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IN MEMORY OF CHILDREN WHO DIED FROM ABUSE WHILE IN JUVENILE FACLITIES IN THE U.S. - Added April 29, 2010 - The children listed here died in Juvenile Justice Care. What are people in the U.S. doing about this kind of attrocity?

ALABAMA AND ALL CHILDREN - February 12, 2006 - Plea to all Alabama Representatives - Please listen to the plea of the children. There are children languishing in adult prisons for the rest of their lives. We are hoping that some or just one of you will stand up for them and help us change the current juvenile laws. Other states are realizing this need for change and are doing something about it. Just what is cruel and unusual punishment? Shouldn't these children be rehabilitated and not just thrown away? We are willing to help in anyway to facilitate a change. Please help us save them. Links are also provided below with a wealth of information, take the time to be informed. Thank you.

MESSAGES FROM MOM - April 30, 2004 - In 2003, thanks to the support and dedication of many patrons, Women in Transition was able to send heartfelt video taped messages to children with incarcerated parents. This is a number that is growing at an alarming rate across the Nation and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This year our goal is to distribute twice as many video taped messages as the year before. Your help is necessary to accomplish this.

WEBSTER ALEXANDER - ALABAMA - June 5, 2003 - 26 years for petty drug offence.

RONALD LEE BELL - FLORIDA DEATH ROW - November 7, 2002 - We have on appeal the judgment and sentence of the trial court imposing the death penalty upon Ronald Lee Bell, Jr. We have jurisdiction. See art. V, § 3(b)(1), Fla. Const. For the reasons expressed below, we affirm Bell's convictions but reduce the sentence of death on this seventeen-year-old to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

CHILDREN IN PRISON - Our youth are not failing the system; the system is failing our youth. Our legal system has been called the best in the world, but we take children, too young to understand the consequences of their actions and throw them into an adult world of arrests, court trials and prison sentences. This site is dedicated to children who have been tried as adults and are now serving sentences in adult prisons. All were younger than 16 and most are serving life sentences with no chance for rehabilitation. Please take the time to visit this web site that is being hosted by

DANIEL CARTER - FLORIDA - May 17, 2003 - Daniel Carter defended his own life but then he was charged with 1st degree murder. Now Daniel must again defend his own life from Florida's barbarian justice system.

MELVIN JEROME GRIFFIN - Georgia - Melvin was 17 years old with he was convicted for a crime he says he did not commit. Any help is appreciated. His family needs legal, investigative and financial support to prove Melvin's innocence. For addtional information, contact Melvin's mother, ELONA GRIFFIN <>

Andy Williams - California - Andy is the boy who was involved in the shooting of people in his Santee, CA high school in March of 2001. But all is not what it appears to be. Click here for the intro and then click above to review this child's remarkably sad case. Remember, that placing a child in an adult prison ensures the child will be raped and thoroughly abused. If Andy is already mentally ill, placing him in an adult prison is sure to finish him off. The information regarding the history of Charles Andy Williams listed on this page was collected from reports from major news organizations around the United States. We created this page to educate the public of what may very well have been the main cause of Andy's alleged actions on March 5th, 2001. This page explains how one young boy named Andy Williams was separated from his mother at age 4, regularly tormented and abused by his peers, and sadly... somehow failed by society. This page wasn't created to make excuses for what Andy allegedly did. There are no excuses for what he did and he should be punished, but punished as a juvenile, not an adult. This was created to give people additional information pertaining to this case so they can have more insight to why this may have happened.

CHILD IN CRISIS ORG - No child should be buffed. James Sheets, 14, of Red Lion, Pa., is shown in this undated yearbook photo. York County Coroner Barry Bloss said Sheets died Thursday, April 24, 2003, after the eighth-grader killed Red Lion Area Junior High School Principal Eugene Segro, 51, in the crowded school cafeteria and then himself. Police do not believe anyone else was involved and are investigating where the teenager got the guns he used in the incident.

Children's Lives Adult Sentences - Brian Woods does not have the daily routine of an average American fifteen year old. He is not allowed to go out, see his friends, play football, use the telephone. He spent two years in a Florida prison awaiting he's home. Turns out he was found not guilty. See the story here.

ISAAC GRIMES - COLORADO - April 1, 2004 - Isaac Grimes, at 15-years-old, admitted to killing Tony Dutcher and is currently serving a 60-year sentence in an adult prison. There are extreme extenuating circumstances in his case and he will get reconsideration of his sentence in the near future. We would like to encourage everyone that fights this uphill battle: every letter is an important one, every phone call, every prayer, every person you pass the word of justice to.

Renee Jacobs (f.k.a. Jacques) Fights for her children - December 20, 2004 - I lost custody of my six year old little boy. I am the proud mother of two boys, Brandon, 15 and Alex, 6 [in a completely unjust court].

Juveniles on Alabama's Death Row - Their silence has been deafening...

Juvenile Justice Meet Jerry Mooney. Jerry's Case is the heart of this site. Juvenile Justice is an informative web site designed to EDUCATE people of the injustices befalling children and the adults they become, by our own penal system. Our intent is to INFORM the population of one such injustice and to eventually help guide those interested to other sites, directories, and organizations based on correcting or at least illuminating these problems. We encourage everyone to take the time to examine this site and the links contained within and consider it's implications.

Kids in Adult Prisons - August 27, 2001 "But in fact, the rash of new legislation came largely after crack and after violent-crime rates among teenagers began plummeting. As a result, the last decade has seen less and less teenage violence but more and more teens sent to adult jails and prisons across the country." Thank you to everyone who fought hard to help 14 year-old Lionel Tate escape America's draconian fate of being sent to an adult prison....

ALABAMA - Louis Christopher Mangione's story - August 11, 2004 - (written by his mother): Before this nightmare started I had been to the Department of Human Resources and to the Department. of Youth Services (Juvenile), seeking a program called CHINS, (Children in Need of Supervision). I was told that you have to wait for them to do something wrong before they can be picked up. (What??? Well, wait till you read on and see just exactly what happened.) Him doing something wrong and being arrested for it was exactly what I was trying to prevent. As you read on you will see just how angry I was at the system because they failed my child and me.

JOSHUA PHILLIPS - FLORIDA - Joshua was 14 years old in 1998 when he was arrested. His mother tells the heart-wrenching story of how life for their family ended as they knew it that year.

Matt Ruark - Florida - just turned 19 last month. November 4, 2001 - MAMAS, DON'T LET YOUR SONS GROW UP TO BE STATE WITNESS........

CHRISTOPHER THATCHER - ALABAMA - May 8, 2005 - Christopher's website has just been updated by his mother, Pam Thrasher. Putting aside the facts of his innocence, he was only 16 years old when this crime occurred. He was tried as an adult and sentenced to maximum security prison FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Christopher was a child having no financial means, who 13 years ago was locked up at the age of 16 for his alleged involvement in the murder of 2 juveniles. ALL AGREED he did not participate in the murders. Yet he was convicted by complicity to the murders despite a complete lack of "hard evidence" and was sentenced to the hopeless condition of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE, in a maximum security prison.

Neal & Jesse Eldridge: This site is dedicated to the cause of two remarkable American teenagers... and to the numerous other children in the United States that are the victims of horrendous, viscous and violent abuse within the home. We hope that you are moved by your visit to this site, but much more importantly, we hope and anticipate that you will be inspired by it. The courage that Neal and Jesse Eldridge have in bringing public attention to their cause is awe-inspiring, and their courage should stand as a testament to and a symbol for all American young people that cannot escape the horrible scars that such violent abuse causes and leaves behind.

Stop Trying our Kids as Adults!

Children on Death Row - by state

Child executions - the aren't old enough to buy tobacco products but they are on death row.

Victims of Child Abuse - Manuel Redwoman is a Northern Cheyenne/Lakota/Arapaho Native American incarcerated in Montana because he killed a childmolester. Manuel struggles a lot for child rights. That's why he has decided to create this website. He really hopes that it will help many children and adults who are suffering and suffered in the past.