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From: Kay Lee <kaylee1@charter.net>
To: CNN News <HeadlineNewsMail@CNN.com>
Date: Monday, May 14, 2001 5:25 PM
Subject: [patrickcrusade] LEFT WITH NO ALTERNATIVE

Concerning CNN's coverage of the Supreme Court's Medical Marijuana Decision

I'm going to speak some very unpopular truths here. If you are angry with me after reading this email, don't just cut me off. Please question what I say with an open heart and mind, knowing my mission is peace, love, truth and humanity.

This morning CNN reported on the Supreme Court's thumbs down decision on medical marijuana, a decision that will sacrifice millions more patients on the battlefield of the long standing, destructive, expensive, ineffective drug war. They have decided that they will back the DEA in its effort to lock up the weakest among us over the biggest hoax the government has ever fed us.

I know this issue well. I have studied marijuana, the drug war, and prohibition for over 10 long years, caregiving for patients, talking to the experts, writing to prisoners, reading the literature and studying the statistics. I have learned three basic things that are inarguable once you know the facts:

1. Prohibition has a history of failure and a policy already proven over and over again as unenforceable should never be used as US policy if we want to be strong.

2. The 30 year long drug war has caused more destruction to our nation than any of the drugs involved ever could on their own and yet, has shown absolutely no victories.

3. Marijuana is a non-toxic plant that no one should ever go to prison for.

Those statements will probably dismay you. I know because I was once the biggest doubting Thomas of all before I began to question everything. But, I promise you, I would not say these things if I was not thoroughly educated on the facts, 100% convinced, and felt perfectly right with my God.

The hopelessness in our prisons, the decline of our schools, the devastation in our homes, and the hard-heartedness and ignorance of our people are direct and growing results of a rogue government's drug war propaganda sent out by purposely misleading and misinformed people with ulterior motives of greed and power. And that's the truth as I see it.

If you do not weep with me for those in pain, for the destruction of life, for the loss of liberty and true American values like choice, compassion, common sense, wisdom, justice and courage, then you just don't know the truth.

In that case, I beg you, Please, please...learn more.

This is my letter to CNN on their coverage of the decision of the Supreme Court to promulgate the drug war lies.

In Great Sadness but still Visualizing Enlightenment,
Kay Lee
2613 Larry Court
Eau Gallie, Florida 32935


I have been watching your coverage of the marijuana Supreme Court Decision. I am horrified to come away with the feeling that CNN has been bought and paid for.

The decision of the Supreme Court hangs heavy on my heart as it should on yours. I'm old, and I've watched the ignorance spread upward through our system like branches of a very poisonous tree. As the chaos reached our courts, destroying millions of lives, I began to wonder: When the Supreme Court of our land becomes tainted and the judges loose their honor, compassion, wisdom, and truth, where do we, the people turn?

Well, that day is here, and we certainly cannot reach out to the UN Human Rights Commission...our legislators' behavior has gotten us kicked out over our tolerance of human rights abuses in and by our own country.

I, for one, will look to my creator for my leadership from now on, and, because he's already given me His decision, I will do all I can to expose the lies and to enlighten the people so that people in pain may secure the natural plants that greedy and unscrupulous 'leaders' have stolen from the people.

CNN's deplorable tactics (like having a patient on air talking about marijuana's usefulness for nausea while running an article about one more bogus government study 'proving' marijuana is not useful for nausea) leave me speechless...

While you pointed out the lack of proper studies on the plant, you never even pointed out that the reason the evidence is anecdotal is because in 1974 the U.S. government denied access to the plant for independent research.

I am so disappointed in you.

If it had gone in the patient's favor, would you have been so free with your coverage? I think not!

But the people are not done....

Sorry, I am switching news sources to the AP and the New York Times, both of whom showed some desire to present the issue accurately.

Kay Lee
2613 Larry Court
Eau Gallie, Florida 32935