently, due to an article Mr. Swiney wrote regarding the current prison situation in Alabama, he has been put in lockdown. He is in a cell with improper air ventilation and this may cause deterioration to his health and even death.

The very action of punishing an America Citizen for writing an article denies Mr. Swiney the right to Freedom of Speech. The action of putting him in such an environment because of the article is an act of deliberate abuse and neglect which is a Federal Criminal Act.

Those of us in Texas are very familiar with such acts. Though we are here and not in Alabama, I assure you our reach is far. My organization and several other Texas organizations would like to take this opportunity to put you on notice that we indeed are watching this case and find you responsible for the torture of Mr. Patrick Swiney.

With great concern,


Executive Dirextor Texas P.L.A.N.

(Positive Living Advocacy Network)

P.O. 1684

Crosby, Texas 77532-1684








Jane (Gayle),

This letter to the US Attorney General, copies to the prison, US Marshal and Governor's office is perfect. I will have an update for everyone in a little bit. So far this morning, the US Marshal's office called to tell me that when he got in this morning (Monday) and saw Patrick's article, he saw nothing threatening with it at all. He immediately called the prison and told them to release Patrick back into population. With all the notifications we've done to the warden about his responsibility to make sure Patrick comes to no harm, I hope he doesn't now retaliate as he's always done.

I think now we need to call and let him know that we know he's been released into population and we are watching carefully. I think we need to tell the warden that Patrick needs proper medical care and proper food in accordance with the written doctor's orders. These written orders have NEVER been followed - in fact, they have been laughed at and explicitly denied Patrick, which has made his condition worse over the years.

I am attempting to contact two attorneys whom I'm told might offer assistance in filing a complaint against the Chief Judge who called the US Marshal's office Friday. That Judge is Judge Charles R. Butler of Mobile, Alabama. The US Marshal saw nothing in Patrick's "Too Late To Debate" article that should have disturbed the Judge in the first place. 

The US Marshal had placed a Verbal Order to the prison as soon as he got the Verbal Order from the Judge to have Swiney locked up, pending a federal investigation. The US Marshal followed the Judge's order on Friday without even seeing Patrick's article until this morning (Monday). If Patrick had died in the process, Warden Jones would have been the scapegoat and Judge Butler would have gotten off scot-free.

As of 11:35 AM Alabama time (according to Patrick's mother who called the prison), they had not released Patrick to population yet.

At 12:22 PM North Carolina time, I called the prison and was told the warden was not in and to call back in an hour. The secretary did not know anything about Patrick, she said (I could not get her name).

Roger Woods is moving on this with respect to laws that have been broken in this case so we can prepare a complaint/law suit, while I am hunting down the attorneys.

What I want to know is why only Judge Charles R. Butler reacted so violently toward Patrick Swiney when almost every other judge in the state of Alabama received a copy of his "Too Late To Debate" article and they had no reaction whatsoever toward him. Something stinks here.something just doesn't wash about Judge Butler's actions. 

Sherry Swiney

It looks as if all our calls & faxes have achieved at least part of their purpose by now. I'm amazed that Marshal Waggoner took the initiative to order Patrick out of lock-up without an order from the Judge. I really want to hear what this Judge says about what he perceived as a threat. I read the article several times, and Patrick speaks of diseases originating in the prison and getting out to the public through prison staff.

Are we to take it that the Judge believed Patrick was threatening biological warfare?

I truly believe that this situation is going to lead to some very positive things for Patrick. Whether it's being planned or not, I believe now is the time to petition to have Patrick moved to a Federal Prison for his own safety. I don't know how it's done, but I'm sure there's a way. Maybe Roger knows.

Rick Jackson, Reno, NV

Rick and Everyone,

Your faxes and calls have certainly had a profound effect on the outcome and to this end, you have made it clear to the warden that he BETTER NOT HURT PATRICK or else he will be charged with a felony crime. 

Honestly, I had to laugh at your remark Rick about biological warfare. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the thought had not crossed the mind of the judge - or maybe something even more sinister went through his mind. What I'd like to know is how in hell did he determine this was a personal threat to him?

Then how in the world did it turn out to be a threat to the US Justice system? Amazingly stupid if you ask me!

I do not know if Patrick is safe but I would think so, as long as we do not allow the warden's office to think we've gone away or have stopped watching carefully. I'm going to try to see Patrick on Saturday if they let me in. If they don't??? Well, all hell will break loose.they still have me off his phone list and it's been 10 months now! 10 months ago, the DOC office said, "IT'S JUST A PUNISHMENT THING." For what though? For working on Patrick's case?

Sherry Swiney

Dear Everyone,

At 7:14 PM North Carolina time, Monday June 29th, 1998, I received a message directly from Patrick.

He had just gotten out of lockup a few minutes ago. The guards lied to our contact. He was placed in the 5x8 concrete box - the hottest one on the block - the one that has NO ventilation at all! They took away his medications. They took away his address book and refuse to give it back.

They took away his bed space and gave it to another prisoner [they probably thought he would die so they gave his bed space away prematurely, figuring he wouldn't be back]. I am positive it was all our prayers that kept him alive against all odds.

He doesn't know yet what his new bed space will e but they have been talking about putting him in a top bunk. This, for a 53 year-old man, a heart patient who suffers with inflammatory spinal arthritis and emphysema. 

As he was getting locked up, one inmate said, "I heard he's getting locked up for making a 3-way call to a Federal Judge." That's the lie that got me off Patrick's telephone list and kept me off for 10 months.

There was a rumor that the Red Cross was through the place while he was locked up. Rumors fly and no one knows the truth any more.

Patrick said that is was a miracle that he survived because that hot box was torture. That's exactly where they put him. They lied to everyone as they ALWAYS do. Who is going to listen when the State of Alabama thinks Warden Jones is a "good" man?

I need your help to expose this evilness that goes on that everyone in Alabama loves so dearly.

I want Patrick out of this country. I want to leave this country myself because it sucks! God, do I hate liars with a passion!!!! I am appalled, horrified and disgusted with those people. They are haters of truth and lovers of lies. They are the epitome of all that is evil and wrong!

They told us Patrick was in a day room so we might feel better and not be so hard on them. They made us think perhaps he was in protective custody, like perhaps there was going to be an investigation into the abuses. Of course, they told us all this through one inmate at Holman who continued to call me throughout this whole ordeal - so they lied to him so he would lie to us.

My friends, THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION INTO THE ABUSES - they don't care! Never did.

Will they ever care? Who knows. They must think we are bluffing about them being responsible for Patrick's well-being. I am the one who talks about loving even those who are abusive to us. It takes all my consciousness to remind myself that even these evil, evil men are children of God. May God have mercy on their souls.

Sherry Swiney

June 29, 1998

Chief District Judge, Charles R. Butler, Jr.

Southern District

113 St. Joseph Street

Mobile, AL 36602

Dear Judge Butler,

I am the loving wife of Mr. Patrick Swiney. I am so sorry that receiving an envelope in the US Mail from a "convicted felon" sacred you so badly that you felt compelled to have him locked up when he is already locked up behind heavily secured walls. The article Mr. Swiney wrote is titled "Too Late To Debate???" and it was already widely published before he sent you a copy for your general information, and perhaps your a action toward correcting a system that abuses its prisoners. Instead, you almost got him killed.

Mr. Swiney is 53 years old, he is a heart patient who cannot take the stress of abuse, nor can his body take the heat and lack of ventilation in lockup. However I acknowledge that you were unaware of his poor health condition even though he stated so in his article. I acknowledge this because, had you actually read the article, instead of reacting to the fact of receiving an envelope from a "prison", then you might not have ordered the US Marshal to have my husband locked up.

You know, Patrick is a father, a son a brother, a loving husband, and an uncle to many young and innocent ones who all lo e him dearly. We the it that he is in prison for a crime he did not commit. This teaches us that there is no justice in this country any more, like when I was growing up.

We fight for truth and we fight for my husband's

Freedom because we know he is innocent. We will never stop this fight until he is freed or until each of us takes our last breath on earth, whichever comes first.

Mr. Patrick Swiney was a police officer in high standing in the State of Alabama for 13 years. He was well respected in his community and still is. He was a "good" cop and not one to take advantage or mistreat anyone. His personal profile is one of a gentle and kind man. He was an easy target for the corrupt who sought to ruin his life because of what he managed to expose about their corruption.

Thus, he was fingered and pinned with a crime he did not commit. No, the jury did not make a mistake at all. The jury was a victim of the DA's lies too.

I, like my husband, do not feel any hatred in my heart for those who have done us so wrong, for it is not up to me to judge another soul. I leave that up to God. 

Had you read Patrick Swiney's article, you would have been able to see that I am telling you the truth about what was in his heart when he wrote that article. My dear judge, it is not true that everyone who is in prison is guilty. And it is not true that Warden Jones and the other prison officials take proper care of the hapless inmates in their charge.

Instead, they abuse them unmercifully while telling the outside world that everything is fine. But who will believe a "prisoner"? Who will have the guts to stand up for the truth and say, "The King has no clothes"?

My husband courageously had the guts to do that and you showed the world what happens to one who is truthful.

I have a letter that was written from a supporter of our U.S. Constitution that might interest you. It was written to Governor Fob James but I think it should be addressed to everyone in the human race, including all judges in our country. Therefore, I am enclosing this most accurate letter to you and I hope I don't get arrested for that, or that my husband doesn't get retaliated again or killed for something I write or send to you.

I will keep you in my prayers.


Sherry Swiney

Executive Director, PATRICK CRUSADE

I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS! I have set the reporter straight on who led this "Internet-spawned protest", but Patrick's words have made the papers!

This is just too cool! I wish I could call Patrick right now and tell him! I didn't send the Patrick stuff to this reporter, it is his news department that send him a copy of it! Hope it gets out over associated press and all that stuff!!



Alabama Prison Returns Inmate Writer

To General Population

State officials deny massive internet-spawned 

protest a factor

by A.J. Hardcastle

CNG2 HUNTSVILLE, AL (June 29, 1998) According to a spokesman for the Alabama Department of Corrections, a federal probe into an alleged threat by an Alabama state prisoner is now concluded. Tom Gullekson, the corrections spokesman, said, "We had initially placed a prisoner, Patrick Swiney into close custody after we received a call from the U.S. Marshal's Service." Swiney, 53, is reportedly serving a life-sentence without parole possibility following an Alabama state murder conviction. Swiney, a former police officer who has turned to writing while in prison, wrote a June 11, 1998 article that was widely disseminated via the Internet. The article was critical of societal attitudes about corrections and especially critical of Alabama prison conditions.

"I speak to you from the absolute pits of hell, an Alabama Prison. Historically, the State of Alabama has been notorious for its atrocities within its prisons," said Swiney in an editorial piece that appeared on at least Internet web sites.

"To put things into perspective, I'm a 53-year-old man in very poor health, a former police officer of 13 years. I have been held in this septic tank (Holman Prison in Alabama) for 10 years on a wrongful conviction. The major point I submit to you is that I can see both sides of the coin. Actually, I can see all sides of that coin, for much more than two sides exist," wrote Swiney, who Alabama prison officials term "a man that probably has writer's cramp."

Swiney was placed into solitary confinement last week on what Alabama authorities say was a request from the U.S. Marshal's Service, who said they were investigating a possible threat by Swiney to an unnamed federal judge. U.S. Marshal's Service staff were unavailable for comment shortly before this release.

Alabama Prison officials were unsure when contacted whether a letter was actually mailed to a federal judge, or, whether a federal judge took exception to a general reference made by Swiney in his opinion-editorial piece, "I hear corrupt politicians promise you to lock them up and throw away the keys. I also hear your cheers! They - our only defender - knowingly overcrowd the prisons dangerously. The Federal Courts say nothing! I also hear your cries to pack them in like sardines - for who cares? News leaks out about the atrocities: the physical, mental, emotional - all types of Human Rights abuses. The courts turn their heads. Again, I hear your cheers, as though to say: Crucify them! Crucify them! I've read these words all my life."

Swiney, in the same article, made specific allegations against at least one Alabama Deputy Warden and his spouse, "Here at Holman Prison, we have had a large outbreak of TB. Some have did, others transferred never to be heard of again. Respiratory ailments are our "normal" or our most common. Medical care is almost a joke. Our Deputy Warden (Jerry Farrell) is charged with the responsibility of seeing we get proper medical care. Only thing is his wife is an Administrator with Correctional Medical Services (CMS). This is the company holding the contract for medical services (much like the company holding the contract for telephone services). Mrs. Farrell has a vested interest in saving costs for her company. Every dollar she dos not spend on our medical care is profit in her company's pocket. Thus, you have a direct conflict with medical are and the Deputy Warden. Does this project overtones of corruption?"

Alabama officials, in a telephone interview Monday Afternoon, said they had been contacted by the same U.S. Marshals who had requested Swiney's close-quarters detention. "They said I was alright for us to turn him back into population," said Gullekson. "We are in the process of doing that right now."

Other Alabama state officials, speaking on background, confirmed that hundreds of phone calls and faxes had been received by them in the previous seventy-two hours regarding the detention of Swiney. The calls apparently came as a result of a protest organized by Candyce Hawk, who works with a prison watchdog-activist group, the Prison Activist Resource Center. Prison officials deny that the public response had any bearing on their decision t release Swiney back into general population at Holman Prison.


1543 CST


I'm faxing copies of my letter to the US Marshal and Governor's office.

June 29, 1998



Warden Charlie Jones

Holman 3700

Atmore, AL 36503

Dear Warden Jones:

Patrick Swiney's mother has informed me that Patrick has finally been let out of lock up, only to find that his original bed space has been taken from him. In addition, his address book has been taken away along with his approved drinking cup that his mother gave him for Christmas. This was the drinking cup to replace the one you took away from him when you performed the now infamous "peanut butter raid" on Patrick last July. I'm sure you remember that occasion well.

I am told that Patrick Swiney was placed in the "hole" (also known as the hot box) during this trumped up charge by the Judge. I know you told the US Marshal that Patrick was being given special attention because of his medical condition and that he as being given ice during the heat of the day. We now know that this was not the case. We have learned that Patrick is being given top bunk in another dorm. This, for a 53 year old man who I very ill and who suffers the serious pain of inflammatory spinal arthritis and emphysema. I ask you Warden Jones, is this your way of giving him special medical attention that he needs so urgently? Is this your way of making sure he is properly cared for?

Again, I remind you, that you are responsible AND LIABLE for Patrick's well-being. Should you continue to abuse him like this and he dies or is permanently damaged, you will be charged with a felony crime. We are watching you, Warden. Please take proper care of your prisoners, including Patrick Swiney. Mr. Swiney did not violate any federal law by writing an article that tells how you are running your prison. The US Marshal himself told me that he saw nothing at all wrong with the article. He did not see it as a threat to anyone.

There will be a federal investigation of Holman prison. I recommend you change your policies of general abuse to providing humane treatment of these human beings with whom you are responsible. The state has put them in YOUR care. That makes you responsible for how they are treated. It makes you responsible for their lives.

In case you did not know it, Patrick is a father, a son, a brother, a loving husband, and an uncle to many young and innocent ones who all love him dearly. We hate it that he is in prison for a crime he did not commit.

This teaches us that there is no justice in this country any more, like when I was growing up. We fight for truth and we fight for Mr. Swiney's freedom because we know he is innocent. We will never stop this fight until he is freed or until each of us takes our last breath on earth, whichever comes first.

Mr. Patrick Swiney was a police officer in high standing in the State of Alabama for 13 years. He was well respected in his community an still is.

He was a "good" cop and not one to take advantage or mistreat anyone. You know he was a police officer and you also know that placing him in certain areas at the prison camp would be extremely dangerous to him for that reason. So why are you putting him in such unnecessary jeopardy when you know better?

I, like Mr. Swiney, do not feel any hatred in my hart for those who have done us so wrong, for it is not up to me to judge another soul. I leave that up to God. I do remember that you are a child of God, even though you have acted with cruelty toward Patrick and his family. I pray you remember that we are all God's children. And I do pray for God to have mercy on your soul.

You know better than to put Mr. Swiney in a dangerous area. By your actions, one would think you surely "wished" him great harm. Or, that you are just plain stupid. We don't want people to think those things of you now do we, because in either case, you would need to be dismissed from your position, for you are not doing the job you were hired to do. And that is a waste of tax payer money, which we - the tax-paying public - will not tolerate any more.

There is no reason to have taken Patrick's personal articles away from him when he has been exonerated (meaning proven innocent). Give him back his address book, his drinking cup and his old bed space.

Thank you and I will keep you in my prayers.


Sherry Swiney

Executive Director, PATRICK CRUSADE

Taoss please get this letter to Patrick for me.

Dear Patrick, I hear your words from the pits of hell. I stand here at the edge of Hell and it is not pretty. I am reading your words, while trying to figure out what I could say to you, to do some good. All I can come up with is to tell you the Libertarians are coming.

Patrick in a Libertarian world we would not put people in prison for engaging in an activity where there is no victim. If someone has harmed another they would be required to pay restitution to the victim. Once the restitution is paid they will be set free. I imagine the prisons would be set up in a place where all the incarcerated would have a chance to pay their own way, sort of like a small community. The prisoners would have a chance to live decently, they would just be disconnected from the main group of society, until they have finished paying their restitution.

Your letter reflects a lot of anger and frustration, and I do not blame you either. You however say that we have become a people self centered, self righteous, and isolated within Self. How I wish that were true, because you see if we were, then we would not have a system like the one you are in. As you see it is not in our self-interest to do such. The problem with us as a people is not that we are self centered that is how we were created, it is that we have become nothing centered. No principle, no morals, no sense of right and wrong. As you can see the kin of prison system I described to you is one of self centered thought, not other centered. An example would be if you want freedom then stand up for someone else's, that's how you get it for yourself. Still self-centered though.

Of course you explained how the conditions there are dangerous to us on the outside also, well then you can see what I mean we are not being self-centered to endanger ourselves like that.

Our form of government, our injustice system, our whole way of life is being destroyed by those who have no self interest, no self respect, and they want us to be just like them. We lie in a pirate society, where all steal from all, all plunder all. That is why you have the conditions you have there, that is what needs to be changed. We must return to a system that does not plunder, nor sanction it for the greater good.

Look around that prison for me find some people who wee guilty of committing a non-violent crime, you know a drug user, or pusher even, someone who was convicted of not paying taxes, or had an "illegal firearm", and tell them for me that I am so sorry, that we have a society that puts people in prison for a non crime.


Michael Benoit

Proud Libertarian


God do I ever hate to do this again but it is necessary. Orders came from Captain Pouncy today [June 30, 1998) at Holman Prison to Correctional Officer Edwards that Edwards is specifically assigned to be sure Patrick Swiney is run out into the hot Alabama sun each day. One Hour after Patrick was run out today, he was called to Dr. Wilson' office. Wilson is the prison doctor. Dr. Wilson told Patrick that Warden Jones told him to take Patrick (a heart patient who just spent the weekend in the HOT BOX - the "oven" - for writing an article about prison conditions) off "no duty" status so he [Warden Jones] can put Patrick Swiney to work.

Dr. Wilson asked Patrick if he could do any work, as though he didn't know, and Patrick said, "Dr. Wilson, if you will have a freeworld cardiovascular specialist examine me, I will abide by whatever that doctor recommends."

Patrick also told Dr. Wilson about being in the "hole" for writing his article, losing his old bed space, and the rest of the story we've all been suffering over the weekend.

Patrick explained to the doctor about the retaliation he's been enduring which prompted him to write the article. He said, "If a Federal Judge can get so pissed off as to get me thrown into the hole for that article, just what do you think Warden Jones is going to do to me now?"

Some people are saying Patrick should never have written that article. That he should have just taken the abuses and remained quiet.

Is that what any of you would have done?

That's not what I would done. Yes, exposing the truth is dangerous with officials who prefer to dehumanize.

Now I call upon the officials who DO NOT dehumanize, to step in. Something must be done to stop this!

A man gets falsely accused, thrown into prison, abused badly, becomes terribly ill after 10 years of consistent abuse, writes about it to the world, gets thrown into a non-ventilated 5 foot x 8 foot concrete box in the middle of Alabama's worst summer in 75 years - and then gets sent out into the hot sun every day - and then gets put on the prison "work" list. All because he exercised his Right to Freedom of Speech. Because of what he wrote, he nearly dies.and now the Warden wants to finish him off by putting into slave labor.

Nice. Real nice. Real American. Real Christian.

Oh, by the way, there are young and healthy ones there at Holman who are unassigned and are not called to work.not that I advocate slave labor for anyone. Point being, it isn't like the prison is lacking bodies to work. It is that the prison wants to harm Patrick Swiney, plain and simple.

I'll be on the phone all night trying to get some help. Please, anyone and everyone, write, fax, call, send this information to all the newspapers you can think of. Patrick is NOT out of danger! I want my husband to live long enough for him to receive justice so he can come home where he belongs. He needs medical attention badly. He, himself, doesn't think he has much time left. He's not depressed.just angry that they would be so blatant about this. Obviously Warden Jones feels he is protected by his boss - the DOC Commissioner who reports to the Governor.

May God Bless Us All,

Sherry Swiney