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I have to tell all of you about this wonderful way to promote David's ride. I stayed up late mailing every single media source in Georgia and it is made so easy at this site:


Americans United for Separation of Church and State Mail System



Choose state you want to email from the map. We could do the states just before David goes through them.


Check 'remember me' and you only have to fill out the form once. Keep a copy of the email you want to send on the end. They make it unbelievably easy. They even tell you which ones have email, and help you send snail mail if you wish. Great resource!





Dear Editor,


A young man named David Losa is on a journey of Love, riding his bicycle 3000 miles from CA to DC because his brother got a life sentence for an 'immeasurable amount of meth' under the 3 strikes law.


He's trying to reach the Journey for Justice March in Washington DC on August 13th ( Lafayette Park 9AM). All info on the march is at http://www.journeyforjustice.org


He left Los Angeles on July 11th and has had some interesting adventures, including almost dying from the heat the day his rv died and he left it behind. In the 120+ temperatures of the desert, his water became too hot to drink. Today is his longest day: He rode across west texas today 170 miles on that bike.


You can read about this tremendous effort at:



Anyway I was thinking, maybe you'd do an interview with him? He'll be arriving in Atlanta hopefully on July 31, 2005 via 85, hopefully by 2pm .




Emails signed David and Ryan (Support vehicle driver) are addressed from cottry@sbcglobal.net


To interview David as he rides through states from CA to DC, call 805-637-1009 or 805-895-8017.




Geri Silva, Coordinator


(213) 746-4844


Families to Amend California 's Three Strikes

FACTS www.facts1.com

3982 South Figueroa Street #207A

Los Angeles , CA 90037



Donna J. Warren

email is cottry@sbcglobal.net

323 418-9770 / FAX 323 418-8180

Donna J. Warren. Pacifica National Board Director from sister station KPFK and Secretary of the Board. Also a member

of Families to Amend California 's Three Strikes (FACTS) and a coordinator of David Losa's Ride for Justice.


Thank you,

Kay Lee


2683 Rockcliff Road S.E.

Atlanta , GA 30316-4013





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