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The Anti-government Movement Guidebook

January 7, 2003

ENEMY COMBATANTS TOTHE PEOPLE - Justice Dept, DA's Anti Government Handbook Online. This is the DA's book written as a guide to use in court to defeat Constitutionalists. Read the strategies the BAR traitors in the courts are sharing to be able to deal with the arguments of the Sovereigns as we are learning Sui Juris process. Everyone who is learning and excercising their rights needs to see this. This book proves once and for all that the "Justice Dept." and the "Government" ARE the ENEMY COMBATANTS AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

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Barry and the Boys


This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush's private phone number in his wallet...
by Bill Gallagher luxefaire@earthlink.net

Beyond the Vows

by Ed Griffin

A young Catholic priest finds conflict and romance on his journey toward the light.


by Ed Griffin

Once inside the gates of any federal penitentiary, the real world ceases to exist. The only thing real is the hate, the sorrow and the eminent threat of danger. Prison is a journey that most people never desire to undertake, but for two men, it’s a journey that will define their lives.

Prisoners of the Williwaw

by Ed Griffin

Convict Frank Villa reaches deep into history, psychology and penology and comes up with a plan to establish an island prison where three hundred convicts can serve out their sentences, accompanied by their families. He dreams of a new society, of a community founded on the American ideals of freedom and respect for the individual. But Frank soon discovers that he and many others lack the skills needed to build the future. It’s one thing to walk out of prison; it’s another to melt the bars deep in the soul.


by Ed Griffin

Pilar Marti, the first female Secretary-General of the United Nations, struggles to reform this tired, irrelevant bureaucracy. She takes on the United States Government and almost loses her life.


by Stormie Omartian

The Power of a Praying Wife has sold more than 3,000,000 copies and has encouraged countless women to trust God for their marriages. In this beautiful new padded hardcover edition, Stormie Omartians key insights are revealed through reallife illustrations, inspiring Scriptures, encouraging quotes, and sample prayers to help every wife pray for her husbands...

– Spiritual walk
– Emotions
– Role as father and leader
– Security in work and finances
– Health
– Faith and future

Any woman who desires a closer relationship with her husband will enjoy receiving this refreshing look at the power of prayer in marriage.


by Stormie Omartian

Stormie Omartian's mega bestselling The Power of a Praying® series (more than 8.2 million copies sold) is re-released with fresh new cover designs to reach a still growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.
In The Power of a Praying® Husband Stormie helps men pray effectively for their wives and marriages. With stories and examples from her own marriage, Stormie encourages men to lovingly intercede for their wives in every area, including...

– priorities
– emotions
– motherhood
– fears
– sexuality

With comments from wellknown Christian men as well as a foreword by Stormie's husband, multi-Grammy winning music producer Michael Omartian, this is an ideal study for men wanting to develop the discipline of prayer.

Breaking Spears and Mending Hearts

BREAKING SPEARS & MENDING HEARTS Peace makers and Restorative Justice in Bougainville
by Pat Howley

The Story of the Origins of Breaking Spears and Mending Hearts
In 1994 the civil war in Bougainville had been running for three years. The army had returned to Buka and several other districts at the request of the people who had been abused and tortured by the criminal elements in the Bougainville Revolutionary Army.
Some districts were hoping to bring about peace and Peace Foundation Melanesia, an NGO set up for training people in conflict resolution was asked to run a pilot course at the Convent at Chabai (in the Northern end of Bougainville mainland.)
The course was declared a success and Peace Foundation was asked to run further courses in Buka. Soon people who had attended the training began conducting awareness courses and an extraordinary thing happened. The people themselves, villages began to take ownership of the course, training new trainers, advising on the content of the course and setting up structures to maintain continuity. Peace Foundation responded by setting aside about one third of its budget to meet the demand. read more...

From the Palace to the Prison

April 16, 2005

From the Palace to the Prison, and back to the Palace is Sherman Mannings brand new book with a forward by Denzel Washington. It's a must read!p one of the most provocative, candid and scathing books I've ever read. If this book had been published before the election, Mr. Bush would not be in office. No one has ever gotten the kind of diverse collaboration and put them together in an anthology like this one. This is motivation for students, political satire, sobriquet and entertainment as has never been written before. How do you get John Grisham, Denzel Washington, Montel Williams and Jay Z to contribute to the same book. Harper Collins should be proud! Trick Daddy, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, David Lettermanm and Howard Stern will have a field day with this book!

George Bush Sr.

GEORGE BUSH The Unauthorized Biography

This is an online e-book.

The thesis of this book is simple: if George Bush were to be re-elected in November 1992 for a second term as the President of the United States, this country and the rest of the world would face a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

The necessity of writing this book became overwhelming in the minds of the authors in the wake of the ghastly slaughter of the Iraq war of January-February 1991. That war was an act of savage and premeditated genocide on the part of Bush, undertaken in connivance with a clique in London which has, in its historical continuity, represented both the worst enemy of the long-term interests of the American people, and the most implacable adversary of the progress of the human species. read more...

Going up the River

GOING UP THE RIVER – Private Prisons – Psycho Factories
By Maria Russo

Nonviolent criminals go in and sadistic thugs come out, but with military spending down, America's small towns are hooked on prisons.

You Got Nthing Coming


Notes from a Prison Fish - November 20, 2004 - A native of Brooklyn, New York, and former resident of Danville, California, JIMMY LERNER has been a cabdriver in New York City, a soldier in Panama (stationed on a bar stool in Panama City), and a corporate cubicle slave for The Phone Company in San Francisco. After obtaining an M.B.A. from Golden Gate University, he worked for many years as a marketing and strategic planning manager for Pacific Bell. Convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1998, he was released on parole in early 2002. He currently lives in Coconut Grove, Florida where is working on a novel entitled, "The Therapy Ain't Working," and a collection of poems called, "It's All Part of The Punishment."

Creating Monsters

by Sherman D. Manning
July 4, 2004

He brought us If It Doesnt Fit, You Must Acquit. Now comes Sherman Manning with his new book Creating Monsters, the Monster Factory. It is about The Making of the Monsters in our Judicial System. It's the best ever written on this topic. Just get it and help free America!

Crime and Justice Research


In both the review and the thematic volumes, Crime and Justice offers an interdisciplinary approach to address core issues in criminology, with perspectives from biology, law, psychology, ethics, history, and sociology.

Death in the Air


In the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America, and the pending "Space Preservation Act of 2002" (H.R. 3616), this prophetically titled masterpiece is MUST AND URGENT READING!

Dead Man Walking

by Sister Helen Prejean

When Helen Prejean is invited to write to a prisoner on Death Row who brutally killed two teenagers, she has little idea how much it will change her life. Although she abhors his crime, she befriends one man as he faces the electric chair. Dead Man Walking is Helen Prejean's gripping true story, which formed the basis for a major motion picture event. As powerful an indictment of the death penalty as has ever been written, her book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Deadly Diplomacy

DEADLY DIPLOMACY — Creating a "New World Order"
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

A Search for the Origin of AIDS Reveals a Shocking CIA-Military Industrial Genocidal Germ Warfare Program. read more...

Death Row

DEATH ROW Interviews With Inmates, Their Families and Opponents of Capital Punishment
by Shirley Dicks

Death Row is the inspired work of the impoverished Tennessee mother of Jeffrey Dicks, whose son languished on death row for a robbery he didn't commit and a murder he didn't even see. Shirley Dicks was inspired by the inequality of our justice system to publish these series of interviews by those who oppose the death penalty. This thought provoking collection provides much insight on this controversial issue. The United States' stand on the death penalty, in light of US leadership in human rights, appears to be a contradiction to the rest of the world. The methods of execution are sometimes extremely painful and not quick. An overwhelming percentage of those on death row are impoverished and would not be there if they had other resources besides desultory and ineffective court appointed counsel. These and other important issues are poignantly addressed. Shirley Dicks was unable to hire a competent legal defense. At the trial the family was shocked when vital evidence was never presented to the jury. Jeff, who had no history of violent or criminal behavior, was convicted of murder and sentenced to die in Tennessee's electric chair. Jeff's loved ones never lost faith in his innocence, and they shared in his daily burden of deadly uncertainty and experience the painful frustrations of their attempts to set him free. Unfortunately, Jeff died in prison in 1999 from inadequate medical treatment, which was several years after his conviction in 1978.
Jeff Dicks Foundation

The Death Penalty in America

The Death Penalty in America
(Oxford U. Press 1997)
Hugo Adam Bedau, ed.,

(includes sections on law of capital punishment, deterrence and incapacitation, race and class issues)

Defruding America

Defrauding America
by Rodney Stich

Defrauding America gives details provided by government insiders of how CIA and Justice Department personnel acted so that Afghan terrorists acquired surface to air missiles, and how members of Congress refused to block this transfer, several months before the downing of TWA Flight 800;  details how Justice Department personnel covered up for the terrorists who actually placed the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103, and how Justice Department personnel filed false criminal charges against a former Mossad agent and former Department of Defense undercover agent who prepared affidavits revealing these matters; and how federal judges conspired to misuse their judicial positions to silence a former federal agent seeking to expose these criminal activities that implicated people in key government positions.

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