Why I am going to the DC march on Aug. 13th 2005 - April 29, 2005 - You are invited to visit our forum page http://www.patrickcrusade.org/forum/ to let readers, surfers and news media understand why you are going to the march, the first of its kind where over 40 organizations (maybe 60 by now), have joined in Cooperation to make this grass roots event a history-maker.  We each thank one another for their dynamic interest in letting the public know what's going on in our society today with regard to prison and judicial misconduct.  Since I'm the one inviting you first and personally, I shall start the ball rolling by entering the first post on the PC forum to answer the question presented.  I'm sure most people want to know why everyone is going to this march on August 13th 2005 in Lafayette Park, Washington DC.  If you have not heard about the march yet, click on www.journeyforjustice.org to see what it's all about.  Then come back here and add your reasons for deciding to be there too, or supporting this event in any fashion that fits who you are.  God bless us all, Sherry Swiney.

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