Message From the Executive Director

May 12, 2001 - Credits and Acknowledgements Updated October 6, 2002 - last update May 25, 2010

    I founded People Aligned To Replace Injustice & Cruelty with Knowledge - P.A.T.R.I.C.K. in 1996, with the help of four special friends. 
    One of those friends was Marla Mazoch and her help and suggestions were invaluable. It was Marla who created the name PATRICK Crusade and I developed the meaning, making PATRICK an acronym, for I wanted our human rights organization to be for all people, and not just for my beloved husband, Patrick, though his plight is the inspiration for creating The PATRICK Crusade.
    Another friend was Candyce Hawk, without whom, The PATRICK Crusade would not be as great as it is today.
    The third friend was SiteMistic, our first webmaster who donated a website and his time to us for the first year.
    The fourth friend was John Hammar, who counseled many members when they were feeling very lost because of the injustices they were experiencing in their lives.
   I am sad to say that today, that as of this writing, none of those friends are with our organization. Marla, Candyce and SiteMistic went on to other avenues, and John was killed in an auto accident. We all mourned greatly, then together we made a special memorial page for John, and then we kept on going.
   I am very grateful to these four wonderful people for their tireless contributions toward helping us build a worldwide organization that has become a Force with which to be reckoned.  As an update of particular delight, I am very pleased to announce that in 2002, Candyce Hawk rejoined us and she is even more powerful now than she was when this acknowldgement was first written.
    In addition, I am very grateful to PATRICK Crusade Member, Rick Jackson, who donated his time to develop our new website, after SiteMistic closed us down. Rick was our fearless webmaster for 4 years. We could not have done this without you, Rick.
    I want to thank so many other people for helping us along the way, but there are too many names to write them all down here. These people know who they are and to all of you please know how grateful I am for all of your hard work.
    I also want to thank each Member of The PATRICK Crusade for just being there, reading, writing, listening, telephoning, faxing, emailing, praying, marching and rallying on behalf of all the prisoners and their families in the United States of America. Many of our members are from other countries, and we are proud to have all of you in our camp to help us awaken the American People to the fact that Prison is BIG business, that it's about money and not justice.
    I hope you find our pages worthwhile, helpful in your research, and informative. I hope you find the cases we cite outrageous and compelling. When you see the truth, you cannot walk away from it and sleep well at night. Your Higher Self knows that something is terribly wrong when the American People allow the American government to treat its own people as shown in the stories within these pages.
Update: May 25, 2010

   A lot has happened since the first update in 2002, and this update is bittersweet. First, Our Icon - Patrick Swiney - died in prison from medical neglect on July 28, 2009. His complete story and all documentation of that story may be found within the 11 thousand pages of the Patrick Crusade website, should any researcher find the case interesting. Next, Our Beloved Candyce Hawk died at home 3 days ago on May 22, 2010 after battling a cancer and pneumonia.

   She had left the Patrick Crusade again about 2 years ago in search of something in her life that she never was able to find. I think she was searching for justice and it broke her heart that there was none to be found in this world - not from what she could see, anyway. She had studied to be a lawyer and she would have been a great lawyer! To test her theory that says "If you follow all the rules to a 'T' and have solid evidence of innocence, no judge can deny a hearing of the case", she volunteered to take on Patrick's case in the Alabama courts. Both Patrick and I tried to tell her that we had already learned that it didn't matter in Alabama if you had the perfect case; if they didn't want you to get out, you weren't going to be set free. She disagreed so eloquently, that I began to rekindle a belief that justice was possible in Alabama in Patrick's case. Candyce had told me that the only way the judge could deny the hearing was to break the law. Well, when the judge blatantly broke the law and the rest of the courts stood behind him, Candyce's head spun as the truth about Alabama finally sank in. She decided right then and there she was not going to become a lawyer in a system that was that corrupt. In my opinion that was a backward or upside down way of looking at it. Candyce and I often saw things from opposite points of view yet we remained good friends for years and years. When Patrick died last year, Candyce was broken hearted as were a lot of people who loved him very much.

   On May 8, 2010 I announced my retirement from the patrickcrusade mailing list. No one so far has come forward to take the mailing list over, so it now runs on its own with its current 285 members. Bless you all for the good work you are doing to help the helpless in our prisons.

   I am in no way retiring from helping improve the human condition on our planet. Patrick's death opened my eyes very wide. None of the things we did in his case mattered. None of it worked. I saw a greater picture of where we were going to go if this kind of corruption were to continue, and then I knew it was time for me to do SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to help get this mess turned around.

   As I say in my "Message from Site Coordinator" at the new written on Patrick's birthday:
"Our world is in turmoil. What we have been doing to correct this has not worked. People are still being mistreated. Injustice is still perceived everywhere you look, and people are still dying, suffering and going broke because of this."
Arbitrary Imprisonment – Censorship – Unfair Trials – Mean-spirited Prison Guards – Unheard Voices – Broken Families – Senseless Wars & More Killings – Pollution of Our Resources – Economic Instability – Corruption in Government – on and on

Can You Change It?

   Indeed you can change it. How? With a change of heart; a change of mind; a change in how you look at things happening in this world for your minds are far more powerful than government has allowed you to understand. You are NOT powerless beings. You no longer have to be victims. The choice is yours to wake up or to remain asleep.

Is Now a good time ~ If not Now then When?

If you want to change the World
You need to change your Mind

Open Your Mind.

Educate yourself by spending time with the links on our new home page.

Cooperation is the Key.

Learn how powerful your mind really is by spending time with the links on our new home page.

Destruction was Our Past.

Learn how being for something is much more powerful than being against something. Realize destruction of people and resources does not work.

Cooperation is Our Future.

Practice all you have learned from the links on our new home page and watch how things begin to change for you and for the rest of the world. You are invited to visit our new home page often. We will continue to add more informative links to aid in our desire to grow in awareness of who we really are on Planet Earth – to unlock the healer in each of us which has been suppressed for far too long. Now is the time for change. You are a vital part of that change."
   The new shows you a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONCEPT of our future than what we have today. The concept is known as The Venus Project which is beyond Politics, Poverty & War. Turning these ideas into reality will be exciting because it is something human beings have never done before. I explain this briefly in my new Intro & Bio
   It has been a pleasure working with all Patrick Crusade Members. May you continue to grow in wisdom and strength as we approach the changes that are being created by those who have made the decision to wake up to the fact that we create the world with our powerful their minds. The challenge is to do this on purpose rather than do it from someone else's point of view. I leave you with this short clip and then I hope you think deeply from that point on.
   This is our opportunity to live together on planet earth as we have never dreamed possible before.
   Best wishes to all of you,

Sherry Swiney
P.O. Box 1891
Alabaster, AL 35007