The founder of The P.A.T.R.I.C.K. CRUSADE ORGANIZATION is a civil engineer who has been working on major construction projects across the United States and abroad for 30 years. She was born in San Francisco, California in 1944, shortly after WW II, and was partially raised in a Catholic Orphanage during the time when orphanages were terribly abusive to the children. At age 6-1/2, she was placed in solitary confinement by a "correctional warden" without hope of ever seeing freedom again. She was starved, and beaten, and given no toilet facilities for two weeks. Later, her visitation rights were taken away for so-called misbehaving. In reality, she was standing up for the girls who had it just as bad or worse than she did. Her family background wasn't pretty and neither was her own childhood. But she survived and in time, was not bitter about any of this, nor does she hold bitterness in her heart toward anyone who has ever done her wrong. She sincerely forgave them all.

In her view, they didn't know what they were doing. They were a product of their own time and generations of upbringing that did not teach the value of Love and Life.

So, the founder understands the struggles we all have when life isn't a bed of roses. She knows how difficult it is to climb out of the muck of emotional low self-esteem, to learn that it's okay to Love and Trust, and to give of yourself even when no one else is giving back to you. She believes in the saying, "Goes around, comes around."

The founder is the natural mother of three, and grandmother of seven. But her "family" extends much farther than her blood family.

The founder is not a lawyer, nor does she give legal advice. However, she offers any lessons she's learned from her own experiences with the courts and prisons to anyone who will listen.

The founder is typically a Spiritual person, who follows no "religion" nor does she attend "church". She has completed exhaustive studies of the Biblical Scriptures, Zen Teachings, Native Indian Teachings, New Age writings, Archaeology, Politics, History, Natural Sciences and Physics. To her, they all have the same message:

"Love one another and be kind to the Earth."

"Be honest always and have compassion for those who are troubled."

"Judge not, for we are not smart enough to do that."

"Seek the Truth always, even if it hurts."

"Truth is stranger than fiction."

"Stand up for yourself and for everyone else."

"Fear nothing, for there is nothing to fear."

"We are not OF this world, but only IN this world for the time being."

"Everyone is redeemable, and everyone is on an ultimate path to God."

"Everything you do, effects everything else in the Universe."

"What is done to one, is done to all."

"The best revenge against 'evil' is to have a good life."

The founder is Patrick Swiney's wife. They married on August 19, 1996. She fights to bring her innocent husband home before he dies in prison from the horrible unrelenting abuses he endures every day. At the same time, she works with a passion to open the eyes of the sleeping public - to expose the injustices in American courts and prisons - because what happened to Patrick can happen to anyone.

The founder knows that People are railroaded. She knows that People are abused and sometimes murdered in prison when they've committed no crime. She sees the American People as sleeping through all of this - to their own detriment. She sees them as prostituting the children's freedom in exchange for their own self-imposed ignorance. She prays daily for everyone to wake up, to stand strongly for Equal Justice for us all.


Sherry Swiney, founder and Executive Director
P.A.T.R.I.C.K. CRUSADE Headquarters