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Subject: communication with our politicians on the Net


This is Juan Mitchell doing my research on US Democrats and Democracy. 
I would like to share my experience on the present government interactions. E-government has been a great success and is playing vital role connecting public with authorities. More and more politicians are now available through net 
"I think we are just discovering how to have two-way communication with our politicians on the Net," Blades says. She says she could start Move On only because it took less time and money to do it online than as a bricks-and-mortar organization. "It is bringing more people into the political process," she says.
Popular web sites like http://www.weblobbying.com. Are making more impact and were able to bridge public opinions to their lawmakers. Any strong issues or concerns on government I strongly recommend you this web tool to present your petitions to your democrats and start mobilizing your thoughts of concern.
Iam happy to share about web lobbying tool to reach our democrats to all my fellow friends and citizens of our great nation.

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Juan Mitchell