The Deal Makers     ISBN: 1-58721-956-5
The Cesspool     ISBN: 0-75960-871-7
Hell Hole     ISBN: 0-75964-951-0Please read, save, post, and forward this information to everyone possible.  This entire country needs to know just how overwhelmingly corrupt their police, prosecutors, judges, courts, attorneys, and politicians truly are.  And the three below recently published books proves it all far-far beyond any type of doubt.  And if we all get on the same page, we can stop all that horrendous corruption all around us.  See below:

Wouldn't it be just great if someday, someone out there had enough guts, and courage enough to tell and publish the truth about the overwhelmingly corrupt judicial system, police, prosecutors, judges, courts, alleged defense attorneys, and politicians all over this country that have been living off the public,
and lying and deceiving the public, since the beginning of time?  Well, that someday is now: And that someone is me: Franklin D. Vipperman, Author of the book series The Deal Makers, The Cesspool, and Hell Hole, which can be found at the following links, and direct addresses below.  These three books
detail with overwhelming proof the absolute [truth] about how the police and prosecutors frame innocent people for crimes, the overwhelmingly corrupt prosecutors, judges, and courts railroad them through the corrupt despicable judicial system and into prison.  And how their alleged defense attorneys let them [all] get away with it, and help them cover it up.  And how they all together benefit politically and monetarily from their horrendous conspiracy with each other, at the expense of the public and the loss of liberty and often lives of those they have crucified:

The Deal Makers     ISBN: 1-58721-956-5
The Cesspool     ISBN: 0-75960-871-7
Hell Hole     ISBN: 0-75964-951-0
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