We are only tolerant of people who conform to our concept of what is normal. We are sometimes tolerant of handicapped people…if we can understand the disability.

But we cannot tolerate a disability we cannot see or understand. Then, we do not see it as a disability, but we see it as wrong…throw that person out, he's wrong, he's bad, hide him, be ashamed of him, be afraid of him.
The only ones who understand and are not ashamed, are the ones with the handicap, and the ones who love that person.
The rest of society is quick to scorn, to judge, to mock, to run away. Wait until it's their turn, and then they will know how it feels to be scorned, judged, mocked, and run away from. Until their turn comes, they do not have compassion for something they don't understand. It's their narrow minds that stop them from being humane to all humans.
Sherry Swiney
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