The Plight of the Montana "Freemen"

Disclaimer:  The Patrick Crusade neither endorses nor condemns the activities of the group known as the "Montana Freemen."  However, when we were contacted by Len Schweitzer, the brother of Leroy Michael, asking us to post both of their statements concerning the abuse and denial of family contact Leroy is being subjected to in Federal Prison, we agreed to post them uncensored.  Here, then, is a statement from both brothers, in addition to Leroy's recent court filing.

    The following letter and the torture affidavitarrived a few days ago. This is the first letter I have received from LeRoy since mid December 1998. In the exchange of letters and a phone call with the Warden at SeaTac. I have been informed that the reason for the SHU (Special Housing Unit) i.e., 23 hour lock-down of my brother is based on his loss if privileges.  Remember, one has the Right (not a privilege) to give consent to venue and jurisdiction. This was disallowed, lest what the so called "Freemen" were essentially about would not be exposed to the misinformed public mind, for fear the public would over react. (Translation: become ever more suspicious of the what government is doing to damage We the People).  From the contents of the letter and affidavit it is clear that the conditions under which my brother and another "freeman," Dale Martin, formally a Canadian police officer, are being subjected has nothing to do with correctional policies, but rather a systemic policy of torture.

Len Schweitzer

Dear brother Leonard Joseph;                         Second month, eleventh day

                                                        (April thirty Gregorian)
Your letter number one sixty-three arrived last night with Magna Carta enclosed and a religious view plus a couple other pages. As you know, our mail is blocked by the pagans in their criminal cover-up of torture and treason against Our Children of Israel. I also received your packet on torture as viewed by the United Nations.

Justice Dale Martin; and I can give you new and increasing torture tactics at the hands of these pagan aliens of the District of Columbia. We are now the subjects of weekly physical assault and battery being forced to different cells each week.. Terrorist teams place white sheets of paper over the other prisoners cell windows so we do not have any witnesses who can describe the torture. As you can imagine, if it were lawful to commit these physical and mental tortures of assault and battery, there would be not reason to tape over the other prisoner's windows.

After the civil service pagans learned We could not be compelled to enter the corporation court nor the so called sentencing, their retaliation has reached new levels. Certain jail guards feel the need to kick the cell doors as part of the torture ritual. Removing some of the food from the food tray is another ritual. Another trick is to issue clothes either too large or too small and later come back to see how it effects the victim. Two guards sole my list of defendants names along with my writing paper.  Some must feel the intensity of the near-term lawsuit which will affect them substantially. I have numerous criminal complaint affidavits which were blocked from ever reaching the United States of America due to the co- called warden's directive. He lied to you in the letters. His perjury is proven.

Enclosed find affidavits of torture with limited description as to the methods and practices caused by the alien heathens from the District of Columbia. We are now subject to religious prosecution with wicked, evil intent growing daily.   There is no lawful justification , it becomes a product of each alien agent's personal hatred of Our children of Israel. This is another reason my name list was stolen. It will not protect the guilty. It seems the whores of Babylon dig a deeper pit each day. The enmity is real Yet Our only law giver Yahweh, sees all!The instructions on Magna Carta and Our grand jury are close to reality, meaning your enclosure. However, chapter 61 is not full well understood by many people. Of the twenty-five barons, it finally can be reduced to four people who are a quorum even under Constitution of Montana, which says seven men make a valid grand jury. An elisor's grand jury is one such example of a lawful method to produce there remedies in Law. Further, our elisor's grand jury is still in the current Montana Codes Annotated.   We did this all lawfully and still enjoy judicial immunity. This is another reason for the torture. They need our signature for consent and We do not give it. Hence the weekly assault and battery plus other methods of torture.

    Two weeks later----D. M and I were assaulted by the black hoodlums who dropped D.M. face down onto the concrete, knocking out a tooth, cutting his mouth and possible cracked ribs. I saw the trail of blood down the hall. Again the torture agents taped the cell windows shut so the other prisoners could not be our witness to the assault and battery. This would an indication of the evil intent and criminal cover-up.

           I have numerous affidavits to mail out to our King's Bench but the traitors are obstructing  the United States of America mail with no lawful reason whatever causing damages on Our attempts to seek redress of grievances in Our courts of Justice.

After this last assault and battery, the jail guards took away my soap, comb, tooth brush, toothpaste, envelopes, writing paper, pen, stamps, and all my papers, affidavits etc. After two weeks I got one guard to bring it all back to me.   These special treatments are due to the fact we will not sign all their corporate forms and thereby become one of their United States citizens.  It has nothing to do with law, just illegal power at the whim of the kidnappers. They admitted they are required to have a constitutional oath and fidelity bond, but none do anything to correct their sin. They feel immune from any lawsuit against them.

I wrote to K. R. and said she should try to get my papers that were in the seven boxes at Yellowstone county jail. We need them for our error coram nobis. So far we hear nothing about our three justice panel at county court. Has fear of men overcome the elect?  Most of the preceding can be accomplished via affidavit(s). K.R. wrote and said they got our supreme court rules published again, but she did not say where.  A partial letter from Dan Meadors said the federal tyrants are now wanting "amnesty" as the federal corporation collapse nears its final stages. All mail between R.O. and myself is blocked in here so I do not hear how the cause is progressing in our "other jurisdiction" in district of Columbia.  It is difficult to gain redress of grievance with on-going obstruction of mail. A designated party in Seattle post office could get the mail delivered pursuant to information sent to me from K.R. earlier. But some one would have to set it up.

K.R. said the Lawyer, Gregory Jackson tried to take R.O.'s things but J.C.C. said no. The fact of no jurisdiction is becoming more clear all the time. We also heard the Emmett Bryan would receive back all his property. Not yet accomplished from our sources of information.

The infidels tried to get D. M. and I to cell up together if we would allow their bar tap. I said I could not stop them but would not volunteer to cuff-up. Their own statutes forbid them from creating these in- jail extra punishments, yet they do it constantly.

In a recent J.T. news letter it said the de facto governor Marc Rocicot and atty. Gen. Joseph Mazurek wrote a letter to Justus Township saying we would never be prosecuted by them while they are in office. No details on this letter but a follow-up discovery is necessary. It also appears a new act of congress forbids any United States Atty. from prosecuting us as they did in USDC in Billings. That Citizens Protective Act will apply to us since no signed judgments were entered on the so-called docket in time to deny us that protection. We can start suit immediately against the traitors pursuant to that act.  It compels the agents of the district of Columbia to honor and obey Our Common Law in the several states. This would also verify Our Eleventh amendment claim.

Yahshua leads the way as we discover truth in Our only law-giver, Yahweh.
in truth, in liberty, according to His Word, your brother,
LeRoy Michael  - chief justice
      Special counselor
      Justice of Peace

court of first and last resort: highest court of
a state, in and for the county of Garfield
Justus Township, country of Montana

Affidavit of Torture
in King county, Washington state

I, LeRoy Michael: chief justice hereby testify ex parte as witness to torture by assault and battery caused by civil service employees of the federal corporation United States at the Federal Detention Center, SeaTac, located in Washington state near Seattle.

During the past forty-five days approximately, Dale Martin and I have been physically and mentally assaulted by the so-called staff at F.D.C., SeaTac and their black robed assault team of five members who come into the cell kicking, slapping, pulling, twisting our legs, arms, head, face, neck, back in the act of placing handcuffs and leg irons on us before we are carried out face down into another cell. These brutal assaults are designed to make us give up our unalienable rights and Our Faith in Yahweh.   This last attack, the fourth time, was the most brutal and damaging, especially for Justice Dale Martin, who was dropped by the black robed hoodlums onto his face which knocked out a tooth, cut his mouth, and injured his ribs.  I witnessed the blood trail down the hall as some of the perverts wiped it up while the other prisoner's cell windows were taped shut to prevent witnesses. This shows their evil intent and criminal cover-up. The question arises as to the necessity of these brutal attacks, since earlier the guards merely walked into the cell and tapped the window at their pleasure. The real reason is forced signatures in attempts to violate unalienable Rights as well as right to privacy. Our faith in Yahweh compels us to resist the pagan's treason plot in every manner, especially since We are supreme Court Justices' who do not violate Our Public Oath of the Constitution of Montana. We are being compelled to become joint tort-feasors by the crime of the traitors and We will not allow it to be done.  For these reasons the mental and physical torture continues against us.

This King's Bench Affidavit of torture is true, correct, certain; my yes is yes; my no, no; James 5:12 "Holy Scriptures" teste meipso this thirtieth day of the second month in the year nineteen hundred ninety-nine, anno Domini- Yahweh's calendar
per curiam Seal: LeRoy Michael; chief justice
King's Bench

Acknowledgment as amanuensis: LeRoy Michael
      Justice of peace

The Following letter was received by Len Schweitzer 5-18-96 PM.

   This letter was received  from LeRoy after he was returned to Billings, Montana after experiencing horrific (medical) treatment at the Federal Medical Center in Springfield Missouri. His hunger strike was "treated" by forcing a feeding tube down through his nostril, into the stomach (no pain killer) with the tube left in place permanently and force fed three times daily.  The routine was described to me on a weekend visit I was allowed with him some weeks before he had written this letter.  What LeRoy describes in the following letter is a vicarious account of what he, himself suffered. Incidentally, while the media conveniently called the "freemen" racists, it is also part of the record that LeRoy did paperwork for a black man jailed in Billings which won release for the black man. Primarily self taught, over a twenty-five year span,LeRoy became learned in the law, particularly Common Law, which seems to have made him a more intense and dangerous target for the government agents.

Yellowstone County Detention Center

Dear Leonard Joseph,

Early this morning I received notice to put all my papers and belongs into my pillow case, as I was moving out. Then I was taken to the Springfield airport, waited out a thunderstorm and was flown back here(Billings, Mont.) on a small jet with another prisoner from Livingston.

So, your twenty dollars is still back at Springfield prison. They put me in the medical watch area here and said it would be about a week before I could see the other guys from the township. The guard here apologized for the beating they did while I was here the first few days. For some reason the Springfield guards were treating me like Americas No. one criminal. Spent all but two nights under the bright lights.

About the line in my last letter concerning the ongoing torture, there was a small black man, about one hundred-fifty pounds, maybe thirty years old who was tied to his steel bunk with leather restraints for six days and nights in a row. My cell window looked right in on his from across the narrow hall way. He was forced to vomit, shit, and piss on himself for that length of time. The guards would dress up in their Swat team garb, hermits, vests arm pads and four at a time would jump him on his mattress, pin his arms on to each side of the bed and his two legs pinned together at the foot of the bed. This way he could partially roll over. Then they would run the tube down his nose and fill him up with "ensure". They did this to me three times a day, three cans of ensure followed by a partial can of water. It took about forty-five minutes per feeding and they joked saying "We'll know when he is full when it comes out of his ears".

The black man was vomiting up much of the liquid and they would pour it back in. He had spit gobs of blood on the wall and after the second week started they finally had put cotton plugs in his nose since it was obvious they had torn his nasal passage. He was one tough guy and never screamed, just moaned. One day he looked over at me, held up his hands and smiled. The few other prisoners I talked to at "rec." in the wire cages told me about treatments in the "medical" lab. Springfield is Satan's furnace. Now you might know as I do why the X-ray machine blew a fuse the last time they tried to do me! And God also knows, You must know why I did not write this down there. Why oh why do the American People sit back in their comfort shell and let this process continue? But it will be hidden from your eyes unless you become a participant as some of us have had the close encounter. Springfield is despair!

   While I was in the booking area I called "Carol's" number, got through, and told her to call you for me. I believe I will be allowed calls from here, not sure yet. Much can be said in the letter as well. I surely miss my computer where I could run these off all day, but then I have much spare time to do it this way.

You will be surprised at this one. Just before I left Springfield prison I received a short one page letter from Gewen Melton, Klock, Ed Melton's** daughter. She expressed a certain sadness, but did say they might not agree with my thoughts or actions. How could they know, all they have heard is public news. The guard here said we get out of the room about four different periods during the day. There is a T.V. set, tables and chairs plus magazines to read. Somewhat easier then the solitary at Springfield. And I hope they turn the lights down at night. I'll cut this short and see if it gets mailed right away. Keep the Faith, your brother in battle.

LeRoy Michael
**a fellow high school friend.

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