When I Am
By Nicolas Muyres
When I am 10, I will be in the 4th grade.
When I am 20, I will rule the world.
When I am 30, I will be the older brother of a 25 year old.\
When I am 40, I will be a engineer.
When I am 50, I will be an architect at work.
When I am 60, I will go to the gym and church every day.
When I an 70, I will not be a baby any more.
When I am 80, I will be older than 70.
When I am 90, I will have 26 grandchildren.
When I am 100, I will be flying!


Nicolas is Sherry Swiney's beloved 10 year old grandson.

It is with Nicolas' permission that his poem and photo are published here

on the PATRICK Crusade web page.

Copyright Nicolas Muyres - June 2001 All Rights Reserved