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High Volume, Measurable, Computer Assisted Substance Abuse/ Rehabilitation Programs Specific To Large Prison Populations.
 by: Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.

   Jerry Marzinsky has agreed to provide these programs to you for download free of charge. Included are free written programs as well as a free computer software program.

  Clinical written Programs include, Alcohol Education, Drug Education, Parenting Education (which the female prisoners love) and Aids/HIV education.

  Below is a listing of the written programs available free of charge. Click on each one to see the sections included. To download any of the material here, right click and "save target as" to your computer. If you also want to download the free computer software program, please complete our contact form below:

Position Paper

Operation Manual

Quick Start Manual

Alcohol Education

Drug Education

Aids Education

Parenting Education

   To request a free copy of the software for the Computer Assisted Substance Abuse/ Rehabilitation Program (C.A.R.P.), please use our contact form to do so. In order for us to be able to send you the information, we require that you use a real email address. There is no copyright and this program is free for distribution.

   We use email addresses to allow C.A.R.P. project team members to respond to your feedback. We will not include your email address in the public WWW site or disclose your address to anyone except project team members.

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