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Women in Prison - "Between 1986 and 1991 there was a 432% increase in the number of women serving time for drug offenses in State prisons compared to a 281% increase in men."
Abuse of Women in Prison
Melissa Kay Belanger - Michigan - added July 6, 2009 - Melissa was sentenced to life without parole for a crime she did not commit, while the self-confessed criminal was given a reduced sentence for implicating her. Also we have a petition:
Peggie Jo Adams Story - Another Injustice to a battered woman in Alabama!
Victoria Banks - Alabama - July 10, 2002 - If you want to read a soga that is just too strange for words, check out the case of Victoria Banks. She is mentally retarded and was convicted of murdering a baby that she gave birth to. Only catch is, her tubes were tied and she was unable to conceive - so no baby was ever born. Still the DA insists [without any proof], even though all the scientists and physicians disagreed, that she "could have" given birth. So, in his wisdom, the Alabama judge honored the conviction. Go figure...
Judi Bari Home Page - In a politically motivated effort to demonize Judi and Earth First! in public opinion, the FBI tried to frame the nonviolent activists, blaming the victims for the bombing. A two-month national media smear campaign was sustained by a series of false police claims that they had evidence linking Judi to building the bomb and knowingly transporting it.
Dorothy Beasley - Tennessee - November 10, 2002 - Illegal incarceration. She needs your help.
Lori Berenson - Political Prisoner in Peru
Lori Berenson is a U.S. citizen, human rights activist, and free-lance journalist who currently is serving a life sentence in Perú following her conviction by a secret, hooded military tribunal, in violation of international law. Lori Berenson is currently being held as a political prisoner in Lima and undergoing a trial in the civilian terrorism courts that, according to the U.S. State Department, "fails to meet international standards of openness, fairness, and due process." On 28 August 2000, after serving nearly five years in harsh Peruvian jails high in the Andes, her conviction of treason against Perú and her life sentence were nullified because the Peruvian government admitted it erred in charging her with leadership in a terrorist group.
Kathy Boudin - New York - April 22, 2003 - We are a group of local residents who support parole for Kathy Boudin, an extraordinary woman who has already served more than twenty-one years in jail for her role in the Brinks Robbery of 1981, in Rockland County, New York. We feel that Kathy has more than met the criteria for parole and has earned the right to be released.
Beverly Brabham - Alabama - January 28, 2003 - This page was designed to share and to be shared with. One human being is too many when it comes to unlawfully, wrongfully having their freedom taken away from them. I received a most bizarre false accusation, wrongful conviction, and illegal imprisonment. I was the victim of malicious prosecution and conspiracy to maliciously prosecute. The corrupt individuals have gone so far as to literally sentence me THREE times for the same bogus lie. Is there such a violation as 'TRIPLE JEOPARDY'?! My rights were severely and visciously denied, and I have been failed miserably by the system. I am becoming more and more aware that this type of corruption is not so rare as I once thought. The criminal obstruction of justice toward me is described in my horror story at the link below. First, please sign my guest book, tell your story, or submit any feedback that you will.
TIFFANY BROWN - TEXAS - February 23, 2005 - Last Monday I went to Galveston for a check up with the surgeons and we talked about the pain I am having in my arm. I told them the morphine I was on for this pain was not doing any good at all. I also told them about the work I do for 8 hours a day.
Cindy Countess - Virginia - November 23, 2005 - I am trying anything and everything to help Cindy. Please do put me on your mailing list. I would like to get a copy of your book. It is so hard to try and help someone who is incarcerated when the system is only working against them. I have the same fear for Cindy(as Maurice), that she could die before ever being released. She stays so in fear...a lot of the younger inmates play mind games (go into her locked box, take things, then put some back) to make her think she is insane With her as ill as she is, they lie on her and steal from her. She is afraid to tell on them for fear of reprisal. I try to think positive and encourage her to be, but it is difficult when so many avenues turn into another deadend. I appreciate anything and everything, that can be done to help me with her case. Until next time..hope you and your family have a nice holiday.....Norma Campbell <>
Elizabeth Diane Downs - The Oregon Trial - November 19, 2004 - The following is an account which reveals the disturbing truth behind the wrongful and illegal conviction of (Elizabeth) Diane Downs in 1984. This account is based on court documents. A similar account by Diane Downs herself was ignored by the authorities. Rebuttal by Caleb - January 6, 2005 - "This is the way you help the world?"
Dove's Nest - The Christian fellowship web site of Susan Atkins-Whitehouse, imprisoned at CIW, Frontera, CA since 1971. Visit Susan's site and write to subscribe to her monthly letters which have become a blessing to all who receive them.

(Rick's Comment: Susan, along with Leslie Van Houton and Pat Kernwinkle, are now middle-aged women who were at CIW with Andrea for 14 years, and are no danger to anyone. My investigator once wrote an essay comparing the isolation and brainwashing Manson subjected them to with the effect Bob Sand's depraved sex games, forced constant nudity, and isolation had on Andrea. The only difference was that Manson had extensive psychological training and knew what he was doing, whereas Sand's manipulation of Andrea was a natural part of his personality.)
Karen Lynn Fried - Baltimore, Maryland - is a 40-year-old woman who has been imprisoned in Maryland since 1978, when she was 17 years old. She was convicted of murder and conspiracy for her role in the death of her 13-year-old girlfriend. Karen was an accomplice, rather than the actual killer.
Joyce Gilchrist - Oklahoma City - July 28, 2002 - Former chemist's analysis and testimony sent at least one innocent person to death row. Defense attorney files suit to investigate if an innocent man was executed because of her testimony. One other man's death sentence is overturned and re-sentencing is ordered.
Louise Harris - Death Row - Alabama - Justice O'Connor delivered the opinion of the Court. The Constitution permits the trial judge, acting alone, to impose a capital sentence. It is thus not offended when a State further requires the sentencing judge to consider a jury's recommendation and trusts the judge to give it the proper weight. Accordingly, we affirm the judgment of the Alabama Supreme Court.
Sandy Jonas - Idaho - December 27, 2004 - 1. Running into danger (1) October 25, 1998 was a Sunday, Walker’s and Valley Paving gravel pits four miles south of Bellevue, Idaho. I had made arrangements with one of my co-workers who lived in a little "commune" as we called it to go hunting that morning out back in the gravel pit.We met just before dawn (about 6) and headed out on foot. When we were done and had gotten back to the commune I put my rifle in the back of my car. I left my knife and pistol in my pockets where they had been all the time we were out hunting. I swung past my base foreman's place which was about 1/2 way to where I was going. My foreman was cutting up firewood so I stacked it for him by his back door. I spent an hour or two helping him then headed on down the road.
Annie Krachun's Story - An elderly dying woman only wants to go home and spend her last days in peace. Gray Davis says "no."
Kirstin Lobato - Nevada - July 26, 2003 - This case appears to be a wrongful conviction and
many other people have created websites to help Kirstin receive justice. Please check out the sites, decide for yourself and help if you can.
Lynda Lyon - Alabama - August 26, 2002 A Dissenter's Fate in Fascist America, The Lessons for Europe - by by Kevin Ellul Bonici -- from The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, Vol 1, No 28, August 26, 2002 Editor: Emile Zola Publisher: Digital Monetary Trust - Europeans have much to learn from American libertarians. For American libertarians have tasted a brand of federalized tyranny that is far ahead of Europe on its road to self-destruction.
The Dolores Markee Page - A battered woman serving a life term in Texas for defending her daughter. This site was created to tell the story and rally support for Dolores, serving a 58-year sentence for killing her ex-husband. She was only trying to protect her little girl whom he was sexually molesting. So far, the Texas Board of Pardons, and George W. Bush (AKA Rick Perry) have turned a deaf ear to public pleas for relief. And, George is the current President!
Susan May - UK - "Judges who refuse to entertain the idea of police corruption when it is the most likely explanation of the case, or part of the case, against the accused become no less corrupt themselves. Susan has overwhelming evidence of innocence.
Carol Miller - Tennessee - May 1, 2002 - Here is a letter to P.A.T.R.I.C.K. CRUSADE. I hope members will contact her - obviously she needs a friend.
Debra Jean Milke: - Innocent on Death Row In Arizona Since January 1991.
In Debra's words: "The entire ordeal has become a nightmare and so overwhelming. You would never imagine in your wildest dreams that any of this could happen to you. This happens to other people or in the movies. And in this scenario there are so many different twists, each having their own meaning behind them, either self-serving or pure vindictiveness. You are being portrayed by the media and by the press as an evil mom who wanted her child killed. This is on the news every day and you know deep within your soul that you are NOT that kind of person...... "
NPAP - Women's Support
Christa Pike - Death Row Tennessee
Darlie Routier - is a young woman whose home was invaded by an intruder or intruders who murdered two of her three small children and slashed her throat in June of 1996. The Dallas, Texas, District Attorney's office charged Darlie with murdering her own children and wounding herself. The prosecution's case against Darlie Routier was based on supposition, theory, circumstantial evidence and character assassination. Many people believe she was unjustly tried, and are calling for an investigation into the trial by Governor George W. Bush. In an "opposed" change of venue trial, the people of Kerrville, Texas (a small conservative town which seems prone to hand out the death penalty whenever the opportunity arises), found her "Guilty." She is now on Death Row in Gatesville, Texas, where she awaits "death by lethal injection" at a future date.
"ACTION - TAKE ACTION NOW" - April 13, 2002 Tonya Sullivan and Taniese Wilson are prisoners in Memphis, Tennessee. They have decided to "blow the whistle" on the guards who are bringing in drugs, having sex with the women, and abusing anyone - good guards and prisoners alike - who tell on them. But Tonya and Taniese have had enough and are taking their chances. TAKE ACTION. Read their letters, then write about this to the newspapers, the press, the men and women in Congress and let's get these atrocities investigated before someone gets killed. Write to these brave women too. Your letters will help protect them when the prison officials see how many people are watching to see what they do. Here is my letter to Tonya Sullivan in response to the letters we received from her and from her room mate, Taniese Wilson.
UPDATE - 11/9/02
Pamela Smart - New Hampshire - January 7, 2005 - Sign Pamela's petition -- Lawyers for Pamela Smart are running out of options in trying to get a new trial. She is the former media coordinator at Winnacunnet High School teacher who was convicted of persuading her teen lover and his friends to kill her husband in Derry 13 years ago. Smart, who is serving a life sentence without the chance for parole for the part she played in the 1990 murder of her husband, Gregory, has been trying to gain an appeal since her 1991 conviction but has been turned down at every step of the way.
Taniese Wilson - Tennessee - September 18, 2006 - Letter and supporting documentation from Taniese regarding rules at Tennessee Prison for Women. Write to Taniese Wilson #283798, TPFW U2S-D46, 3881 Stewarts Ln., Nasville, TN 37218-3302
Women Convicted by Drugging The Daisy Benson Story