Sherry Swiney: Behind the Scenes

 Some of you may wonder about who Sherry Swiney is away from the PATRICK Crusade since you probably met her here. How did she build the PATRICK Crusade and get people involved in fighting injustice? How does she influence people to get them involved? Is she just a natural leader or does she simply approach the PATRICK Crusade and the fight against the injustice of the courts and prison industrial complex as a team player? Maybe she just gives people the gentle nudge that allows them to empower themselves. Maybe she just gives people a "shoulder to cry on," a sense of comraderie and a feeling that they are not alone. She has done those things for many people — inmates and outmates alike. Have you ever wondered what skills allow her to do these approach activism by team building and empowering?

 Well, here's the answer to that question. Sherry can do these things because she does them all the time on the job. She knows these skills very well and has the educational background that makes her job as "foreman" of the PATRICK Crusade extremely natural. Sherry Swiney is a civil engineer. She's the person in charge of "dirt and concrete" on big construction projects. She goes down underground and up on the steel with the rest of the crew! She's not "one of the guys" — the guys answer to her. But they like her and have a lot of respect for her because she's a team player. She's in the dirt and heat right along with the rest of them. They respect her because they're all on the job to get the job done right.

 Sherry thinks of her co-workers as family...just like she does the crew of the PATRICK Crusade. We see the same dedication and team building that her construction crews sees. We experience the same respect for her that her construction co-workers experience because she gets right into the trenches with the rest of us. Yes, she leads the way but doesn't want a bunch of followers either on the job or in the PATRICK Crusade. She leads the way shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us knowing that we are all pursuing a job well done and each of us has necessary skills that are valuable to the team. That's what makes a good "crew"!
SherryKYclimbingOct2002.jpg (150911 bytes)
Inspecting welds on steel structure about 100 feet up on scaffold

sherryKYclimbing2.jpg (144352 bytes)
Inspecting welds on steel structure about 100 feet up on scaffold

Sherryatwork9-15-02.jpg (144658 bytes)
Reviewing things to be sure everything is okay.