Crosshairs on the Future
by Sherry Swiney
Ominous Parallels
by Sherry Swiney
The Image of His Freedom
by Sherry Swiney
by Sherry Swiney
by Sherry Swiney
When I Am
by Nicolas Muyres
The Howling
by Vivi Ann Cheyenne Hanssen
From "Death,"
by Kahlil Gibran
Sing Songs of Your Soul
by Angelrays
Writing in Sand
author unknown
Even Now


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Letters by Patrick Swiney

Message of Warning - Silent Screams for Justice 1998

Too Late To Debate??? 1998

To The People of Poland 2001

A Plea for Help 2005 (Charles Agee murdered by prison guards)

Letter to UN Arbitrary Imprisonment 1999

Letter to Norway Prime Minister 2001

Letter to Minister Foreign Affairs 2001

Letter to Mercedes Benz 1999

Letter to Alabama Germany Partnership 2008

Letter to Judge John Rochester (trial judge) 1997

Letter to Judge Sashy 2001

Letter to Boris deKorczak 08-05-2000

Interview with Sherry Swiney, Founder of the Patrick Crusade Organization - added June 24, 2008

Sherry speaks about her husband’s wrongful incarceration and the corruption in Alabama's justice system. Founder and Director of The Patrick Crusade, a website concerning America's prison system, and human rights for all.. Sherry's words are enlightening, and I think you will find her interview very much interesting. For the actual link to this interview, please visit this page.