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The Shift THE SHIFT: The Revolution in Human Consciousness
by Owen Waters
November 27, 2005

A Word About Chaos.  In physics, chaos is a phase that occurs during transformation. You can resonate a container of water with sound waves that generate a balanced, symmetrical pattern on the surface of the water. Then, if you turn up the frequency a little, chaos will ensue. The neat pattern on the surface of the water will become choppy and discordant. However, when you turn the frequency up still more, a new pattern emerges, one which is even more complex and beautiful. The chaos was a temporary phase between one natural state of harmony and its transformation into a higher form. It is much the same with the transformation of humanity through The Shift. The frequency associated with the Old Reality has already been increased. The old pattern has been disturbed and is beginning to go away. In its place is a choppy pattern which is searching for its new form. Discords abound at a personal and social level as old wounds arise, seeking attention and resolution. As the frequency rises even more, the chaotic outbreaks upon the surface of life will settle into a new pattern, one which is even more complex and beautiful.

by John Kaminski
September 24, 2004

John Kaminski continues his fearless voyage into areas of thought and inquiry where most journalists fear to tread. The truth has never been less accessible - or pleasant - and John pulls no punches in telling the story exactly like he sees it. His writing is passionate, intense, loaded with hard data - and is often downright unforgettable. John is succeeding marvelously in journalism's highest calling: to encourage people to think. - Jeff Rense, The Rense Program www.Rense.com

by Doug Tjapkes
November 26, 2005

This book tells the story of how Doug Tjapkes and Maurice Carter met, and how they fought for his freedom for ten years. Checks should be made out to Doug Tjapkes, and mailed to 20 W. Muskegon Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49440.  All book profits will go to INNOCENT!  Says the author: "I'm not one to be talking about my own book, but a professional editor who cleaned up my copy before it went to print called it 'a beautiful story, well told.' "  For additional information please visit:
Doug Tjapkes
20 W. Muskegon Avenue
Muskegon, MI 49440
Doug Tjapkes on the news!

Souls of Distortion SOULS OF DISTORTION
October 24, 2005

This is a free e-book that you can download to read. Now after three hundred years since Descartes introduced the segregation of science and religion, science seems to come full circle; in a small but growing scientific community science has entered the domain of spirituality! The bridge between science and spirituality has already been crossed! When quantum physics in the 20th century could no longer rule out the possibility that human consciousness has a real effect on physical reality at the sub atomic level, scientists started to discover things about our reality that seemed to corroborate the tenets held by esoteric teachings. Esoteric teachings have been kept alive in spiritual traditions such as the Vedic scriptures, the Jewish Kabbalah, and in secret Gnostic circles such as the Freemasonry, who counted many famous leaders and scholars in their midst. The things you are about to read in this book are the discoveries made by many leading scholars in various fields of science, among them celebrated professors of famous universities. I have come to believe that the revolutionary scientific discoveries that were made in the last decades of the 20th century, of which only a fraction will be discussed in this book, will ultimately change our current scientific paradigms and along with it our societies.

by Craig Haney, Ph.D, JD
January 7, 2006

In the preface of the book, Dr. Haney writes, "The pain [inflicted by incarceration] is not only excessive in amount but too often dispensed without regard to consequence. Indeed, it is being inflicted with the broad and sometimes enthusiastic support of the public, many of whose members lack real knowledge about the nature and effects of the punishments imposed in their name."

Who Are We? WHO ARE WE? The Challenges to America's National Identity (Hardcover)
by Samuel P. Huntington
November 18, 2005

Book Description:
In his seminal work The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Samuel Huntington argued provocatively and presciently that with the end of the cold war, "civilizations" were replacing ideologies as the new fault lines in international politics.
Now in his controversial new work, Who Are We?, Huntington focuses on an identity crisis closer to home as he examines the impact other civilizations and their values are having on our own country.
America was founded by British settlers who brought with them a distinct culture, says Huntington, including the English language, Protestant values, individualism, religious commitment, and respect for law. The waves of immigrants that later came to the United States gradually accepted these values and assimilated into America's Anglo-Protestant culture. More recently, however, our national identity has been eroded by the problems of assimilating massive numbers of primarily Hispanic immigrants and challenged by issues such as bilingualism, multiculturalism, the devaluation of citizenship, and the "denationalization" of American elites.
September 11 brought a revival of American patriotism and a renewal of American identity, but already there are signs that this revival is fading. Huntington argues the need for us to reassert the core values that make us Americans. Timely and thought-provoking, Who Are We? is an important book that is certain to shape our national conversation about who we are.

November 19, 2004

"Bible Fraud" and "The Secret in the Bible" by Australian author Tony Bushby

the Crazy Old White Man from the Hood CRAZY OLD WHITE MAN FROM THE HOOD
November 15, 2004

This book is dedicated to the memory of my father, F.R. "Bud" Gaylord,who saved my life after he left this world.
Fighting for Justice
MI.org - Michigan Chapter
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Helping Lost Souls.
Detroit Chapter
Crazy Old Man's Autobiography

November 14, 2004

We treat our authors the old-fashioned way - we pay them.  Here is a book store for your convenience where you may find all sorts of books on any topic - search by category, read press clippings, and more...

By John Batt
Ebury Press 2004
£14.99 hardback

Stolen Innocence is an interesting and full account of someone closely involved in this case. Sally Clark was fitted up by expert pathologists and pediatricians, and although she and her husband (themselves successful commercial lawyers) sacrificed their home and their careers to pay for her defence, she spent years on prison before key data withheld by a pathologist was found and proved her innocent. Amazon.com link Reader review #1
This book is pretty scary, really, but there's a quote in there - it was written by a lawyer, who's also a friend of the family. Sally Clark herself, and her husband, are both lawyers, and her father is actually a Chief of Police, but they still found her the victim of injustice. A cynical and once famous criminal prosecutor once said 'that the thrill of convicting the guilty is only eclipsed by the thrill of convicting the truly innocent.'- that's a quote from the book. And Sally Clark herself made an observation while at law school. Those that go into Criminal Justice - the bright become defence lawyers, the not so bright go to work for the Crown Prosecution Service. Maybe because they have the means and the permission sanctioned by the State to lie, just to win a case? Sad and wrong world we live in, Sherry, and I just wish the public were more informed.
Reader review #2
This book is fascinating, upsetting and totally gripping. I thought it might be heavy going but in fact I could hardly put it down. I wanted to understand what happened in this case and everything was explained in ways I could easily understand. Even the legal stuff was 'translated'. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this subject and who wants an absorbing summer read.

With Liberty for Some WITH LIBERTY FOR SOME 500 years of imprisonment in America
by Scott Christianson
August 19, 2005

The key word in the subtitle is "imprisonment," for although much of this book is a history of the U.S. prison system, it is also an examination of the whole notion of imprisonment, whether as a slave, as (according to the author) a member of a utopian community such as the Shakers or as an inmate at Sing Sing. Christianson (a former newspaper reporter now associated with the New York State Defenders Association) offers an accessible, if curiously unfocused, account that includes a quick history of the African slave trade, a glimpse at how the British treated American prisoners of war during the Revolutionary War, grim scenes from early prisons in New York and Pennsylvania, descriptions of Civil War, stories of famous wardens and convicts (the Scottsboro Boys, Sacco and Vanzetti, Marcus Garvey), accounts of notorious prison riots and?finally?the rise of the prison business, which Christianson convincingly argues is now a mainstay of the American economy. The book sometimes wanders far afield (what's the early history of the Mormon Church doing here?) while other germane subjects are left uncovered (he gives limited serious attention, for instance, to the theories of criminology and prison architecture that made 19th-century America a mecca for penologists, or to how typical prisoners now spend their days). The author is a skillful storyteller with an eye for unexpected information, but his apparent zeal to impart a lot of information often interferes with his message.

Books to Prisoners

April 4, 2005

Prison Legal News is an active supporter of Books to Prisoner Projects across the country. PLN provides numerous projects with calendars, bookmarks and back issues of PLN to distribute to prisoners. Most of these projects are staffed by volunteers working on shoestring budgets. These fine men and women are dedicated to filling the hole of reading material needed by prisoners created by Department of Corrections departments that spend many millions building and remodeling prisons - but neglect the need and thirst of imprisoned men and women for quality reading material. Please be generous and donate money, paperback books, or your time to one or more of these programs. If possible, also patronize the bookstores listed below that are generously supporting books to prisoner projects.

ADHD and teh Criminal Justice System

January 25, 2005

Patrick J. Hurley is co-author of "ADHD and the Criminal Justice System." Hurley said his contributions to the book largely are based on his own battle with and observations of others with ADHD. Press-Citizen / Jason A. Cook. A new book designed for people who work in the criminal justice system from police officers to jail staff, judges, attorneys, probation, prison and parole staff. Also useful for family members of loved ones who have gotten in trouble with the law.

Consitittional Chaos

by Judge Andrew Napolitano
March 28, 2005

In this alarming book, Judge Napolitano makes the solid case that there is a pernicious and ever-expanding pattern of government abuse in America's criminal justice system, leading him to establish his general creed: The government is not your friend.

Leonard Peltier

by Harvey Arden
Edited & Compiled by George Bowe Blitch

October 1, 2004 - This is a brand new book that has just been published. See the previews. We hope you will be moved to compassion.

Energy Medicine



Energy Medicine has been called the "Gray's Anatomy of the subtle body." It weaves together the author's fascinating story, the invisible world of the energies with which she works, pertinent research, cross-cultural understanding, spell-binding case histories, and most important, a systematic and comprehensive program for self-healing and for "keeping your energies humming."
Eden explains how to determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of the body's energy keypoints and meridians, and she offers highly effective treatments to remedy specific ailments and injuries. Using easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions, Eden shows how even novices can treat themselves for such common problems as headaches, stress, and back pain. Her writing and her classes describe how to use energy medicine for a wide range of concerns.

You be the Judge and Jury


You Be The Judge and Jury is a FREE on-line book exposing the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People. The United States Government, Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service, the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933. It's all right here in black and white!

Beyond Desert Walls

by Ken Lamberton
January 15, 2005

Meditations on nature written from confinement. "Honesty is not often beautiful, but as Ken Lamberton examines the choices that sent him to prison, honesty reveals the beauty at the heart of even a deeply flawed life. These clear-eyed and lyrical essays prove that the truth can indeed set us free." -Susan J. Tweit. Ken Lamberton is the author of Wilderness and Razor Wire , winner of the 2002 John Burroughs Medal for nature writing, and of Chiricahua Mountains: Bridging the Borders of Wildness , published by the University of Arizona Press. He lives in Tucson. About the Author — Update February 2, 2006 — New Ken Lamberton website

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


"Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle." Solzhenitsyn, who taught us the evil of Stalin's Gulag Archipelago, found refuge in this country 20 years ago. We decried injustice in Soviet Russian, yet emulated it here.

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