Alabama the Beautiful

As observed by our friends in Europe

Those who believe they are free
do not understand that with the current
rogue [Gestapo] American government in place,
they could be next to be behind bars.

People Against Death Penalty
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Living conditions on Holman Prison Death Row

The cell is only 8 feet long and 5 feet wide.
It has a two and a half feet wide bunk and an eight feet long toilet assembly so actual space to move around in is two and a half foot wide and six feet long about thirteen and a half square feet.
Law says we are supposed to have about sixty square feet.

Only allowed out of the small cell 45 minutes to one hour a day, of course if someone has a visit they get to go to visitors area, plus one day a week allowed to visit law library if they know how to read or work on their case.

Food is cold nine out of ten meals, some food dangerous if cold.
No milk ever, none for over years.
No fresh fruit, no apples, no oranges, no bananas, no pears ever.
No fresh vegetables such as salad ever.
Food is put into cells through the same hole in cell door that filthy mops, brooms, toilet brush comes through.
Hole is only four and a half inches high and only eleven inches wide.
All meat parts are pressed soja mix.
Only fresh meat is chicken and it is always leg portions and usually half cooked, usually always cold.

No one is allowed to shower except every two days.
We are forced to keep hair short above ear.
No mustaches, beards allowed.
Publications, magazines, newspapers must be bought by death row inmates; no outside party can purchase subscriptions outside or have sent any publishers.
Except religious books .

Only eight people allowed to visit, that's only eight allowed to visitors list.
Only eight people allowed to to phone call list, this includes your attorney(s) if we have any.
No oversea calls allowed, period.
Only eight people allowed on list to receive money orders from, mail room intercepts all incoming mail, nobody knows what is taken there.
Items allowed in cell are limited to four books.
The administration harasses by taking things from us, no reason, not a security task at all.

Holman Prison
1240 Ross Rd # 3700
Atmore, AL 36502-4263
Phone: 334-368-8173

The world needs to know how it is on "Planet" Alabama, for it is nothing like any other state in this country and so far they've been able to keep it a guarded secret from everyone...
There's only one thing worse than a thief (which Alabama is) and that's a liar (which *IS* Alabama).
In Alabama prisons, the guards actually tell people who want to help by sending in books or teaching/learning videos, "We don't want dem folks in here to learn how to do for themselves."
In Alabama, rehabilitation is a crime.
And at Holman, Atmore, Alabama, if someone knows how to read anything more than comic books, the guards hate them because they hate smart people.
When there's an execution at Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama the warden actually gets all dressed up and celebrates his "duty" with a sick pleasure that would turn your stomach.
There's hardly ever any news on Alabama executions because no one cares.
Those people in Alabama have dead hearts, minds and souls, while they go to church and profess to be Christians!

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