HEAL (Human Earth Animal Liberation)

HEAL is working on a number of things to expose this industry and close it down or completely revamp it.  I've been doing a lot of research and have found more than just links between the Reagan, Bush 1, and GWB administrations.  Nancy and Ron Reagan were heavily involved in promoting Straight Inc. a program known to have tortured thousands of children.  In fact, Ron Reagan made a number of visits to Straight Inc. and did nothing after seeing the battered condition of the kids there.  Bush Sr. was head of the CIA when, MKULTRA and MKSEARCH, two mind control programs using psychiatric patients, college students, convicts/inmates, and even the general public as unwitting test subjects began.  All of this information is available in countless sources and can be found easily by doing searches online.  Or, I can give you tons of resources for fact-checking if you'd like.  Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. have worked extensively with Betty and Mel Sembler, the founders of Straight Inc. and Drug Free America Foundation which partners with Partnership for a Drug Free America.  Mel Sembler was also appointed by Bush Jr. to be US Ambassador to Italy. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  J. Ralph Atkins owns SkyWest Airlines (which hubs at George H.W. Bush Airport) and is part owner of Teen Help/World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools.  WWASPS' program was designed by David Gilcrease.  The Gilcrease family founded Phillips Petroleum.  On the board of Phillips Petroleum and Halliburton is Lawrence Eagleburger who is also appointed as advisor to the Supreme Court of the US by GWB.  And, according to Rep. George Miller of CA (and thousands of WWASPS survivors):
There is a laundry list of abuse of children at WWASPS schools: deprivation of food, deprivation of contact with their peers, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and parents are paying big money for services not rendered," Miller added in a Nov. 6 news release.

WWASPS and Straight Inc. aren't the only programs using torture and brainwashing to change behavior.  We have a growing list of abusive programs at www.heal-online.org/childtortureusa.htm.  Provo Canyon School, the program I survived, actually trained Robert Lichfield and Karr Farnsworth, two of the WWASPS founders.  These programs are intricately connected and are in part, funded by the government.  Documents show Provo Canyon School receiving $100,000's of tax dollars and when Straight Inc. was in operation they received over $400,000 a year from the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.  Draw your own conclusions.

We are obviously researching the how and why these programs are allowed to operate without any regulation.  We are also working to expose abusive programs through literature and online.  We plan to create print, radio, and tv advertisements to expose this industry in the near future.  We also plan to create 30-min to 1-hour programs for Public Access to expose these programs.  We would work on legislation, but, it seems useless being that the Republican Party has control and the majority of them are somehow invested in this industry directly or by association.  So, for the moment, we are focusing on public outreach to create enough of a stir that the government will be compelled to take action and free the children from the barbaric conditions of the behavior modification industry.  We also have an online petition to close Provo Canyon School (one of the oldest behavior modification programs) at www.heal-online.org/sign.htm.  And, we have a legal resource page up at www.heal-online.org/legal.htm
If I can provide more information let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you again.
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator

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