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The Tyranny of Good Intentions

The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice (Hardcover)
by Paul Craig Roberts, Lawrence M. Stratton
January 4, 2007

The authors of The New Color Line return with another libertarian polemic, this time taking aim at a justice system that has lost sight of its most important goals. Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton warn of a "police state that is creeping up on us from many directions." There's the war on drugs, which makes it possible for federal agents to investigate people simply for carrying large amounts of cash. There's the crusade against white-collar crime, which has turned the plea bargain into an enemy of the truth. And there's outright misconduct, abetted by prosecutors more interested in compiling long lists of indictments than ensuring the fair treatment of all suspects. The Tyranny of Good Intentions is replete with examples of how government treads on freedom through ill-willed prosecution and faceless bureaucracy. The book's overpowering sense of disaffection sometimes leads to alarmist prose: "We the People have vanished. Our place has been taken by wise men and anointed elites." The authors are swift to suggest that America, barring "an intellectual rebirth," may yet go the way of "German Nazis and Soviet communists."

Crossing the Yard

by Richard Selton
October 31, 2007

"He slams the Arizona Department of Corrections as bad as I've ever seen," writes former employee of the ADOC. "He hit them harder than any of the books I've read by Lamberton. He tells some gut wrenching stories of what it's like to be in that hell hole and does it very well."
Publisher: University of Arizona Press (October 1, 2007)

Devilvision: The World's New Wireless Grid
by William J. (Bill) Gallagher
May 15, 2008

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

To listen to an interview with the author about this book, please click below:

The last 90 minutes of this show is an interview by Gina Romano
(www.theedgeam.com) with author of Devilvision Bill Gallagher
(www.luxefaire.com) of Hachita NM on ENMOD and chemtrails.


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